Where's a good (great?) place to eat in Peoria, IL?

by jimis50 11 years ago

Attending a college graduation in May and wondering if anyone has suggestions of good bbq, steak, or american restaurant experiences. Thx!

Recommendations for the Peoria area

by wekick 9 years ago

We will be there on a Friday and looking for lunch and maybe dinner. We like everything.

Moving to PEORIA I need Tips!

by nomers 10 years ago

I am moving to Peoria for the first time. Before that I was in a food wasteland of Southern Utah and before that I was in the food mecca of SF. I cannot wait to eat good food again and I love to co...

Peoria, Illinois

by Rholsing96 11 years ago

We will be spending a night in Peoria, Illinois, this weekend and would like suggestions for a nice dinner restaurant.

Peoria tapas

by labguy 11 years ago

Has anyone tried the new tapas bar Noir in Peoria Heights?

Kansas City, MO to Peoria, IL?

by itsbubbles 12 years ago

Driving from Kansas City to Peoria next week Thursday. Looking for a good place to stop for lunch, that isn't as far as Springfield (leaving about 9 AM, hoping to stop around 3 hours in or so.) O...

O'Hare Airport to Peoria

by jiminea 12 years ago

My wife, daughter and I are driving from ORD to Peoria, leaving ORD around 7-7:30 pm. Any recs for dinner along I-80, then I-180 and down Rt. 29? We're traveling on a Tuesday, so this maybe limits ...

Suggestions in Peoria, IL

by andibrooke22 12 years ago

I will be spending my weekdays in Peoria, IL since I've just been staffed on a project for work there. I'm from the NYC area so I'm used to many restaurant choices! Can anyone suggest some places...

Peoria Illinois dining options

by IndyGirl 13 years ago

I'm visiting my sister and need recommendations for high-end restaurants with vegetarian options. Any suggestions?

Peoria Dinner Recommendation?

by sitcovitsky 12 years ago

My daughter and I will be visiting Bradley University on Wednesday & Thursday. Any fabulous dinner recommendations for two foodies? (We'll have a car)

How is the East Peoria, IL. Location of Corky's Ribs & BBQ?

by swsidejim 14 years ago

I going to be down in Peoria, either this weekend, or next and saw there is a location of the Memphis based Corky's Ribs & BBQ located in East Peoria. I am curious if this location is worth a stop...

ISO GOOD mincemeat in a jar in Peoria,IL

by Anne 15 years ago

Trying to find quality mincemeat in a jar in the Peoria area. Robertson's, Fortnum & Mason, or Chivers brands would be good. Prefer NOT to go with Nonesuch or Crosse & Blackwell. I've called Fai...

Peoria, IL?

by kroppinkris 15 years ago

I'm heading to Peoria to check out Bradley U. I'm taking my own 17 year old daughter and possible up to 4 more Senior girls (yes, I'm probably crazy.) Any places we should try? My own daughter i...

Peoria, IL eats?

by Suburban Sandy 16 years ago

I'm going to a concert in Peoria in Feb and have no idea of any good eats prior or after the show, plus staying overnight for breakfast - any suggestions?

GREAT Mexican near Peoria, IL

by Anne 16 years ago

If you're tired of all the cookie-cutter Mexican restaurants in Peoria, you really must try Tequila's in Chillicothe (about 12 miles north of Peoria). They are located in a small strip mall on Rt....

Moving to Peoria..Looking for hangout

by Mick 16 years ago

Hi, I'll be moving to Peoria in a few weeks and I'm looking for a good neighborhood place to eat and drink. I have been given the names of a few places by my colleages. Have any of you heard of the...

Lunch in Peoria - suggestions?

by Marcie 16 years ago

I'm going to be in Peoria (@W. Willow Knolls Dr.) and hoped there might be a good place for lunch. As long as the food's really good, I'm flexible about price or type (i.e., if it's really good - ...

Kings in Peoria, IL?

by Chris 16 years ago

I have fond memories as a child of eating fried catfish at Kings, just outside of Peoria along the river. Does it still exist?

Trip No.1 Last Day...Peoria, IL

by Big D 16 years ago

My wanderings found me seeking sustenance about 1PM Friday. I thought about calling those in the same profession(police) and picking their brains for real road food. I got adventuresome and thoug...