Pound Cake

9 Perfect Pound Cake Recipes

These easy pound cake recipes are perfect for any occasion: a quick weeknight treat, a make-ahead teatime nibble, or a simple dessert to serve after a casual dinner party. And, of course, for National...

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Crusty top pound cake

by glebe 8 years ago

I baked numerous 7-up pound cakes this week all have a crusty top.Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? The cake is delicious once you cut through the top. Thanks for your help and Merry Chris...

banana pound cake???

by kseiverd 8 years ago

Have had nothing but success with Paul Deen's recipe for pound cake. It goes into a COLD oven and so far has been totally NO FAIL for me. I have 3 bananas sitting on counter that are getting real...

Angel food/pound cake pan?

by medrite 8 years ago

Hey everyone, I'm a pretty experienced cook so I feel kind of stupid posting this question BUT.... I recently purchased a Calphalon nonstick angel food cake pan in order to bake a pound cake (the...

Thanksgiving Pound Cake

by chowser 8 years ago

Other than making a pumpkin pound cake, does anyone else do one that's good for the season? No nuts would be best but almonds and peanuts are okay. I don't know why I have this in my head but just...

Starbucks Lemon Poundcake

by ElsieDee 8 years ago

There is likely a serious deficiency in me, but I am just not much of one for cakes. I don't tend to eat them so I don't tend to bake them. But I do have some dear neighbors and one of them has ask...

OMG! I made the best pound cake last night.

by ctfoodie 8 years ago

I do not gush about a lot of things but the coconut pound cake from Food 52 is to die for (and I do not even like coconut). My children do not like coconut and did not even realize that it was in t...

Salvage my Pound Cake?

by rinkatink 8 years ago

I was in the middle of whipping up this recipe and accidentally tossed in a tsp of baking soda rather than the tsp of baking powder it asked for. Is there anything I can add to my batter to level t...

Pound cake

by zelmo2001 9 years ago

Looking for good pound cake recipe .... Please help ! The last one I made was so bad !! Thank everybody

Whole Foods Pound Cake

by fldhkybnva 9 years ago

Has anyone tried the pound cake from Whole Foods? Thought?

Pound cake & Banana Bread

by exotik1 13 years ago

Hi, Where can I find the richest, moistest vanilla pound cake, and the best banana or banana-walnut bread in T.O.please? Thank you! :) P.S. The banana bread at Yummy's on Queen W. t...

Gramercy Tavern Lavender Lemon Pound Cake

by lilgi 10 years ago

I'd like to make this for Mother's Day. Have any of you made it and if so, what did you think? If feedback is good, I'd like to double the recipe and make a large bundt cake instead of a 9 x 5-...


by WINDELLA 15 years ago

Any cooks out there have a great recipe for a moist pound cake.I've tried sour cream pound cake recipes and many times they're heavy,any ideas?

The Ultimate Pound Cake

by gabby29 14 years ago

I'm in search of a rich decadent pound cake recipe with buttery goodness that's unforgettable. The addition of glazes or unique ingredients is fine. I'd like to see some variance. Thanks!

Lovely Pound Cake Question

by mtlmaven 9 years ago

I am looking to decorate a pound cake for my son's birthday so that I can transform it into a dump truck. Can anyone steer me towards a place where I can get a really tasty one. It's a kid's party ...

Lemon Pound Cake Recipe from Cook's Country/Cook's Illustrated?

by rockycat 9 years ago

I need to bake 3 cakes tonight and need to get my hands on the recipe so I can go shopping after work. I can't remember which of the 2 mags this recipe came from, but it had lemon zest in the cake...

Pound Cakes

by alliels 10 years ago

Does anyone have a pound cake recipe that resembles the Entenmann's all-butter loaf? I just want to make a moist simple pound cake that is not too dense and end up tasteless and hard as a rock. ...

Toasted Pound Cake in Singapore

by klyeoh 14 years ago

I just made a wonderful food discovery last night. Having just finished a delightful French dinner at Nicolas Joanny's marvellous new restaurant on 35 Keong Saik Road, my friend & I walked a few do...

From pound cake to cupcake?

by CandiceDanielle 9 years ago

Hi all, I have been trying to do some research about turning a pound cake into a cupcake but have come up empty handed and could use some help or baking tips. Here's what I am trying to do: ...

ISO super dense, moist, extra lemony Lemon pound cake

by jennisad 14 years ago

I made the delicious mistake of eating at a local tea room where I opted for a lemon cake slice for dessert. (After a chicken salad sandwich that was quite tasty and have since near duplicated afte...

Help choose a pound cake recipe, to accompany ice cream.

by bella_sarda 10 years ago

I'm choosing between these two, both from Smitten Kitchen, because I trust her recipes, but other pound cake recipes welcome (I own the Cake Bible and could see using one of her recipes). I prefer...