Chowhounds are here with awesome ideas for potluck dishes, plus excellent stories and feedback about how to host your own.

Easy Recipes to Bring to Any Summer Get-Together

Summer is finally upon us, which means it’s the season for festive get togethers, graduation parties, showers, neighborhood barbecues, and more. It’s the perfect time to work on your roster of easy...

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Looking for easy potluck suggestions to feed 100-150 people

by sassygirl1974 2 years ago

Hi there :) I'm hoping someone here might have some good suggestions :) My husband just informed me that his boss is requiring all the managers to participate in a potluck for all the staff! I...

Need ideas for nursery school potluck dish

by emily 2 years ago

My daughter's nursery school is celebrating their own version of Thanksgiving on Monday and they've requested that parents bring in an "international" dish for the children to share for lunch. Age ...

Christmas Menu for Large Group

by cookinaway 2 years ago

I am hosting Christmas Day at my house for 40+ immediate and extended family members. I love to spend time in the kitchen and enjoy modern food while most of my family is more traditional meat(ball...

Need ideas for an unusual Christmas sharing dish

by Soop 2 years ago

Well my mom just emailed me suggesting that instead of bringing gifts, I bring something edible to share. I'm down with this, I might even bring a couple of things, but I'd like some ideas. My ...

Cornstarch Gravy - Sitting in Slow Cooker for PotLuck

by samara11278 2 years ago

I am making gravy for a potluck tomorrow (thanksgiving theme) and I want to use cornstarch because I feel more comfortable with it as that is what I use at home, and because it's gluten free. I...

Bought vegetarian dish for potluck?

by abccollins 2 years ago

Does anybody have a suggestion for a vegetarian or vegan dish that I can buy to bring to a potluck? I won't have time to cook or prepare it myself, so I need to buy it. To make things more complica...

Ideas for bingo potluck

by rmarisco 4 years ago

The MIL just moved into senior housing. She is not a cook, and she IS a diabetic.. I need to be able to give her simple ideas so she can bring a potluck dish to friday night bingo games, probably t...

Stir The Pot and its Potluck

by burgeoningfoodie 3 years ago

I've gone to a few of the potlucks because they are cheap and I get to try all sorts of different foods and it is informal. They also show some Southern Foodways documentaries. I would recommend ...

Searching for a super soup recipe!

by pavlova 3 years ago

My workplace does soup day every Tuesday, where 2 people each make a pot of soup to serve about 20. Last time I made a chicken pozole, which went over very well, but was a lot of work with all the ...

Best dessert at Costco?

by jrmd 9 years ago

I have to bring a dessert to a potluck tomorrow night. Attending will be around 10-15 ladies. Others are bringing desserts as well. I don't have time to make anything so thought I'd pick up some...

Mac and Cheese at a potluck - how to keep warm or reheat???

by amethiste 10 years ago

I have been instructed by my boss to bring my special mac & cheese to the team potluck. I have a crock post with a stoneware insert. I will be baking the mac & cheese in the insert in advance. M...

New Year's Eve Party Food: Reheated

by SamuelAt 3 years ago

After a slow season for holiday parties, my GF and I were delighted to be invited to a "New Year's Blowout" party by our friend "Roz". "Roz" had mentioned a Christmas party, but was "too busy shop...

No one ever eats what I bring to functions

by debodun 3 years ago

Be an après church coffee fellowship, the local senior's club, Bible study refreshments or any other social function where I bring food, no ever touches what I bring and I end up having to take it ...

The Dreaded Office Holiday Potluck... what to do?

by jepstein 3 years ago

So after 3 reminder emails now, I haven't responded to the organizer of our Office Pot Luck as to what I am bringing. You might note a hint of dread - I am not one to actually make something - so ...

Office Potluck Dishes/Snacks for Christmas Carnival

by AvanthikaReddy 3 years ago

Hi Friends, How are you doing ? Well, need few suggestions from you people regarding the office potluck that to be held in our office on account of Christmas eve. I have planned for the Chris...

The Office Pot Luck - What Would You Bring?

by Breadcrumbs 6 years ago

I can't believe this yielded no results in a CH search! Seems to be the season for the office pot luck. Assuming most offices have a fridge and microwave...what would you bring? Or, wh...

Black and gold(yellow) appetizer ideas for sports watching

by corneygirl 3 years ago

The local sports ball team has had a historically good year. Getting together with friends for a big sports ball match on Sat. and I'd like to bring an app/snack in team colors (black and gold). ...

Best prepared appetizer/side dish?

by tysonmcneely 3 years ago

I'm going to a potluck type dinner this weekend (a Friendsgiving, for those familiar with the concept) and while I usually cook something, I don't think I have time to cook this year. What are some...

Do you make the same thing for every party, holiday, etc or do you bring something new to the table?

by chowgirl3 3 years ago

Curious as to how many people make the same recipes for every get together and how many of us try new things? I personally hardly ever make the same thing twice, even for my own personal meals. I...

Menu ideas for a Julia Child Dinner Party

by jjenn 4 years ago

6 couples each take turns hosting and setting potluck menu for our dinner club. Soom I will host and I'm hopeful to set a menu that pulls from volume 1 of mastering the Art of French cooking. Perso...