What Is the Difference Between Pozole and Menudo?

What is the difference between pozole and menudo? One has a stomach-churning past, the other is actually made with stomach. But they're both a pair of soul-satisfying soups that also happen to be two...

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Best restaurant for posole in NM?

by NMculinary 9 years ago

Looking for restaurants serving traditional posole made of nixtamal, pork or chicken, hearty broth and chile. No canned hominy or home recipes, please.

[DFW] Best Pozole [DFW]

by LewisvilleHounder 9 years ago

Doe anyone have any recommendations for a good bowl of pozole. I don't care if it has any meat or not. I just want a simple but flavorful broth, a few fresh corn tortillas and a side plate of shr...

Pozole, a love story

by coll 9 years ago

Just have to say, in all my years here, learning about pozole may be the best thing I've picked up. Made it for the second time tonight, we could eat this every night for the rest of our lives if ...


Bob Brooks
by Bob Brooks 10 years ago

Recently had some very tasty chicken posole from the hot soup takeout bar at Whole Foods. Who knew! Any suggestions for Westside restaurants serving a commendable version would be appreciated.

Where's the good posole? And when?

Das Ubergeek
by Das Ubergeek 14 years ago

Near my office is a little strip mall with a teriyaki place (never been), a Blimpie (been), an ice cream place and a Mexican place. I never ventured into the Mexican place until today, when I was ...

Dried posole corn

by corydon 14 years ago

Looking for differently-colored dried corn for vegetarian posole recipe. I have seen an expensive fancy person's version at Pastaworks in NE Portland, but nothing in LA. Does every home cook use ca...

Posole / mote / hominy—where to buy (dried)?

by RWeaver 10 years ago

Now that Hi-Lo has closed, does anyone know where to get dried whole posole (aka mote, aka hominy)?

Nashville Pozole

by jellyfoot 10 years ago

I’m looking for a restaurant in Nashville that serves good pozole. I have been unable to find a spot on my own.

Best Pork Pozole?

by strangemd 10 years ago

My daughter's off to med school and is dying for a bowl of pozole (her favorite food) before she goes. Usually, I make it myself (an old Gourmet recipe from 99: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/fo...

Where to find Pozole (posole) in San Diego?

by wrldtrvl 10 years ago

Any place to find this wonderful dish in San Diego? Preferably as close to the northern New Mexico version as possible? I miss it and I simply cannot make it taste the same when I try to prepare ...

Posole / Pozole (rojo, preferably)

by iprobeattoomuch 11 years ago

Shockingly, there aren't a whole lot of intense-looking recipes out there... at least they arent that easy to find. I'm looking for deep red, porky, rich, sticky-fatty-unctuous broth... Doe...

Great posole recipes

by nyomi 14 years ago

At a catered dinner a month ago, the caterer brought out some delicious spicy posole. It was my first time with the dish and I fell in love with it instantly. I was hoping to get some good recipe...

Calm me - is my posole/hominy ever going to "bloom"?

by Vetter 11 years ago

I'm making a green posole. My local Mexican market had frozen posole (mote), so I tried that. We're a little over 3 hours into cooking the corn, and it has swollen from its frozen state, but certai...

Frozen Posole in Los Angles area ???

by Siata 11 years ago

Does anyone know of amy Mexican markets in the LA area that sell frozen Posole ? It's available in the Southwest but I can't find it in LA. Thank you . Janet

Vegetarian Posole Recipe?

Veggie Liv
by Veggie Liv 11 years ago

Hi, I am looking to make some posole, but the main ingredient is chicken, which is also where a lot of the flavor comes from. Does anyone have a good vegetarian posole recipe? I have tried some a...

Posole!!!!! [moved from L.A. board]

by sophieej 14 years ago

My wonderful friend is from Mexico, and in liew of payment for wonderful services, she made my family a big pot of Posole. I have yet to pin her down on the exact ingredients,esposote, some tomato...

Treated corn for pozole (nixtamal)?

by agoodbite 11 years ago

Can anyone tell me where I might be able to buy frozen or fresh nixtamal (corn treated with lime)? I'm making a mess of pozole and want to make it with this rather than canned hominy or the dried ...


by ghosthouse 11 years ago

Hey ya'll, anyone know of a restaurant in town that has a good posole? Typing that just made me hungry.

your best pozole verde or chile verde recipes, or any other stews using cooked tomatillos.....

by phoenikia 11 years ago

Found this one online: http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/mexican-chicken-pozole-verde but would love to hear whether you have any tried and true recipes.