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Easy Recipes to Bring to Any Summer Get-Together

Summer is finally upon us, which means it’s the season for festive get togethers, graduation parties, showers, neighborhood barbecues, and more. It’s the perfect time to work on your roster of easy...

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Potluck-style Thanksgiving...am I being rude or reasonable?

by Das Ubergeek 13 years ago

Due to some unfortunate circumstances requiring some last-minute changes in plans, we are hosting my wife's (very low-key and laid back) family for Thanksgiving this year. That's 36 hungry people....

What to make for work Thxgiving potluck?

by Bassbiz 13 years ago

So this Friday is our annual Thanksgiving potluck lunch at the office. I have about a 20 mile one way commute and since we have no oven in the office, I need to bring something that will hold up w...

Holiday Potluck Ideas Needed

by Offbalance 13 years ago

This year, rather than try to find a restaurant that we can all afford, my bookclub has decided to have a holiday potluck instead. Usually I'll bring my famous ricotta-spinach pie (my mom's rec...

Delish Pick up food for lunchtime potluck?

by Emily 13 years ago

I need to bring food to a potluck party next week. There will be over 30 people and it will be the type of party where there isn't really much seating. As such, would love some great petit sandw...

Thanksgiving potluck

by piccola 13 years ago

A bunch of us - all students not going home for Thanksgiving - have decided to have a potluck for the holidays. There'll be between 5 and 10 of us, and some are veg. I'm in charge of the main. A...

Breakfast potluck suggestions?

by mgb 14 years ago

I have to bring something to my son's school for a breakfast meeting to welcome visiting grandparents. Is pumpkin bread too homely? A coffeecake too unwieldy? Need some ideas here and recipes too. ...

Church Potluck Cookbook

by Shep 14 years ago

Man, I sure did love those potluck suppers, down at the church on Friday night. And now, here's the cookbook. Link: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/05251/567300.stm

Seeking takeout advice for potluck

by rastan 14 years ago

I've got a potluck (second one this week!) on Saturday. I need to bring a main dish that can feed 8-10 people. Any recommendations on restaurants that can (inexpensively) offer to-go orders of th...

Work potluck suggestions?

by Michelle 14 years ago

Hello, We're having a potluck at work and I was looking for ideas as to what to make. I have my usual favorites, but wanted to see what some of your favorites were. Cost is not so much an issue...

Suggestions on shrimp entree to bring to a potluck?

by Ilaine 14 years ago

I am looking for suggestions for a shrimp entree to bring to a potluck. I was thinking maybe jambalaya but maybe not. I hope that this question meets the standards of whoever it is that deletes...

ISO wild mushroom dish recommendations for potluck

by chowcat 14 years ago

I can search the recipe sites, but I'm looking for proven favorites - next Saturday is my mushroom club's annual culinary meeting. I will have about 3 hours of time to make something. I have on h...

Help--I hate potlucks!

by Carb Lover (aka Potluck Hater) 14 years ago

I need your guidance more than ever, hounds. You see, I have come to hate, despise, loathe potlucks. Did I mention that I hate potlucks? I love to cook but always feel deflated and restricted by th...

Penninsula - something to take to school potluck?

by Autumn 14 years ago

One of my other big loves is photography, and I have a critique session at school on Thursday night. The class has decided to make it a potluck, so I need to bring something. I don't think I'm up f...

Low-brow potluck ideas?

by Kevin 14 years ago

Hello- I've just been invited to a potluck at a friends house for New years Day dinner. He said he'll be making something with "cheese, tomato, and chicken" for the main course (he's italian). Kn...

Rising costs of going to potlucks

by Tracy L. 14 years ago

My office potlucks are obscenely wonderful in the quantity, variety and quality of food. I usually splurge on the dish I bring because I know other participants will do the same, but over the past ...

need suggestions for asian themed potluck

by Camille G 14 years ago

my roommates and i are hosting a holiday potluck. by chance the first dishes offered are chinese and thai, so we've decided to go with an asian theme for all of the dishes. so far we've got, homema...

Suggestions for room temp potluck dish

by chowster 14 years ago

It is time for the yearly holiday potluck at work and I am stumped as to what to bring. The dish needs to be one that does not require heating. Help, fellow 'hounds!

Suggestions for room temp potluck dish

by chowster 14 years ago

It is time for the yearly holiday potluck at work and I am stumped as to what to bring. The dish needs to be one that does not require heating. Help, fellow 'hounds!

Potluck Thanksgiving--advice on what side dish to bring?

by Sarah W-R 14 years ago

We're having a somewhat impromptu potluck Thanksgiving with several other couples, some houndish and some not. I've been asked to bring a dessert (which I've got sorted out) and a side dish, for wh...

Recipes for "what to bring to an Italian potluck"

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 14 years ago

We've moved the recipe-oriented reponses to the thread on General Topics, linked below. Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/299159#1656180

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