Pot Pie

Cozy Up with a Comforting Chicken Pot Pie That’s Keto Approved

So you’re a few days into keto—the low carb, high fat diet that’s taken the world by storm—and you’re starting to crave, well, real carbs: creamy macaroni & cheese, slices of pizza, and soft, pillowy...

Pie Chest & La Flor Michoacana in Charlottesville, VA

by Steve 8 months ago

Pie Chest is near the Downtown Mall and is open for breakfast and lunch. They make sweet pies and two types of savory pies: pot pies and hand pies. I tried at least a couple of all three types. ...

Show us your pies -- PI Day 2021

by masha 9 months ago

Sweet or savory. What are you baking for PI Day? My current plans are to make 1 or 2 mini peach pies, using 6" pie plates. I even got to use Pi in computing how to scale down a recipe for a ...

Pot pie fundraiser in Oakland: order by 12/20

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

A fundraiser to launch a POC worker-owned kitchen space in Oakland. Order by Dec 20 for pick-up on Dec 23 or 30. "Understory Oakland is a response to a global call to action to redistribute reso...

Cooking instructions for frozen pot pie

by dmd_kc 12 years ago

And no, the answer is not, "Just check what Banquet printed on the box!" ;) Thanks to other posters here, I've decided on the meals I'm taking to a friend whose family is going through a rough pat...

Long Beach's Pie Bar: Pie It Forward

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Adore this idea for sending a treat today to the Long Beach Community and earning a gift card for future use. "Pie It Forward Collection Here’s how it works- you purchase whole pies and we de...

Good Recipe For Cast Iron Pot Pie?

by DGFly 2 years ago

The weather has just started to turn where I live, and I'm increasingly in the mood for a piping hot pot pie, but have never made one. I have a Staub cast iron skillet and that seems like the perf...

Help! I Made Chicken Pot Pie But The Filling Is Too Dry

by Bessytta1971 10 years ago

I made chicken pot pie but the filling is too dry. Does anybody know what I can do about the filling? the pie is made so I don't know how to fix the dry filling!!!!!! Please help. Thank you. ...

Freezing portions of a gigantic costco chicken pot pie

by elise h 7 years ago

The Costco chicken pot pie is wonderful. Bountiful large chunks of chicken (white meat) and vegetables. I didn't detect filler potatoes. Creamy, natural tasting sauce. Delectable crust that both cr...

What Goes Well with a Chicken Pot Pie?

Perilagu Khan
by Perilagu Khan 8 years ago

A CPP is pretty much a self-contained and complete meal, is it not? It's got meat, vegetables, and with the crust, grains. And some even incorporate cheese in the mix for some dairy. So given this ...

Suggestions for punching up a lobster pot pie

by intentionally 5 years ago

Was planning to make lobster pot pies for Christmas dinner. I initially saw this recipe on Saveur (see link), but then I thought "WWTKD?" (what would Thomas Keller do). I tracked down a version Ad ...

Favorite savory pies?

by Boxman 5 years ago

I would really love to dive more heavily into pie making, but I am not a huge dessert person. I love making quiche, but the wife can't have it (can't digest egg properly). I also love chicken pot p...

Chicken Pot Pie vs Chicken Pie

by kpaumer 12 years ago

My friends and I were watching the Barefoot Contessa, and she made a Lobster Pot Pie, I started the argument by saying that it was not true pot pie. Being from Central PA, pot pie to us is a rib s...

Chicken Pot Pie - pre-bake crust?

by KaimukiMan 8 years ago

Im going to be making a couple of fairly large chicken pot pies next week. Should the bottom crust be pre-baked? Any other tips? Lest I mislead anyone I will be using boneless skinless chicken t...

Chicken broth vs. stock

by E_M 5 years ago

My turkey (the basting part), make ahead gravy, and day-after turkey pot pie call for chicken broth. I have a can of chicken stock that I'd like to use up. Can I substitute it in the gravy and/or p...

Bang Bang Pie | Logan Square - Chicago

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

For the stroll home from breakfast at Jam http://www.chowhound.com/post/breakfast-jam-logan-square-chicago-1042704 , I routed myself via Bang Bang Pie to pick up some treats for later. Scanning the...

Operation beef pot pies

by EVE321 5 years ago

i need some advise i ordered beef pot pies from a company in Georgia to be sent to New York they packed them in gel packs ( not dry ice) they arrived warm not cold c...

Best Chicken Pot Pie in LA?

by thranduil 12 years ago

We went to Nichols in MDR last night and had their tarragon chicken pot pie (Friday night special). It was excellent, with lots of large pieces of white meat in it, good crust. It is $14 but is i...

Anybody Recognize this Chicken Pot Pie?

by LynnLovesFood70 6 years ago

I have been making the most delicious chicken pot pie for 15 years. Unfortunately, I don't make it often enough to have memorized the recipe, and we are in the process of moving, so my personal co...

Half Baked Pot Pie

by joycetroyer 6 years ago

I am making a pot pie to take to my daughter and her family. Can I partially bake the pie and have them complete the process or should I Completely bake it and have them heat it again? If so how ...