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A Field Guide to Potato Salad Styles of the World

Although it's an iconic American picnic and BBQ food, potato salad is great around the globe, as these 11 international potato salad recipes prove. Potato salad is certainly one of those things that...

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BBQ on the Beach

by chezron 4 years ago

What are you favorite places to BBQ on the beach in San Diego? I know there are fire rings and BBQs, but are there also places where you can bring your own? What is your secret spot? Are there less...

Where should I buy a picnic for wine tasting in paso robles? Also, any ideas of wineries to eat the picnic are welcome too!

by elizabetheatsfood 4 years ago

Hi everyone. Surprising husband and taking him to Paso for his birthday, and just wondering if anyone had a great idea of where to get picnic stuff for a day out. We LOVE bell street farms in Los A...

Road Trip Menu Ideas Needed!

by mkd3702 4 years ago

We have to drive from San Diego out to Mesa, AZ. And, since we will each be driving separate cars on the way there, it's going to be a longer than usual trip. So, I want to add a little fun/pizaz...

Wine Country Picnic in September

by Dugan 4 years ago

I have two friends visiting SF in September. They are from the midwest and I know they'd enjoy a visit to a couple of wineries. Can anyone recommend a good locale for a picnic (4 people total). ...

Portland, Maine daytrip with kids

by blink617 6 years ago

My wife and I are taking our family to Portland for a Saturday. We have baby twins (and gigantic double stroller) and a 3 year old. We are meeting up with a group of friends to visit the farmer...

Any recent experiences at Picnic Garden in Edison - Korean BBQ all you can eat?

by Quine 9 years ago

Still mourning the loss of Eugene's of Browns Mills and wanting to take Mom to some Korean BBQ (she hasn't been to any since Eugenes) I am hoping for some updated experiences. Yelp has quite a few...

Easy picnic side dish or appetizer that travels well?

by Isolda 5 years ago

Yep, that's what I need. It's for an outdoor gathering to meet other local families whose kids will attend the same college. Will have no access to fridge or cooking facilities. Thank you!


by gttahaveit 5 years ago

HI folks, I"m planning to spend Sunday in and around Elora, and would like to have a picnic lunch. Does anyone know of an area that has public grills available? Failing that, any recs for a cho...

Accompaniments for smoked trout (individual picnic lunch)

by MrsBridges 5 years ago

I just bought a piece of smoked trout at the farmer's market. I'm soliciting suggestions to make it the centerpiece of an individual picnic lunch. What fruits, salads, etc would you pack with it?

Pack my "picnic basket" - BBQing shellfish seaside - Tips & Help needed.

by Juliamay 5 years ago

Hi there. My husband's birthday is tomorrow and he loves seafood. I am taking him to Taylor Shellfish Farms actual farm store. We will have access to a charcoal grill and picnic table. The store se...

how long to brine a pork picnic

by dimsumgirl 5 years ago

I have a 10 pound pork picnic roast that I am brining. How long is optimal brining time?

Home Cooking Dish of the Month (July 2015) Nominations!

by Sandwich_Sister 5 years ago

Hey Everyone! It's that time, once again, to brainstorm about a dish to cook next month. We are looking forward to July. July is quintessential summer time. BBQ, Cookouts, Picnics, vacation, trip...

Where to pick up picnic lunch between Essex and Gillette Castle

by Jpan99 5 years ago

After a ride on the Essex steam train we are driving to Gillette and looking for someplace along the way to pick up a picnic lunch. Sandwiches would be good or even a fruit/cheese/baguette option ...

Assembling the perfect picnic in Provence

by Desidero 5 years ago

I'm going to be in the French Riviera and western Provence for several weeks in June. While I intend on visiting restaurants during my stay, I'd also like to assemble lunches from the offerings at...

Hot dog choice dilemma

by eimac 5 years ago

I love Costco's hot dogs, but I have to supply the dogs for a picnic tomorrow and don't have time to go there. I usually get Boars Head natural casing when I buy supermarket dogs, but it seems like...

pork picnic

by dimsumgirl 5 years ago

Got a great deal on a pork picnic (bone in) this morning and cooking one for the first time on the grill. It's 7 pounds. Any tips or suggestions from anyone?

Inexpensive catering ideas for picnic in Pasadena?

by Kochav 5 years ago

I'm looking for ideas for catering a dinner weeknight picnic at a private residence in Pasadena in late June for about 50-70 people. In the past, the host has used (no longer open) Burger Continen...

Greek Theater Picnic Baskets

by dtm323 5 years ago

Has anyone tried the picnic baskets they sell at the Greek? What do you think?

Wedding reception food/questions. Professional input welcome....

by janetofreno 5 years ago

This is a very general and probably overly long post, and for that I apologize. But I am looking for chowhound input/opinions...so don't be afraid to give yours. There is a recently re-activated ...