Port St. Lucie


Looking for great Italian food 20 miles of Port St lucie

by printing4javitis 6 years ago

We are moving from SW non foodie side of Florida to the East Coast -NY-NJ coast where i know there are good restaurants .. can anyone tell me whats good in and around Port St Lucie, Stuart. - Jupit...

Vero Beach

by saacnmama 4 years ago

We are in Vero Beach for the next few days, and looking for delectable food. The Wave (in Costa d'este) is good but too expensive for several days in a row. Any suggestions for casual/semi casual...

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Is there ANY 'good' Chinese food between Port St Lucie and Jupiter?

by Kajikit 7 years ago

I'm feeling incredibly deprived... Living in Stuart and willing to travel if the end product is worth the trip.

Port Saint Lucie/Jensen Beach Mom's Day?

by advisor_Girl 13 years ago

Hi Hounds> Looking for a good simple place for Mom's Day brunch in the PSL, Stuart area that is not necessarily "all-you-can-eat," over the top fare. Would rather have good a la carte dishes tha...

EMac? Need Easter brunch/lunch in Port Saint Lucie area...

by advisor_Girl 11 years ago

Hi hounds - Looking for a brunch or lunch spot for Easter. It does not have to be fancy or a massive buffet but I do hope the food is tasty. Guests include 2 seniors of limited mobility who d...

Ft Pierce, Port St Lucie area local restaurants?

by mangia mama 7 years ago

Following college son's baseball team to Ft Pierce next week. Any recommendations for great local food? Traveling from frigid Pennsylvania, fresh seafood would be wonderful. Also, planning on tak...

Port St. Lucie recs

by LloydG 13 years ago

I'll be spending a few days in mid-March in Port St. Lucie for a few Mets spring training games. Can anyone recommend any family-friendly chow-worthy places nearby. We'd like to avoid the chains an...

Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach

by RenaP 7 years ago

Does anyone one have any restaurant recommendations in Port Saint Lucie and/or West Palm Beach? From what I have read in previous/outdated threads on Port St. Lucie, the restaurant scene is quite g...


by jungirl 15 years ago

My NYC friends and I are going to Port St Lucie towards the end of this month. We are looking for any recs in the driveable area, that we could have nice meals at. I am a total NYC foodie, and am...

Pho Now - New Vietnamese in Port St Lucie

by MrsPatmore 8 years ago

Pho, Bun, Bahn Mi, stir fry, fried rice and more. No liquor license yet (just opened 12/2013). We tried the Bahn Xeo, Bahn Mi Chay, Bahn Mi Xa Xiu, Pho Tai Nam, and Bun Cha Gio Tom Nuong . . . It w...

Suggestions for Port St Lucie and nearby

by grownup55 9 years ago

A bunch of us are going to Spring Training in Port St Lucie. Would love recommendations for the following: Breakfast: Barbecue Informal Fresh Seafood Thanks

good eats near Port St. Lucie

by Mike in Rhinebeck 13 years ago

my wife, 16 year old son, and I are heading down to see the Mets play several spring training games in Port St. Lucie over Easter Weekend. We will be staying in Stuart, FL, near Port St. Lucie and...

Landing at Orlando International Driving to Port St. Lucie -- Fun Food On a Friday Night?

by jayessemm 9 years ago

I'm heading to Florida at month end. Flying into Orlando then driving to Port St. Lucie. I'll be tired, hungry, thirsty, ... Any suggestions on fun -- but not too crazy -- place to get a bite ...

fll to port st lucie

by vinouspleasure 9 years ago

hi, we're a family of five, kids are adventurous eaters, looking for lunch while driving from fll to port st. lucie. Fish/shellfish, cuban, fried chicken all sound good but we're open to any a...

Port St Lucie and neigboring towns

by paulagilbert 9 years ago

I am going to Florida for the first time and staying in Port St. Lucie. Please tell me some great places to eat. Thanks... Paula

fll to port st lucie

by vinouspleasure 9 years ago

hi, we're a family of five, kids are adventurous eaters, looking for lunch while driving from fll to port st. lucie.we live close to nyc, so we have access to great ethnic food but nyc is weak o...

Please Critique my Port St Lucie (& Vicinity) List

by kristainlondon 14 years ago

Hey gang It's time for my annual pilgrimage to PSL. You guys were great last year. This year, I've been following you closely and have compiled the following list...please let me know what you t...

Local Diners in Port St. Lucie, FL?

by Thegraylady 11 years ago

We are driving from Houston to Port St. Lucie and will spend four days there. We love eating at local diners, cafes, and bars for a sampling of great foods of the area. Any recommendations for in...

Spending Day in Port St Lucie

by SaminSFL 11 years ago

I am spending the day in Port St Lucie..Does anyone have a good lunch spot or take out place they can recommend? Thanks!

Spending the day in Port St Lucie.. Any Suggestions

by SaminSFL 11 years ago

I am headed up for the day today to Port St Lucie. Any good Lunch Place/Take out Place someone can recommend? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!