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Buying Wine - Pet Peeves

by vinhotinto75 12 years ago

Probably like many people on this board, I spend quite a bit of time and money drinking, tasting, reading, and enjoying wine and gastronomy. Earlier today I purchased a bottle of wine I have n...

Trader Joe's Pet Peeves

by biscuit 12 years ago

• You get to really, really love a product and buy it for months, even years. Then suddenly, it's gone. (R.I.P. Ginger Joe's, Hansen's Cola, Double Rainbow Pumpkin and Blu Italy Lime water, to name...

Jackfruit Pet Peeve in Chinatown

by Simon 12 years ago

A couple weeks ago i was delighted to see fresh jackfruit (ka-nuun) being sold on the street in Chinatown... but what was annoying was that they were selling it by the slice (peel and all) rathe...

My Pet Peeve about Fried Chicken...

by BombayUpWithaTwist 12 years ago

I just posted on another thread about a place that serves Fried Chicken & Waffles. The dish sounded very appealing to me since I love fried chicken and the waffles were made with jalapenos which I...

Pet peeve: Sandwiches with "everything" by default

by Agent 510 12 years ago

Can anyone explain why so many sandwich places insist on drowning all their sandwiches in "everything" - which usually includes lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, and mayo - even for sandwiches whose...

Russ & Daughters Peeve

penthouse pup
by penthouse pup 12 years ago

While Russ and Daughters has smoked salmon of the highest quality, their counter people have become pretty sloppy about how they slice the fish: thick pieces, often untrimmed. By contrast, the guys...

Constantly altering menu items:a diner's right or peeve?

by gutreactions 12 years ago

Have a good friend who constantly requests changes to dishes she finds on menus..."Could you possibly change the shaved parmigiana on my salad to gorgonzola?"..." I don't care for broccoli, could y...

Fast Food Pet Peeve: breaded potatoes and fries

by donw9876 13 years ago

The one development in chain restaurants and fast food places that I realized recently that I honestly detest is the breaded french fry. I simply won't order fries at certain restaurants. (Burger K...

Special Pet Peeve

by egit 13 years ago

Hello Hounds -- Last night I went to a popular little spot in the East Village; one that I've been to before, that I've recommended, and honestly I will most likely go back to. The menu is ine...

Peeve and recommendation request

by Geo H 14 years ago

One issue/peeve I have with Asian restaurants in particular is when you order an appetizer, entree, etc or want to have certain items "coursed out" everything tends to arrive quickly and at the sam...

The Loud-Mouthed Menu Explainer -- Getting a Pet Peeve Off My Chest

by PaulF 15 years ago

Ever go to the movies and there someone in the next row who's already seen the movie and feels the need to explain all the oh-so-complicated plot points to their companion? Because no one is sma...

sandwich shops pet peeve

by piccola 15 years ago

NY has tons of really great places to buy a sandwich. There's just one thing that *really* annoys me: for the most part, it seems that vegetarian = fresh mozzarella. It's nearly impossible to get a...

Pet Peeve--Pub areas that don't serve pub food

by hiddenboston 15 years ago

We went to Honeypot Orchards in Stow yesterday, and by 2:30 were hungry and wondering why we didn't bring picnic food. So we headed down Route 20 east until we got to the Coach Grill in Wayland (wh...

Pet Peeve: when upscale delis give you cold cuts from the "butt end".

by Jack 15 years ago

I stopped by a small gourmet shop here in NYC on my way home today, it's on 2nd Ave. near 31st Street, and decided to get some cold cuts. After giving my order I noticed the counterman was using t...

Cookbook peeves

by lax2mia 15 years ago

I admit that I go through cookbooks like I do paper towels and if it wasn't for my local library I'd be much poorer. One thing that I'm noticing now in cookbooks, especially those from Food Networ...

Spicy food pet peeve - stop ruining it for the rest of us!

by JackS 16 years ago

Many many times I have had to plead with various waitstaff for spicy food. Sometimes they will honor my pleas and sometimes they won't. If I order something spicy without pleading, sometimes they...

Pet Peeves

by Chow Chow 16 years ago

Anyone have any pet peeves about current dining? Mine is and has been for a while the overuse of Mesclun. I feel that many restaurants rely too heavily on using mesclun in salads when there are so ...

Pet Peeve

by James G 16 years ago

What is it with restaurants that won't take reservations on a Saturday night at 8pm? I just phoned Zaytinya to book a table for four at that time and was told that they don't take reservations for...

Service-Peeves & Praise

by pat I. 16 years ago

Hi- I'm doing a bit of research on service in the food industry. I'm interested in knowing what you can't stand with regard to service and what you love. What do you consider to be great service...

Pet Peeve

by Mike Kilgore 19 years ago

I don't have many, and this has probably been discussed here before, but has anyone else noticed how many times when you leave cash, that as the waiter/waitress picks it up you hear "do you need an...

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