What Is the Difference Between Pozole and Menudo?

What is the difference between pozole and menudo? One has a stomach-churning past, the other is actually made with stomach. But they're both a pair of soul-satisfying soups that also happen to be two...

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Authentic Pozole- Where?

by BigBoy 17 years ago

Now that the seasons have changed I have a craving for real New Mexican pozole. The kind that uses pork not chorizo, both red and green chilis and makes there own hominy in those cement things. May...

[PDX] Pozole Verde?

by Nick 17 years ago

Anyone seen a pozole verde (green pozole) in town?


by grubber 17 years ago

Any recommedations for Pozole in San Francisco. I was hoping to treat some friends to it this weekend.

Carnitas Taco, Posole, Phili Cheesesteak, & Roast Beef Sandwich

by Jess Faneuf 17 years ago

Where can I find any of these? I'll travel anywhere in the 5 boroughs. If the subway goes there so can I. And it can be a 5 star place or a stand or anywhere inbetween. I just want to find thes...

Chicken Pozole

by Cat'sChow 17 years ago

In reading the soup thread below there were several mentions of pozole. I'm looking for sources for just a chicken version. I've had it at Border Grill in SM and it was really good. Any other s...

Tasty Pozole at Andale, 125 Summer

by joypirate 17 years ago

I first hit this place right when Ninelives hipped the list to it and got the carnitas burrito and I really wasn't too wild about it. The carnitas were good but it was overfilled with rice and such...

My broken record: Pozole in New Rochelle

by Pat Hammond 18 years ago

The Little Mexican Cafe at 581 Main St. was again calling my name yesterday, I swung by for a take out order of red pozole. After several experiences with this "weekend only" soup, I think that S...

Vista restaurant row and drive thru pozole

by Stanley Stephan 18 years ago

A block from the new Krikorian theatre complex is the old Downtown Vista. Avoid the chains around the theatre, the real eating is a block away. Rancho Grande has a selection of caldos or Mexican...


by Sarah 18 years ago

Does anyone know where to buy the dried hominy used to cook posole (a northern New Mexican stew)in the Danbury area?

Polenta into Pozole

by Jonathan Saw 18 years ago

Taking a digression from the polenta post to a full discussion... Cristina posted an interesting recipe for pozole in the polenta thread. Can it be made with other things besides a pig head and ...

Pozole on the Westside

by tiplow 18 years ago

Does anyone know where to get pozole on the westside? I know plenty of places in Eastlos for a good bowl for breakfast (Lilianas on 1st; Porkys on Whittier) but none west of La Cienega. Assistance?

Looking for great pozole and bigos

by Steve Dolinsky 18 years ago

I'm looking for zesty, hearty soups/stews. I've heard there's a pozoleria on Pulaski, just south of North. I've had it at the Mariscos Restaurant, next to Arturo's Tacos on Western, just north of ...

Pozole Verde

by Mikey T. 18 years ago

Anyone know where I can find a great bowl of pozole verde anywhere in the bay area? I'll travel!! I'll take pozole rojo or even blanco. Thanks!

Ole, Pozole, Mole

by joypirate 18 years ago

A friend has moved to Inman Square so now we’ve got a fine excuse to check out all the restaurant’s in that direction we’ve been neglecting. We foolishly bothered making reservations for Monday nig...

Pozole in the Twin Cities?

by Plautus 18 years ago

I'm anxious to eat this traditional Mexican dish, aka corn and hominy stew with roast pork. I was at the Mercado Central yesterday (for a couple of Manny's tortas) and I noticed a booth, Perla's, ...

Pozole (again)

by Vital Information 18 years ago

The other day, Gwiv, put the idea of pozole into my head. We acted on the impulse today. We wanted to go to Asi es Guererro on North Ave., but it was closed. Does anyone have any information (or...

Posole (pozole) - Seattle area

by Nugget 19 years ago

Chowhounds- Any idea where can you get great posole in the Seattle area?


by David "Zeb" Cook 19 years ago

Last Sunday night, I managed to have something I've missed since leaving the Southwest -- a nice big bowl of homemade posole -- posole blanco con pollo, in this case. Following a tip from another...


by scott duncan 19 years ago

I have been craving posole and if I can get a good recipe would like to put it on the menu for next week. Does anyone have a good authentic recipe that I should try? Also are there any hints I ne...

Pozole verde: do give it a try

by RST 19 years ago

I received a couple of comments via private email in response to my post on pozole verde. The correspondents all surprised me by stating that they are not specially fond of pozole and that it woul...

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