Canada, we thank you for poutine. Chowhounds discuss where to find the iconic dish of gravy-drenched french fries, plus offer tips for cooking your own to impress your friends from up north.

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Poutine in Victoria

by Shoshana Driver 17 years ago

A few years ago we had "Poutine" in a bar in Victoria and have been thinking about it since. We are going to Victoria this weekend via the Clipper (no car). We are traveling with kids so it's no ...


by jason 17 years ago

I've read/heard that you have to go to Montreal for real poutine. I've never tried it and since I'm seeing more and more being offered everywhere, even in high end restos, I thought I'd give it a t...

Nova Scotia/ Gaspe food (poutine equivalent?)

by Boston Meg 20 years ago

Last summer, my husband had the pleasure of touring the Gaspé peninsula, and living almost entirely on poutine- essentially french fries with gravy from local chip wagons, but *WHAT* french fries a...


by RUBulldog 17 years ago

Is there a place in LA that offers this French-Canadian comfort food?

Indian Food or Poutine

by danielmatheson 17 years ago

I just found out at the last minute that I will be traveling to Boston this weekend for a few days. I have never been. I am staying in the downtown area and will not have a car. Where can I go for ...


by Cue Cue 17 years ago

Has anybody ideas where I can find POUTINE in NY? Poutine is this Quebec (Canada) dish -It's french-fried potatoes mixed with cheese curds and topped with a thick gravy.... Image: http://caribou....

Crepes? Moroccan? Poutine? Fondue?

by km 17 years ago

Hi, I'll be going to visit Montreal soon, I'd like a few suggestions on where to eat the following: 1. crepes; 2. moroccan food; 3. poutine; 4. fondue; 5 3-course dinner. Thanks in advance.

Poutine around Bell Centre/Hilton

by mitch h 17 years ago

I will be up in Montreal for the World Cup of Hockey on the 31st/1st and would love to try poutine. Can anyone give me a recommendation for good poutine around the arena or Hilton hotel? I also pl...

Seeking vegetarian poutine.

by kwon 17 years ago

I am coming up from New York in a few weeks and I was wondering if there is anywhere that does a vegetarian poutine that's worth eating? Any other recommendations are very welcome.

Best Poutine?

by dongstadden 17 years ago

hey there folks, some friends and i are heading up to montreal this weekend for the jazzfest. we'll be staying at the 'abri du voyageur' downtown. we've been to montreal once before, but one of...

also Poutine

by JNR 17 years ago

What is Poutine... and what is smoked meat for that matter?

Finding Poutine in LA?

by prashok 17 years ago

It's been a while since I had this artery-clogging snack in Canada, so any ideas on where I can get some in SoCal? I guess Quebecois or Canadian restaurants are not all that common... Thanks!

extra-large poutine, Windsor Ontario

by bb 17 years ago

(Continuing sporadic reports on 8-day trip to Detroit-Windsor area.) Had a bit of an abortive mission to Windsor in search of dim-sum. Not that it does not exist, just I was not able to locate Wy...

Poutine in SGV

by Jaseface 17 years ago

I just read an article on Poutine in the NYT and after reading the description I'm really curious about how this stuff tastes! Does anyone know where I can find some poutine in the SGV area? Thanks!

Poutine in Manhattan

by AmyD 18 years ago

Not just cheese fries or gravy fries...the real Canadian thing... Anyone know of any good places that serve poutine? Thanks, Amy

Poutine in the Bay Area

by Cyrus J. Farivar 18 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find the Quebecois delicacy poutine (fries with cheese curds on them) in the Bay Area? I know a Montrealer who wants to share them with me.

More Poutine Questions

by Evan B. Druce 18 years ago

In addition to Lafleur, I have heard about another chain called "La Belle Province" that is also supposed to serve a good poutine. I'm going to be in Montréal a month from now, and would like to tr...


by Raoul 18 years ago

Where is the best poutine in town after 12 midnight? R

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