8 Easy Cobbler Recipes for All Your Summer Fruit

Looking for a cobbler recipe to showcase summer fruit? Here are eight delicious ideas. Summer is the perfect time to celebrate the abundance of fruit. While fruit pies are sublime, honestly, who has...

Stone Fruits 2020 @ Andy's Orchard in Morgan Hill

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Andy's Orchard opened for the season on May 15. Yesterday was my first visit of the year. The entrance has been roped off like the lines for bank tellers with markers each six feet. Inside the door...

July 2018 Dish of the Month: STONE FRUIT CAKES

by herby 2 years ago

Welcome to July, 2018 Dish of the Month reporting thread! This month we will be baking stone fruit cakes. A stone fruit, also called a drupe, is a fruit with a large "stone" inside. The stone is so...

Does anyone have experience with growing Beach Plums in their yard?

by coll 5 years ago

Luckily my area is as sandy as they come. But while I can take a stroll on any local beach (or grocery parking lot!) and pick all the rose hips I want, beach plums are pretty darn hard to come by....

What's up with the stone fruit this summer?

by watertowngourmet 3 years ago

Anyone have any idea why all of the larger stone fruit (peaches, nectarines, plums) are tasteless? I have yet to find a good peach (firm, sweet, ripens well). My go-to is usually Wilson Farms (or R...

Small harvest in Lorraine France 2017

by TJFRANCE 3 years ago

Hello all ! Go hop! A small share of my harvest yesterday! The first mirabelles I managed to pick! It is a fruit of the size of a big cherry. Gold color with often a pink / orange face. It is del...

How to eat umeboshi?

by UncleLongHair 12 years ago

A friend of ours got us a small package of umeboshi as a present. These are small, pickled Japanese plums, apparently from a very exclusive type of plum tree. They are very cute, and our friend s...

Looking for green "ume" plums

by oranj 7 years ago

I know this posting is early as the season generally runs end of may through early june, but I am hoping to get news of early sightings and hoping that I might be able to find other purveyors in ad...

Italian Prune Plums - Where are they this Year? (2016)

by boratini 4 years ago

Every August in the last 16 years - I start looking and asking if the Prune plums are in yet? It seems a religiously seasonal act - but their season is notoriously short. This is the first year tha...

Prune plums?

by Splendid Spatula 4 years ago

Has anyone seen prune plums in the stores yet? I hope they are not victims of our capricious winter, as the peaches were. Thanks!

NYT Marian Burros's Plum Torte

by walker 4 years ago

http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/09/14/dining/marian-burros-plum-torte-recipe-variations.html http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/14/dining/marian-burros-plum-torte-recipe.html

Plums in preserves: to peel or not?

by Gooseberry 11 years ago

I'm getting mixed messages as to whether plums should be peeled (i.e. blanched in hot water, then refreshed in cold, and then peeled) before making plum jam, pickles and chutney. Some recipes say t...

Wherefore salted plums?

by tatamagouche 11 years ago

Holy crap. I bought a bag (dried). Ate one. I love salt. I lick salt. This was spittingly AWFUL. Not to mention hard. Are you supposed to rinse or macerate 'em first?

Any Bay Area farmers selling green umeboshi plums?

by sunny 4 years ago

I'm hoping the wisdom of the internet will help us locate a farmer who would be willing to sell us a larger batch of umeboshi plums. We are looking for a minimum of 20 lbs to ferment into a swe...

Greengage plums

by asmith 4 years ago

I read an article by David Karp about the deliciousness of greengage plums. Has anyone seen local greengage sin Auguast or September?

Plums in January?

by williamlex 4 years ago

Does anyone know where I can purchase fresh plums, preferably the dark purple/blue/black ones but I'll take whatever is available, in the Bay Area before Jan. 20th?

How to Use Italian Plums?

by opinionatedchef 5 years ago

Have you done a chutney w/ them? Have you macerated them for a tart or strudel filling? How do I know when they're ripe?

Plum roly poly

by missycat1 7 years ago

Hi folks. I am looking for a recipe my mom used to make 50 years ago. She called it plum roly poly. I think she used biscuit dough, made a rectangle of it and covered it with possibly butter and...

Beach Plums?

by galka 13 years ago

I would love to hear from you- did you make jam? jelly? Stones in or out? Please give me your best recipe, thanks!

Looking for Damson Plums

by m.m.good 10 years ago

I'd love to make some more Damson Plum jam with vanilla beans this fall. Last time I made it I lived in Vermont and had easy access to the plums. Does anyone know where I can find Damson Plums in...

Where do *you* buy good fruit in Manhattan?

by tanno 5 years ago

I'm so tired of eating mediocre plums, disappointing cherries, bland peaches, and blasé nectarines. Where do you buy your fruit from? (Sigh. From where do you buy your fruit?) I live in Chels...