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Tacos Jalisco (Pomona)--Darn good fish tacos

by famdoc 10 years ago

Recently made our first visit to Tacos Jalisco in Pomona. The place has character: a mix of working folks, Mexican-American families and young people from nearby schools and colleges. The fish ...

Good food between Palm Springs and Pomona on I-10?

by brixton77 11 years ago

Hey all, Every weekend I drive from Palm Springs to West LA, and the first hour is just a slice of hell on the I-10. I go through Banning, Beaumont, Calimesa, Redlands, Loma Linda, Rialto, and...

Anybody know any good cheap restuarants btw. LAX and Pomona?

by jfunk 11 years ago

I hear there's some good Dim Sum but I never quite feel comfortable at Dim Sum w/out somebody who speaks a little Chinese so I know what I'm getting...thx.

Pre-concert meal in Pomona (or on the way there) this Saturday

by Hapgood 11 years ago

I'm heading out to the Wilco concert at the Fox Theatre in Pomona this Saturday. Myself, the boyfriend and a friend are driving over from West LA. I'm looking for any dinner suggestions along th...

Dino's Burgers' New Third Location in Pomona

by Norm Man 11 years ago

Demetrios Pantazis, the owner of Dino's Burgers Pico and Azusa, has opened a third location in Pomona. The web site is calling Pantazis' restaurants Dino's Chicken and Burgers, perhaps to different...

Catering in Pomona?

by cjla 11 years ago

I'm looking for a caterer for a function in Pomona. I'm expecting about 100 guests, and would like to keep costs to $20/pp (food only). Does anyone have any recommendations for caterers out tha...

Match BBQ and Grill (Pomona)

by rgamo 12 years ago

*At First Glance* Stone brick veneer covers this place with wooden accents. It looks quite modern inside until you see the empty to-go counter. And to the right of that counter the crew lockers....

NYC Chowhound visiting Claremont/Pomona

by famdoc 13 years ago

Seeking Inland Empire chowhounds' recommendations for dining choices in the Claremont/Ontario/Pomona area. Please skip Claremont Village, as a) there are plenty of previous posts on this subject a...

Good, off the beaten path in Claremont/Pomona/Upland

by Born to Eat 14 years ago

Last time you hear from me, I swear... But for those of you who live/spend time in the Claremont/Pomona/Upland/Glendora etc, area - Looking for off the beaten path good places to eat or pick u...

Where can I get the best Taco in the Pomona area?

by holzingers 13 years ago

Hi, I am in the Pomona area for the next few days and thought I'd look for the best taco in the area, any suggestions?

Son a freshman at Pomona College

by galka 11 years ago

is there a good place to have Dim Sum near by? Wanted to surprise him on his b-day. What else is around that is fun? Thank you!

Between Pomona and Fullerton...anything great?

by josephnl 12 years ago

I need to entertain a party of six for dinner in the area generally near or between Pomona and Fullerton. It can be a bit away, but not too far. Are there any really excellent special occasion re...

Breakfast in Pomona

by John Lowrey 12 years ago

Two San Francisco Hounds will be in Pomona this Saturday morning. We are looking for an old fashion type diner or coffee shop for breakfast. Any ideas? We will be at the NHRA Museum but anywhere in...

restaurants in Pomona or Riverside

by kevin 12 years ago

I always think of these areas to be lacking in good eats, but where to go. anything that stands out, anything possibly prized over here. there was a restaurant review of restaurant omakase in...

cheep eats in the san gabriel and pomona valey

by davez 12 years ago

does any one have any suggestions on cheep eats in this area. i drive around all day and i am always open for a new suggestion. than ks to all the chowhounds.

ISO A Place Nearish Pomona for a multi-generation family birthday lunch.

by foodforus 12 years ago

I am looking for a place that is close ideally to Pomona/Claremont, for a birthday lunch for 4 generations. Should be about 10 of us. It doesn't have to be fancy or could even be a decent chain, ju...

Business lunch in Diamond Bar/Pomona/Walnut area

by pinkshch 12 years ago

Any suggestions for a quick, relatively inexpensive lunch in this area? Any cuisine is fine. Thanks in advance.

Save me from Pomona Valley Mining Co. tonight

The Oracle
by The Oracle 12 years ago

Having eaten here a handful of times... it's certainly more than enough for a lifetime. The occasion: small b'day dinner (only 3 of us) -- and I believe I can sway the dining spot, if I can fig...

Pomona Fair Area Recs??

Al Bondigas
by Al Bondigas 12 years ago

I'll be at the LA County Fair this weekend. Besides the Fair food, any recs for Pomona Area dining.