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12 Budget-Friendly Slow Cooker Meals to Impress a Crowd

If you’re trying to throw a dinner party without stressing yourself out, a slow cooker may become your new best friend. These easy Crock-Pot dinner party recipes are all worthy of company and feed a...

Going to a Pot Luck

by twodales2 7 months ago

We've been invited to a casual evening with friends. There will be around 16 people. The Hostess is providing chicken and broccoli casseroles and a salad. People have offered to bring the fol...

Vegan Potluck

by walker 7 months ago

I might be going to a vegan potluck soon (I'm not vegan) and am trying to think of something to make that is easy to transport and doesn't need to be kept warm. Homemade hummus is a possibility bu...

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Dish Ideas for a Potluck Appetizer Supper

by herby 9 months ago

I am going on a week-long retreat with a group of 14 ladies and on the fifth evening the plan is to have an appetizer supper where everyone will contribute a dish. So far the contributions are pump...

Appetizer/Antipasti for an Italian potluck dinner

by spaetzle 12 years ago

Hey there, I'm looking for a recipe for an Italian starter to bring to an Italian potluck dinner I'm going to next weekend. We're actually having 2 potlucks, one dinner will feature more Friulia...

Calling All Caterers: Help w/Christmas Potluck Item - Transport, Hold, Serve Advice

by cheereeo 10 months ago

I’m bringing Asian chicken meatballs in a coconut curry lime sauce and rice to my sisters’ for her Christmas buffet. She does not have oven space obviously. My plan was to cook everything at my h...

I'm a Potluck FAILURE

by janetms383 11 years ago

I try so hard. Research recipes, try to please the majority of palates and whatever dish I bring in is usually unpopular! Now I'm organizing a potluck for Thanksgiving. I want "holiday" type dis...

Transporting Spiral Ham

by pumpkinspice 10 months ago

I have a 12 lbs spiral ham to bring to a potluck this weekend (amongst other things). We will arrive around 3PM and likely eat around 6. I won’t be able to monopolize the oven to cook this thin...

Potluck Safety

by Cassie_2018 1 year ago

We often have potlucks at work that last all day so everyone has a chance to eat during staggered breaks. Crockpots typically keep food warm for 8-10 hours with regular stirring, moisture checks, ...

Organizing a Pot luck

by farthing 1 year ago

I threw my first Pot Luck (for 17) and it was such a success, I'd like to do it again but I'd like to perfect my technique. How to streamline the process? Do you choose the date first? Do you s...

International Potluck Suggestions

by TastyReuben 3 years ago

I've got to make something for an international potluck at work, and I'm getting stumped because of all the restrictions. I hope some of you here can help. Here's what I'm working with: 1. ...

Need new ideas for camping potluck side dish

by bjd001 4 years ago

I'm looking for ideas for a new side dish to bring to a potluck dinner on a camping trip. I will make it at my campsite and then drive it to the potluck location (maybe 10 minutes), where it will ...

International Dinner Pot-Luck

by Emmalilly 3 years ago

Hello! I'm hoping for a few ideas or inspiration. My friend is having an international pot luck where everyone brings a dish (entrée, main or dessert) from or inspired by another country (we live i...

Potluck buffet for an orchestra

by jsbc78 2 years ago

I'm in charge of planning a meal for an orchestra in February. I've been informed by the manager that one of the musicians is a pescatarian. I'm wondering if I make fish tacos (our fav recipe uses ...

Office Thanksgiving potluck ideas please!

by chitodc 10 years ago

My office is having its annual Thanksgiving potluck, and in past years I've kinda copped out and brought store-bought stuff, but this year I have a lovely brand new kitchen and I'd love to make som...

Pre-baking hasselback potatoes

by LL3786 2 years ago

Does anyone have advice on how to turn hasselback potatoes into a stunning potluck dish? I live an hour from the party, so don’t want to complete the dish at home, only to have it sit for 3 hours u...

POTATO SALAD – Home Cooking Dish of the Month, July 2017

by masha 2 years ago

Welcome to the reporting thread for our July Dish of the Month. This month we will be preparing Potato Salad. We had a very lively nominations thread, but ultimately Potato Salad won in a lan...

ISO ideas for entree to feed 20 in the summer

by edinaeats 2 years ago

I'm hosting a potluck (I know) in July and I'm searching for and entree/ main course ideas for approx. 20. -Looking for something beyond lasagna/baked ziti. -Easy to eat is key -Prep ahead wo...

Hosting a potluck for about 30 people and stumped...recipes, please!

by saridt 9 years ago

This is totally unlike me --I love to cook and entertain --but I just have no ideas right now (chalk it up to an exhausting few weeks of cold & flu season). Event is next weekend --I am a full-time...

Arroz con Pollo for Oscars Party

by Felliott 2 years ago

Friends of ours host an annual Oscars party, for which they randomly assign best picture nominees to attendees, and it's our job to bring a dish that's somehow connected to our assigned film. It's ...

6th Annual Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirit Powwow, Feb 4

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Saturday, February 4th, 2017, 10am-6pm Grand Entry at 12pm Location: Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason in San Francisco Admission is free. The press release mentions, "Dancing and singing are no...