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These Regional Chains Need to Expand Nationwide

Despite some progress, “chain” is still considered a dirty word in the food world—and for good reason. From to sea to shining sea, our country is littered with restaurant franchises that specialize...

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Savoia, new pizzeria on Smith Street

by Erica Marcus 20 years ago

Two of us ate last night at Savoia, the new brick-oven pizzeria on Smith Street around President. I'm happy to report it's a welcome addition to the neighborhood. This is Neapolitan-style pizza (...

Pizano's pizzeria on Clark Street

by Ralph 18 years ago

saw several recommendations on this site, and with the Malnati family connection, I decided to give a try this weekend (Delivery)...ordered a deep dish sausage pizza- PS...they have Free Delivery! ...

brooklyn pizzeria

by lex 18 years ago

ive been going to this place for 3 years now they have the best thin crust pizza in la, i do like the white pizza at vitos thats a good one and his red too but man everytime i goto brooklyn it is...

Houston's Candelari's Pizzeria - linguini vs. spaghetti vs. Aunt Hanna RIP

by avi 18 years ago

Following Robb Walsh's lead, I visited the newly opened Candelari's Pizzeria on Bissonette and was, in general, not disappointed with his judgment. Wanting to try the Italian sausage that Robb h...

Frank Pepe's Pizzeria

by Lewis Goldberg 19 years ago

Although I respect the comments made by Chowhound, I disagree. Pepe's Pizza is still the best I have ever tasted. Having been raised in the Capital of Pizza-Brooklyn and Queens-I have some credib...

Sciortino's Pizzeria to Close by July 30

by jjm 18 years ago

For anyone who has been following the saga of Sciortino's Brick Oven Pizza as it battled the Perth Amboy municipal government in an attempt to stay open and save its 72 year old coal fed brick pizz...

Pizzeria Regina Chain

by C. Simon 18 years ago

I was a little surprised to learn today that Pizzeria Regina is a chain with more than 10 locations around Massachusetts AND in New Jersey, Virginia, and Florida. I had no idea. It sure doesn't fe...

NY pizzeria

by John Scar 18 years ago

Had a house full of wife friends and there young children this weekend for baby shower and ordered pizza from NY pizzeria in midtown and I have to say that the pizza was very good. The crust was ch...

Address/Name of Good San Rafael Pizzeria?

by dixieday 19 years ago

I know this place was discussed in depth a while back, but I can't find the thread. What's the name/address for the good new NY-style pizzeria in San Rafael? I'm staying near there right now, on my...

Real Italian pizza/Antica pizzeria?

by Chris G. 19 years ago

I was recently thumbing through a Japanese cooking magazine and stumbled across some gorgeous photos of Italian pizzas served at various restaurants in Japan. The photos inspired a hardcore craving...

pizzeria paradiso--Georgetown location

by smokey 19 years ago

Let me just start by saying I have always liked Pizzeria Paradiso in DuPont Circle. So, an aunt was in from out of town a few weeks ago, and I and my better half took her out to the Pizzeria Para...

Recent Eats - City Bar/Floating Rock/Pizzeria Regina

by Rubee 19 years ago

Had a chance to stop at City Bar in the Lenox again for some appetizers - fast becoming one of my favorite places for a late afternoon cocktail and great food. This time, the menu (from Azure) was...

Is Pizzeria Uno chain in SF similar to the original in Chigaco?

by nick 19 years ago

I alway wrote off Uno as just another chain untill I went to Chigaco and tried the orinial. At the end of my spectauclar pie, I was told that all Uno's were as good!! COuld this be true? I found U...

La Roma Pizzeria Trattoria, with side trip to Merlo

by Mike G 19 years ago

In a thread I can't seem to find about pizza on the NW side, I mentioned a place I'd seen called La Roma Pizzeria Trattoria, located at 3213 W. Irving Park. My thought was that the name suggested ...

Jerry's Pizzeria in Canoga Park- da' 411??? White Castle too..

by moviebob 19 years ago

Jerry's seems to have been there forever, as I have been living in the West Valley since 11 or 12 years of age. (Now 40), Is it any good? My wife and kids like the salads at Pizza Cookery on Topa...

Naples: pizzerias incl. Da Michele

by Regular Eater 19 years ago

In Naples last week I ate at some of the ‘famous’ pizzerias: Sorbillo, Trianon, Port Alba and Da Michele. There were queues outside of Da Michele and Sorbillo. The pizzas are cheap (three euros for...

New York Pizzeria, Santa Rosa (RJ & pies photo)

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

NY-style pizza has indeed landed in Santa Rosa and I’ve got the thermal-induced gingivitis (aka “pizza mouth”) to prove it! Many thanks to local chow correspondents Susan and Ellen for the quick h...

In Praise of Rocco's Pizzeria in Walnut Creek

by Kathleen Mikulis 19 years ago

I've had several good pizzas at Rocco's Ristorante Pizzeria in Walnut Creek. The cheese/sauce combination is very reminiscent to Arinell's - in essence, very good! Very important to know (these ...

Salumeria Italiana/Pizzeria Regina

by Rubee 19 years ago

I finally made it to Salumeria Italiana after my first anchovy pizza at Pizzeria Regina yesterday. The pizza alone is worth a separate post and I can see why this is the pick for best pizza for ma...

Closed: Box Tree, Alley's End, John's Pizzeria (Lincoln Center)

by xavier 19 years ago

The new Zagat Wire (Yes, I subscribe. Shoot me.) has a list of closed restaurants that caught my eye. Box Tree was, I believe, a restaurant that had bigger union problems than even Tavern on the Gr...

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