Canada, we thank you for poutine. Chowhounds discuss where to find the iconic dish of gravy-drenched french fries, plus offer tips for cooking your own to impress your friends from up north.

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Poutine -- oh sweet Poutine

by Tugboat24 18 years ago

Today at work I was totally distracted by thoughts of loco moco. A homestyle Hawaiian concoction that until now I thought most resembled the "bandera" plate at a Columbian restaurant. But today I...


by ANCyM 18 years ago

Further to the posting about cheese curds, some friends and I are celebrating the Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday and are going to treat (?) ourselves to poutine. The gravy and fries have been sec...

what is poutine?

by Mad 18 years ago

Sorry to be so ignorant but I am curious as to what this is.

Poutine Lafleur?

by Evan B. Druce 18 years ago

I'm taking my parents to Montréal a month from now; I'm a French-speaker who wants to try Montréal's best poutine. I've heard from this board that Lafleur is the best, and I would like to find a La...

Where to buy cheese curds for poutine in Boston/Metro West?

by K 18 years ago

Anyone have any ideas? I have the sauce and will make my own fries, but where to buy the cheese curds?


by Octarine 18 years ago

Now poutine is a Montreal specialty, think cheese fries with gravy and cheese curds. I would think this would be well received here but have never seen it. Has anyone seen poutine in Chicago? Li...

looking for poutine cheese substitute

by davidt 18 years ago

french fries...check. gravy... check. (i can even get it sent by the can or mix from relatives in new brunswick. cheese... dang. the problem with making poutine is finding the right cheese....

Cheese curds (for poutine)

by Lambretta76 19 years ago

I just returned from another pleasurable trip to Quebec and was wondering if any fromgerie in the city (or fancy-shmancy gourmet shop) carried the cheese curds one finds on Quebec's ubiquitous pout...


by S. B. Cochran 20 years ago

This submission per a request posted on another board. Poutine probably did originate as a French-Canadian specialty, but it has traveled eastward. Poutine is most often hot FFs and fresh white ...

Poutine at Dairy Belle, Dania Beach

by s.m. koppelman 19 years ago

Dairy Belle's been mentioned before--a roadside ice-cream and hot dog stand on Federal Highway near Dania Beach Blvd. It's owned by a Quebecois family, and it's old-school all the way. I've stopped...

Any Poutine in LA?

by Frostback 19 years ago

Wondering if there is anywhere in LA to get some delicious Poutine? Missing my Montreal treat. Thanks

gelato and poutine in Toronto

by lissar 20 years ago

Is there anywhere that has better gelato than La Paloma? And where would one find the best poutine?


by Bob W. 20 years ago

I mentioned this in a fairly long recap of places I tried a few weeks ago, but just to be a good hound and give everyone another heads-up, here it is: the Dairy Belle ice cream stand on Federal Hwy...

Poutine: What's the story?

by Jef. 20 years ago

This is a substance completely unknown to me, but suggested by many people as a "must try" experience. Is there a classic version? Is it the sort of thing one finds just anyplace-- like the hamburg...

Poutine on PBS

by Pat Hammond 20 years ago

Did anyone catch "Maine Independents" last night? It's a show comprised of independent films made in Maine. There was a film about Franco-American festivals in Lewiston and Biddeford, with lots of...

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