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Polenta is such a versatile staple, and Chowhounds know every which way to enjoy it, from fried triangles to soft, cheesy, grits-like bowls. Discuss where to find great polenta on menus and talk about cooking techniques and recipes.

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Polenta Bar Dinner Party (Vegetarian)

by nature_trash 1 year ago

Hello, I am throwing a dinner party for about 20 friends for my birthday. Last year I did the Momofuku pork should...


LaLa commented 15 hours ago

Trouble With Cheesy Polenta!

by titushome 1 year ago

Hi, I'm new here, looking for a little advice. My whole family really enjoys eating cheesy polenta, but I'm having tr...


truman commented 1 year ago

can i make creamy or soft polenta ahead of time?? or will it firm up too much?

by tastycakes 9 years ago

i need to make this for a dinner i'm doing but i also have a few other things that need to be on the stovetop. can i...


Moscuba commented 1 year ago

January 2010 COTM: Patricia Wells POTATOES, RICE AND POLENTA

by yamalam 9 years ago

Welcome to the POTATOES, RICE AND POLENTA thread for the January 2010 Cookbook of the Month, featuring Bistro Cooking...


LulusMom commented 1 year ago

2 Questions, need help with polenta and lentils

by ccotta 1 year ago

I want to try making Italian polenta for the first time, I need ideas on what to serve it with. I'm not a big fan of ...


Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

Left over polenta

by cleopatra999 5 years ago

I made polenta last night for the first time, and had a lot of leftovers. I immediately smooshed it into a cake pan, ...


TobyFrima commented 1 year ago

June 2015 COTM: VERDURA - rice & polenta, main dishes - pp 188-244

by MelMM 3 years ago

Use this thread to report on the following chapters of VERDURA: Rice and polenta - pp. 188-201 A sampler of main ...

pistachio peas

pistachio peas commented 1 year ago

Polenta too coarse?

by anthonyjdefino 2 years ago

Hello, all! I have never made polenta/corn grits before but am really interested. I went to my local coop and bought...


ksbee commented 2 years ago

What kind of wood?

by itryalot 8 years ago

Wanting to get a long polenta board made plus three or four mid sized ones. I want the long one to be flat and carve...


mbiot commented 2 years ago

Polenta question

by hungryabbey 8 years ago

Hey everyone, I need to know.. how much cooked polenta would 1/2 cup of dry polenta make?? Thanks in advance!


paulj commented 2 years ago

Why did my polenta corn grits get watery when I added cream?

by TheCookie 4 years ago

I followed the directions and they were a perfect consistency. But when I added cheese & cream they turned to soup. I...


TheCookie commented 2 years ago

Shrimp & Cheese Grits/Polenta for Twelve Diners

by zackly 2 years ago

I'm serving 12 people dinner tonight, buffet style. I'm serving grits or polenta. Any tips on how to keep it "runny/f...


MIMIMOM commented 2 years ago

Grits Versus Polenta

by jillfiredup 4 years ago

Can anyone tell me if Bob's Red Mill Corn Grits Polenta is actually stone ground grits? I need stone ground grits fo...


sunshine842 commented 3 years ago

Pescatarian Polenta

by mexicaliblues 3 years ago

Hello all, I recently attended a Duckhorn wine dinner at Sevy's in Dallas and the dish / pairing of the night was ...

Cheese Boy

Cheese Boy commented 3 years ago


by tamberb 10 years ago

Is polenta and corn meal the same thing? I need instant polenta and can't seem to find it. I haven't looked in ...


Ghostdad commented 3 years ago

I have a tube of polenta ... now what?

by kali_MM 10 years ago

The title says it all - I have a tube of polenta, and I'm looking for suggestions on what to do with it? Thanks in a...


dawndaville commented 3 years ago

polenta - home made

by PSRaT 4 years ago

I like polenta. I sub it for sausage/bacon, etc., with breakfast eggs / fare - sliced, pan fried to a bubbly crust, ...


PSRaT commented 3 years ago

Polenta or Cornmeal from Local Organic Corn?

by femmevox 4 years ago

Has anyone seen this for sale? (I mean to cook, not in a restaurant). If yes, where? If no, why not? It should be ea...


femmevox commented 4 years ago

1 Min cook time, not "instant" polenta?

by ziggylu 9 years ago

I grabbed some polenta while I was at the store this afternoon to use for dinner tonight. I didn't read the label to...


paulj commented 4 years ago