Poke and Ceviche: What Is the Difference Between These Raw Fish Dishes?

With coronavirus making travel a tricky and even potentially dangerous prospect this year, we're embracing the summer staycation. All week (and all summer) long, we'll bring you transportive flavors...

Tuna Poke @ Santo Market Island Deli | San Jose Japantown

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Taking note of the poke shops cropping up, looks like Hawaiian-inspired seafood poke is the up and coming trend. This week I ignored the newcomers and went old school visiting Santo Market (since 1...

Chen's Poke opening in White Plains...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Poke Bowl lovers, here it comes! Chen's Poke, a colorful new eat-in/take-out restaurant, is at 175 Main Street, White Plains, a few stores down from ill-fated Sofrito. Their website is offering a 1...

Aloha Poke Co?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

With the national news about Chicago-based Aloha Poke Co, I'm just wondering if the food is any good. Opinions? https://www.alohapokeco.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Alohapokeco/posts/216269577...

Sam Choy's Poke to the Max opens in San Bruno, Oct 13 & 14

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Chef Sam Choy's SF Bay Area brick and mortar, Poke to the Max, celebrates its opening on October 13 & 14 from 11am to 5pm with live music, dancers and a poke demo by Chef Sam Choy. Poke to the M...

Looks like poke is the next hot thing in Durham

by bbqme 4 years ago

Pho & Poke opened recently where Chai's used to be located. In February, a poke joint called Zenfish will be opening on 9th St. Since each are near my two offices I should be able to give a report ...

Pokéworks in Harvard Square

by Ferrari328 2 years ago

They are celebrating the opening of the second location in Mass by doing a BOGO all day Saturday (tomorrow) at the Harvard Square location.

Pokéworks in Somerville is Celebrating their 1 Year Anniversary

by Ferrari328 3 years ago

Tomorrow (Saturday) they will have a BOGO free all day long. This applies both to the bowls and the burrito and you can mix and match. Pokéworks Somerville.

Big Fish Little Fish for Poke, SF Westfield Mall Food Court report

by hhc 3 years ago

Tried out Big Fish Little Fish on the 2nd day of opening. No grand opening special deals which was a bummer. It's in the basement Food Court next to Walgreen Corner and the Korean fast food place...

Fish Face Poke Bar | Downtown - Sacramento

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

In March 2016, I grabbed a light dinner at Fish Face Poke Bar after a day of meetings in Sacramento. More recently, I recommended it to a friend who found it as excellent as I did. So, I'm putting ...

Sushi Burritos are Amazing! (Arizona)

by thezeta 3 years ago

I am from Phoenix, AZ. I have tried Poke bowls numerous times but I wanted something new. I saw this new place pop up in Yelp and saw the Sushi Burrito! I gave it a try, and at first I had my doubt...

Any Hawaiian-style Poke places in Nassau/W.Suffolk?

by chrisonli 3 years ago

I was down in the Baltimore area a few weeks ago and stumbled on a place that specializes in Poke Bowls. I fell in love! Went there twice in 3 days. It's basically Chipotle with your choice of heal...

Why are there so few posts on Big Island restaurants?

by mmlyip 4 years ago

This board never fails as my go to resource whenever I travel. However, I noticed a lack of post for Big Island restaurants, especially in recent months. One useful thread I found is this list by k...

North Poke - new Hawaiian place in Kensington Market

Dr. John
by Dr. John 4 years ago

Noticed a mention about this place on the Toronto Life website and it is close to Klafouti's work, so we decided to try it out tonight. We've been to Hawaii twice and always enjoyed having poke in...

Aulani / Oahu

by thranduil 4 years ago

Just got back from Oahu after our first trip to Aulani. We didn't eat out much as my wife's relatives had us over for dinner the first night and the amount of leftover food was so huge that it last...

Hawaiian Poke in Toronto?

by literonomer 5 years ago

Is there anywhere serving Hawaiian poke (pronounced po-kay; a raw tuna/fish dish) in Toronto (preferably downtown)? It's big in New York right now but I haven't been able to find it anywhere here. ...

Pono Hawaiian Grill | Santa Cruz

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

This week I tried Pono Hawaiian Grill in Santa Cruz for a quick lunch. A friend had recommended the poke here highly after I had whined about the miserable examples springing up in the Bay Area. ...

6 Vancouver Spots to Do Your Hokey "Poke"

by LotusRapper 4 years ago

..... and that's what it's all about :-) http://vivalifestyleandtravel.com/Vancouver/Food-and-Drink/List/poke-in-vancouver/#.V5xBHfkrLDd

May 2016 DOTM - Marinated & Raw Fish - Ceviche, Tartare, Poke, etc

by masha 4 years ago

Welcome to the reporting thread for the May Dish of the Month, Marinated & Sauced Raw Fish, which includes Ceviche, Fish Tartare, and Poke. Unlike some recent months where we’ve had a close race ...

Poki Time | Cow Hollow - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

The new branch of Poki Time opened last week in the Cow Hollow neighborhood, taking over the KFC space on Lombard and Fillmore for the next year or so.

Poke in Ann Arbor

by cherishkan 5 years ago

Hello there, I'm new to the area, just moved from LA. I'm wondering if there is any poke bowl places in Ann Arbor? Do you think POKE will be a hit in Ann Arbor if there is not one?