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Butterscotch Pie

by Donelda 12 years ago

I recently returned from a road trip to the Maritimes where we stopped in at the fabulous Irving Big Stops along the ...


mel_h_md commented 9 hours ago

Help with pie filling

by nuraman00 1 month ago

I've tried making this recipe twice, once in July 2015, once in August 2015.


nuraman00 commented 14 days ago

Apple pie with cheese? Really?

by john333 7 years ago

I remember hearing about this as a kid, and didn't really believe it. Do people really eat apple pie with cheese?


ChristySkinner commented 24 days ago

Pecan Pie that is not runny!

by rjlebed 7 years ago

I make all the desserts for Thanksgiving. That means that I try to make 7 or 8 different things. Despite the fact t...


scunge commented 24 days ago

Pie Crust top crust designs, any family traditions?

by Kevin Andrew Murphy 11 years ago

I just made three pies last night, remembering my grandmother who'd taught me how to make pie crust years ago. One o...


animaltalker commented 24 days ago

Pumpkin Pie

by chasedr 26 days ago

Just put an extra cup of sugar in my pumpkin pie. How bad will it be?

Ttrockwood commented 26 days ago

Kosher (ie dairy free) pumpkin pie

by BritInDC 2 years ago

Hi all, I'm from the UK but this year I am making Thanksgiving for a visiting American friend. I've never made pumpki...


masha commented 27 days ago

My pecan pie did not set up properly.

by hungryinmanhattan 6 years ago

I followed the America's Test Kitchen recipe exactly, but my pie did not set up properly. I baked it 1 day ahead, so ...


momtrak commented 27 days ago

No Bake Cream Cheese Pie

by tofu4e4 5 months ago

Made this about 20 years ago, maybe more Very easy to make - minimal prep Graham Cracker crust Filling contained a...


tofu4e4 commented 1 month ago

Renting kitchen space for a day

by MThompson42 2 months ago

I have been asked to provide dessert for a 160 guest event in November. I am looking for suggestions on where I could...


suburban_mom commented 2 months ago

Best tart/pie crust tips

by imanewbie 2 months ago

I’m on a mission to make the best damn fruit tarte. I’ve found a custard recipe I really like but now I wanna make th...


masha commented 2 months ago

Flour Tortillas - What do You do With Them ?

by hannaone 2 years ago

In the "Whats for Dinner" thread, I posted about a couple of the things I have done with flour tortillas. Cherry ...

MidwesternerTT commented 2 months ago

Apple Pie Internal Temperature

by pgreen 10 years ago

This seems like a silly question, but I really do need an answer. What is the correct internal temperature (i.e., th...


shellybean27 commented 3 months ago

Nina's Peanut Butter Pie??

by Ed. 12 years ago

OK... this is going WAY back to about 1968-71ish... Anyone remember Nina's, HOme of the Peanut Butter Pie on PCH in L...


Charlie751 commented 3 months ago

Looking for childhood apple pies and orange pies from Chinatown [San Francisco]

by darrelll 4 years ago

Born in SF then moved to LA in 1960, my folks and uncles always brought back pies from a Chinatown restaurant that so...


94108 commented 3 months ago

What's the Best Place to Get Fruit Pies in Rhode Island?

by Scherbie 4 months ago

For a friend's birthday, a group of us driving from NY to MA and I have been charged with picking up the birthday pie...


Eddie commented 3 months ago

What are you baking these days? August 2017 edition! [Old]

by buttertart 5 months ago

Happy Buttertart Month to me :) This is the month I spend the first 3 weeks of agonizing over what birthday cake to ...


hirsheys commented 4 months ago

Have Farmer's Market apple pies gone downhill??

by Moimoi 2 years ago

While some may disagree with me for thinking that Farmer's Market brand Apple Pie is a great grocery store apple pie,...

estufarian commented 4 months ago

Can I eat this lime meringue pie?

by jeanbeank 5 months ago

I made this recipe and use...

ChristinaMason commented 5 months ago

My fruit pie recipe's instant tapioca did not dissolve

by sweet100s 9 years ago

I made a pie that called for 2.5 tbsp of instant tapioca, as a thickener I believe. Following the directions exact...


mamasheba commented 6 months ago

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