9 Essential Kitchen Utensils and Which Cookware They Work With

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Looking for everyday dishes....porcelain?

by Smudgie 7 years ago

I am looking into replacing our everyday dishes from Pflatsgraph. I have found a nice blue and white pattern from Horchow which I really like. These dishes are listed as being porcelain. Are por...

Baking differences between porcelain and enameled cast iron?

by Shkra11 5 years ago

Can anyone help to explain the similarities and differences between porcelain and enameled cast iron for baking? I am especially thinking of rectangular dishes or gratins (not dutch ovens or brais...

Everyday dinnerware - Apilco Tuileries porcelain or Wedgwood White bone china?

by sumrtym 6 years ago

As the title suggests. Interested in which will hold up to day to day use better, washed in dishwasher, glaze hold up to knife cuts better over time, chipping, etc. They both seemed to be priced ...

Broken Antique Porcelain- Fixable?

by BonBon79 6 years ago

I received this antique porcelain platter today from eBay in the form of several pieces. Can this be repaired by being glued back together? If so, does anyone have a recommendation for the special...

Cleaning Encrusted Porcelain Range top...help

by sal_acid 6 years ago

Our old Vulcan stove has some crusty stuff around the burners. Any tips to get it off?

Help me ID this Unitasker! Convex porcelain griddle?

by JTPhilly 6 years ago

I am mysitified and cannot find anything on google - for $2.5 at the thrift on 1/2 off I had to buy it just to find out what it is supposed to do. Subject is about 12"x12" appears to be made of por...

Coor's Porcelain - mortars and pestles, casseroles, etc. Anyone use it?

by laraffinee 6 years ago

I am looking for another mortar and pestle and came across the Coor's porcelain labware catalog. I think it is the same parent company that owns Coor's beer. Anyone have and use this stuff? I ...

Porcelain or stainless?

by sueatmo 7 years ago

Why do people love porcelain sinks? I'd love to exchange mine for a good stainless one. My current sink is white, and I have to be so vigilant so it doesn't stain. I acquired this sink with the...

Porcelain dishes - dishwasher safe?

by Pandora 7 years ago

I just impulse bought some Linnea Arabia bowls made in Finland from an antique store. From searching online, it appears these are porcelain and it definitely looks Iike it has a glaze on it. Any ...

How to clean a porcelain enamel stove top with Bar Keepers Friend?

by fldhkybnva 7 years ago

A few months ago I discovered the miracle of ammonia to clean stuck on stove grime and now usually stick my burner grates and spill trays in a bag with a bit of ammonia and then wipe them clean. H...

Porcelain Cast Iron Grill Help Needed

by castironic 7 years ago

Hi everyone, I just signed up on this forum because I'm looking for help/guidance. I've been doing a lot of research on the internet about seasoning and maintaining Cast Iron Grills and Porcelai...

Where to buy porcelain coffee cones in Detroit metro?

by IndyGirl 7 years ago

Like this: http://www.casa.com/p/hic-porcelain-no-4-filter-cone-238119?site=CA&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc_C&utm_term=ZPV-2351&utm_campaign=GoogleAW&CAWELAID=1309117896&utm_content=pla&adtyp...

Fine Bone China, China, Porcelain

by itryalot 11 years ago

Now my mother in law wants new all white dinnerware, something dishwasher safe (has fine china cycle) that can be dressed up. I was going to get Apilco Tres Grand for myself and had suggested the r...

How did your glassware or porcelain break?

by ecclescake 8 years ago

I've seen a couple of threads recently about Pyrex glassware exploding it's got me wondering. Does porcelain or stoneware actually perform any better when it breaks? (i.e. break into fewer piece...

Stoneware & Ceramic & Porcelain! oh my!

by amrita 10 years ago

hello, i'm looking to buy some good bakeware intended to be kept long-term. i'm completely & thoroughly confused between products made of stoneware, ceramic, and porcelain (are they all actual...

Refinishing a porcelain sink

by judybird 8 years ago

Has anyone had any experience refinishing a porcelain sink? I'd love to replace our 60-year-old kitchen sink, but that would entail ripping out lots of tile, replacing cabinets, etc., and we're not...

Revol Porcelain Bakeware

by ChefWendy 8 years ago

Does anyone know where to buy Revol Bakeware in San Diego? I need four cups to go with my platter for my dinner party Saturday night. Sur a Table in Carlsbad is out of the cups. Thanks!!

Safe to use metal utensils with porcelain bakeware?

by squeakyclover 9 years ago

I'm going to purchase several pieces of porcelain bakeware by Revol, but I have no clue what utensils are safe to use with it! Is stainless steel OK, or will it scratch? Thanks!!!

All porcelain bakeware having beige bottom Emile Henry

by Rella 9 years ago

I can't seem to find here on Chowhound advice about how to tell whether an all porcelain bakeware piece is actually all porcelain. I understood from that posting that all porcelain would have a wh...

Bone china vs. Limoges porcelain

by E_M 9 years ago

I found two china dinner patterns, nearly identical, but one (Wedgwood) is bone porcelain and the other (Bernanaud) is limoges porcelain. Wedgwood recommends that their bone china not be stacked on...