Chowhounds discuss the best food in Providence, from a dog-friendly spot for seafood to the best coffee and beyond.

A Bite-Size Stop in Providence, Rhode Island

Planning a stop in Providence, Rhode Island? Here's where to eat, drink, and stay, and what to see. Just a short drive down from Boston and a few hours north of the Big Apple, Providence, Rhode Island...

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Now Eating PVD/RI May/June '16

by RhodyRedHen 5 years ago

--Slow Rhode, PVD: finally got a chance to check out this new opening from the folks behind Broadway Bistro. It's smaller than I expected, but my cocktail was great. Skipped the sandwiches and l...

Fried Chicken Night at New Rivers Providence

by Shazz 5 years ago

Hi any Chowhounders heard that May 24th is going to be fried chicken night? Have heard they make a mean fried bird and was wondering if anyone has been before as they have done this once in awhile ...

Federal Hill Stroll Providence

by bakerboyz 5 years ago

Does anyone know anything about this annual event and if it's worth going to? Just got an email about it: June 7th, 4:30-7:30, with about 25 participating restaurants. Thanks.

Best sit down pizza with beer in Providence RI?

by devilham 5 years ago

Hi folks, spending an evening and then day in Providence with a pizza loving 9 year old and was wondering where to go for a sit down pizza meal (not sub shop or take out)? My buddy likes his pizza...

Now Eating PVD/RI March/April '16

by wormwood 5 years ago

-chilangos - consistently great -slow rhode - very good, look forward to going back. full review in another thread. -twins pizza - consistently great -matunick oyster bar - fantastic raw b...

Best of RI 2015

by RhodyRedHen 5 years ago

January is almost gone, and unless I missed it, I don't think we had the usual post sharing our favorites of the year gone by. I've always appreciated this type of post in the past, so to get the ...

PVD/RI * February-March '16 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

by RhodyRedHen 5 years ago

I'm probably the last to hear about this, but there are two exciting food developments on Westminster Street downtown, both in the Kinsley Building on the corner with Snow Street. First, the Malte...

Local 121, PVD

by RhodyRedHen 7 years ago

Local 121 got a new executive chef, Tyler Demora, last fall. Frankly, I was glad to hear it. Local 121 was one of those place where the food was always fine, but rarely great, which was too bad g...

Oberlin (Providence, RI)

by wormwood 5 years ago

Dinner for two consisted of: -Raw Scallops with Sesame and Radish 8 -Brandade with Herbs and Grilled Bread 8 -Roasted Beets with Fennel and Bagna Càuda 10 -Fish and Lobster Dumplings with Tarba...

PVD/RI Now Eating Jan/Feb '16

by wormwood 5 years ago

unfortunately very little in the way of new adventures, but our longtime favorites continue to please. recent trips to north, broadway bistro, los andes were as good as ever. ditto pizza stalwarts ...

Douhua in Providence, RI

by RhodyRedHen 5 years ago

Random question, but I know there have historically been posters with a much better knowledge of local Chinese food than me. Does anyone know where I can get a bowl of decent douhua, aka dau fu fa...

Milk Money (PVD, RI)

by RhodyRedHen 5 years ago

Had a chance to try Milk Money. They've been open about three months, so we figured they've had enough time to settle in. It's certainly won a following in that time to judge by the massive crowd...


by Fiorentina 5 years ago

Here's the deal: we begin the 2016 Roundabout Theatre Tony award-winning National Tour of CABARET on 1/24 in Providence. I try to scope out, in each city of the tour, the local experts' restaurant ...

Best Pho in Providence area?

by ezra9876 11 years ago

Hello All. I've been in the mood for Pho recently. What is the consensus for best Pho in Providence? My favorite at the moment is Pho Paradise on Broad St. I tried Pho Horns last weekend and...

Nice-ish Sunday lunch in Providence

by digga 6 years ago

Search comes up rather empty and I don't have time to delve into the archives...I'm looking for a special occasion-ish place for lunch (not brunch, or there must be lunch-y items available) this co...

The Hippest Cafe in Providence Was Totally Fake

by RhodyRedHen 6 years ago

http://www.citylab.com/navigator/2015/10/the-hippest-cafe-in-providence-was-totally-fake/412399/?utm_source=atlfb Cliffs notes version: anonymous artists in Providence launched a social media bu...

Now Eating: Providence / RI Winter 2015

by wormwood 6 years ago

not much in the way of new adventures, but plenty of old favorites in the rotation over the last month plus. pizza from catanzarro's (north prov), twins (north prov), rosa mia (johnston), nice ...

Coffee in the greater PVD area

by RhodyRedHen 6 years ago

I like coffee. Granted, I haven't gotten to the point yet where I roast my own beans and process them with a hand-cranked grinder before making my cup of pour-over joe--I have a small child who wo...

PVD/RI * Sept/Oct '15 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

by RhodyRedHen 6 years ago

I don't think I saw this topic posted for September, but since it's almost October...what's the latest food news for fall? We've recently been lamenting the seeming dearth of new dining options,...

Unique Eateries in Providence, RI...

by zammdogg 10 years ago

Hey, all, Taking a short trip to Providence with my girlfriend around Valentine's Day. We really enjoy unique, local, fancy/hole in the wall joints with strange and different foods than, say, Th...