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Potluck Safety

by Cassie_2018 4 months ago

We often have potlucks at work that last all day so everyone has a chance to eat during staggered breaks. Crockpots ...


medlar commented 4 months ago

Organizing a Pot luck

by farthing 5 months ago

I threw my first Pot Luck (for 17) and it was such a success, I'd like to do it again but I'd like to perfect my t...


dave_c commented 5 months ago

International Potluck Suggestions

by TastyReuben 2 years ago

I've got to make something for an international potluck at work, and I'm getting stumped because of all the restricti...


ZoeyCovey commented 7 months ago

Need new ideas for camping potluck side dish

by bjd001 3 years ago

I'm looking for ideas for a new side dish to bring to a potluck dinner on a camping trip. I will make it at my camps...


ZoeyCovey commented 7 months ago

International Dinner Pot-Luck

by Emmalilly 2 years ago

Hello! I'm hoping for a few ideas or inspiration. My friend is having an international pot luck where everyone brings...


ZoeyCovey commented 7 months ago

Potluck buffet for an orchestra

by jsbc78 8 months ago

I'm in charge of planning a meal for an orchestra in February. I've been informed by the manager that one of the musi...


hotoynoodle commented 8 months ago

Office Thanksgiving potluck ideas please!

by chitodc 9 years ago

My office is having its annual Thanksgiving potluck, and in past years I've kinda copped out and brought store-bought...


The_Libster commented 9 months ago

Pre-baking hasselback potatoes

by LL3786 9 months ago

Does anyone have advice on how to turn hasselback potatoes into a stunning potluck dish? I live an hour from the part...


LL3786 commented 9 months ago

ISO ideas for entree to feed 20 in the summer

by edinaeats 1 year ago

I'm hosting a potluck (I know) in July and I'm searching for and entree/ main course ideas for approx. 20. -Looki...


edinaeats commented 1 year ago

Hosting a potluck for about 30 people and stumped...recipes, please!

by saridt 8 years ago

This is totally unlike me --I love to cook and entertain --but I just have no ideas right now (chalk it up to an exha...


MedMarine64 commented 1 year ago

Arroz con Pollo for Oscars Party

by Felliott 1 year ago

Friends of ours host an annual Oscars party, for which they randomly assign best picture nominees to attendees, and i...


wanker commented 1 year ago

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6th Annual Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirit Powwow, Feb 4

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Saturday, February 4th, 2017, 10am-6pm Grand Entry at 12pm Location: Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason in San Francis...

Looking for easy potluck suggestions to feed 100-150 people

by sassygirl1974 2 years ago

Hi there :) I'm hoping someone here might have some good suggestions :) My husband just informed me that his boss...


The_Libster commented 1 year ago

Need ideas for nursery school potluck dish

by emily 1 year ago

My daughter's nursery school is celebrating their own version of Thanksgiving on Monday and they've requested that pa...


LaLa commented 1 year ago

Christmas Menu for Large Group

by cookinaway 1 year ago

I am hosting Christmas Day at my house for 40+ immediate and extended family members. I love to spend time in the kit...


cookinaway commented 1 year ago

Need ideas for an unusual Christmas sharing dish

by Soop 1 year ago

Well my mom just emailed me suggesting that instead of bringing gifts, I bring something edible to share. I'm down w...


walker commented 1 year ago

Cornstarch Gravy - Sitting in Slow Cooker for PotLuck

by samara11278 1 year ago

I am making gravy for a potluck tomorrow (thanksgiving theme) and I want to use cornstarch because I feel more comfor...


treb commented 1 year ago

Bought vegetarian dish for potluck?

by abccollins 1 year ago

Does anybody have a suggestion for a vegetarian or vegan dish that I can buy to bring to a potluck? I won't have time...


Tara57 commented 1 year ago

Ideas for bingo potluck

by rmarisco 3 years ago

The MIL just moved into senior housing. She is not a cook, and she IS a diabetic.. I need to be able to give her simp...


munchkin1 commented 2 years ago

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