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A Guide to the Best Baby Back Ribs and Spare Ribs

Just in time for summer and the 4th of July, here's your guide to baby back ribs, spare ribs, and how to cook the best BBQ ribs of any kind. No matter how smoky, glistening, and fall-off-the-bone tender...

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rack or pork

by Ruth Lafler 18 years ago

At Costco over the weekend my eye was attracted by vacuum-packed racks of pork, a cut of pork I've never seen before. Has anyone ever cooked one of these and have any suggestions/ideas about what...

waterfall pork or moo kao

by Annie 18 years ago

anyone know where to find the Thai dishes, waterfall pork and moo kao?

salt pork

by Michael S 18 years ago

Does anyone know where I can pick up some salt pork in the city by noon on Thanksgiving day?

Best place for Pho and Pork Dumplings in DC

by Hatrik 18 years ago

Hi, I'm new to the board and was looking for suggestions from all the 'hounds...thanks!

Pork Roll

by Sue 18 years ago

Taylor Pork Roll--delectable with scrambled eggs, delicious in an English muffin sandwich--has been haunting me for months. I can't find it anywhere in New York. It's easy enough to find across the...

Northern thoughts: pork pies

by Adam Lawrence 18 years ago

In deference to those who've requested north of England eats, I offer some thoughts on pork pies. In supermarkets, the premium label attached to pork pies is generally Melton Mowbray. Melton may ...

Toad House Pork B.B.Q. House

by Bob Brooks 18 years ago

Read yesterday's Counter Intelligence article in the L.A. Times about this place and was intrigued. As it happened, I had to be downtown after lunch, so I tried it today. When I got there at noo...

Recommedations for the best Al Pastor/Mexican BBQ pork tacos in LA?

by Adrian Hopkins 19 years ago

Is it possible to get something as good, if not better than TJ here? I would rather it not be something along the 405 freeway, because of excess traffic. Thanks!!

Esposito's Pork Store on Court Street

by George Lynch 19 years ago

I've heard that this is one of the best sausage stores in Brooklyn. Anyone been there? Any advice on what to buy? Thanks in advance...

Pork Buns

by bill 18 years ago

Does anyone know any bakery that ships pork buns? This is one of the problems when you leave NY. There is a great void when it comes to dining out here. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Best Steamed/Baked Pork Buns Debate?

by Jimmy Z. 19 years ago

Did anyone catch the Time Out C'town issue a couple of weeks back where one of the writers extolled the virtues of the buns that can be found at a coffee shop called Mei Lai Wah (64 Bayard)? I tr...

Danish pork cuts in California?

by Han 19 years ago

I apologize for not knowing the exact name of the dish but does anyone know where to find a thick cut of pork with the skin attached as is. It is a Danish delicacy and impossible to find in the US...

La Borinqueña Pork Tamales

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

Our family has a tradition of tamales on Christmas Day. My sister sent some frozen ones home that she'd bought from La Borinqueña in downtown Oakland, along with a tub of the chili sauce. My ulti...

Chinatown breakfast emergency request!!! Where are good pork buns?

by Alan Divack 19 years ago

I swung by Sun Say Kai at the corner of Baxter and Walker (just off Canal) on the way to the jury room for a bun and coffee, and it was closed for renovations! I hpe that that is all it is, since t...

handmade pork tamales orange county, california

by l frappia 19 years ago

you know what i want if you have a response to this request. i got some great ones at the swap meet in san luis obispo on sunday and at carniceria su mesa in santa maria on monday but i live 5 hou...

Malaysian/Singapore Pork Jerky

by Gary Cheong 21 years ago

Strolling along Elizabeth St. a few months ago, I came across a storefront selling this pork and beef jerky. The smell and the flavors come very close to what I can find back in Singapore. Aft...

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