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Pressure Cooker

by van 14 years ago

Hi...i am interested in purchasing a pressure cooker. Does anyone know of a good brand? Is it worth it to buy one? Any good recipes? I noticed at william sonoma the have an electric one and a st...

Buying pressure cooker - any recommendations?

by szmn26 14 years ago

Hi all - I've decided to purchase a pressure cooker so I can stop wasting hours cooking beans, etc. Does anyone have any brand preferences or are they all basically the same? My only experience ...

Pressure cookers - Your Favorite Recipe/Cookbook?

by RWCFoodie 14 years ago

A few months ago I bought a new Fagor Pressure Cooker. Mostly I find that I use it to speed up cooking dried beans (which it does wonderfully!) I'm afraid that I'm timid about trying to convert c...

Beautiful tomatos and pressure cooker.... any ideas?

by Mr. Taster 14 years ago

Hi 'hounds! I picked up 4 beautiful, funky tomatoes from the Hollywood Farmer's market this sunday and I must use them tonight before they go squishy on me. I don't know for sure if they are he...

Alton Brown made me buy a pressure cooker

by Mr. Taster 14 years ago

A recent episode of "Good Eats" persuaded me to invest in a Fagor Splendid 6 quart pressure cooker. (If you're curious, I've linked to the recipe below... be sure to check out his chili powder rec...

Pressure cooker ideas?

by Michelle 14 years ago

Hello, I just received a pressure cooker as a gift, and have never owned or used one before. I would greatly appreciate any recipes, ideas, or suggestions for using a pressure cooker, or any sit...

Using a pressure cooker

by Ilaine 15 years ago

I never really mastered my Fagor pressure cooker because it is a bear to get unsealed. But, was in a hurry to make pot roast so thought I'd give it a try. The meat was a very nice boneless chuck...

Pressure Cooker

by Tugboat 15 years ago

My wife and I (both decent cooks) just purchased a pressure cooker with leftover holiday gift cards. I think I know the basics, but can anyone give me some tips or cool things to make in this con...

What is the best pressure cooker cookbook?

by RachelW 15 years ago

that includes recipes for braised meats.

Pressure cooker

by sue 15 years ago

Is it possible to adapt a recipe from a slow cooker to a pressure cooker? Does anyone have any thoughts on how to do this? There are a zillion recipes on-line using a slow cooker, but I don't have ...

Converting Pressure Cooker recipes

by Krys Stanley 15 years ago

... and does anyone still use a pressure cooker? I found an old pressure cooker cookbook that has some interesting recipes. Some of them I'd like to convert to a crock pot. I am guessing I jus...

Cooking rice in a pressure cooker?

by rkn 16 years ago

Does anyone cook rice in a pressure cooker and how long does it take for the rice to be fully cooked.

How to Cook Congee in a Pressure Cooker?

by BBBbear 16 years ago

I'm looking for a quick way to cook congee, quick enough so that should I decide at, say, 7 p.m. to have congee for dinner, I could still have it ready before 8 p.m. Traditional methods require low...

Pressure Cooker Chicken etc

by cheesecake 16 years ago

I just bought a pressure cooker this weekend and now am looking for wonderful recipes for it. I am looking for chicken or veggie main courses. Any suggestions of recipes or sources? I am especia...

Pressure cookers - Don't Buy Kuhn-Rikon (longish gripe)

by StriperGuy 16 years ago

Saw the earlier thread about pressure cookers. Just had to chime in. Had a really bad experience with Kuhn-Rikon. A friend bought me a Kuhn-Rikon pressure cooker for a fairly respectable amou...

Red Beans Pressure Cooker question

by Guy 16 years ago

I've made red beans (N'Awlins style) countless times, but never used a pressure cooker before. I understand that is the trick to making truly creamy beans. So I just got out the pressure cooker ...

How do I make Short Ribs in a Pressure Cooker?

by jen maiser 17 years ago

I use my pressure cooker for veggies and such, but am ready to graduate to something a little more major. How do I make short ribs? I assume I don't use much liquid? Do I braise beforehand? T...

Pressure Cooker Recipes

by SisterT 17 years ago

Hi All! My co-worker came to me today asking for some recipes to use in her new pressure cooker, but I have no idea. It's not a kitchen item I own. That's where you all come in. Ideas, recipes,...

Risotto in a pressure cooker

by SeanS 18 years ago

I just got a pressure cooker for my birthday and would like to give risotto a try in it. My first attempt at pressure cooker saffron risotto (from a pressure cooker web site) failed. I was hoping...

Pressure Cooker question

by Leslie T. 18 years ago

Reading the wedding registry reply by Karl reminded me I have a Kuhn Rikon Duromatic pressure cooker that I've never used. I know I need to just take the plunge and use it. I know it will save me...

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