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Anyone been to Chinatown Square yet?

by Disneyfreak 20 days ago

I heard that Chinatown Square opened recently. Supposedly it is a 24/7 establishment with a variety of food vendors. ...

Disneyfreak commented 29 minutes ago

Good's Potato chips (Blue, for me)... anyplace in Boston

by grant.cook 6 hours ago

Is there any vendor or connection in Boston that can channel Good's Potato chips up to the city? https://www.go...

What is scrapple?

by eLizard 10 years ago

The room service staff at the hotel where I'm staying (and eating a lot of room service) couldn't define it for me. I...


cotterpin172 commented 6 days ago

Desperately seeking meat in Allentown

by tigerracing 4 years ago

I just moved here from Seattle and am at a loss to find some place to buy all the varieties I am so used to. I am loo...


lucciano commented 10 days ago

Where to buy gourmet cheese in the lehigh valley and surrounding areas.

by CJ75 2 months ago

Looking for gourmet and specialty cheeses in the lehigh valley and surrounding areas. Specifically Monterey Jack More...


skardm commented 19 days ago

cold water fudge from the Globe Store in Scranton Pa.

by Vernalisa 15 years ago

For years I use to buy this fudge from the Globe dept store in Scranton Pa. It was the creamest and best I ever ate ...


jldean commented 24 days ago

Buying Wild Mushrooms in Pittsburgh

by orion 9 years ago

I'm headed home for Thanksgiving and can't think of where I would look for wild mushrooms besides Whole Foods (where ...


NBronsius1982 commented 27 days ago

Heading to Philadelphia -- need dining thoughts

by Disneyfreak 29 days ago

Hi all! I am heading to Philadelphia on business the end of March. I will be in town for 2 nights (3 dinners). I will...

Disneyfreak commented 27 days ago

[Pittsburgh area - Beaver Falls] Oram's Donuts!

by Lambretta76 13 years ago

I posted a short review about a childhood favorite in the area (see the Frank's Pizza review for Ambridge, PA) and wa...


Chowrin commented 1 month ago

Bolete in Bethlehem

by sal_acid 11 months ago

A short road trip to Bethlehem found us dinner at Bolete, which may be the best around for miles. In an old stagecoac...

Bacchus101 commented 1 month ago

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Campbell's Beefsteak Tomato Soup

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

As consumer trends move away from highly processed foods and artificial ingredients, Campbell's has been remaking its...

Breakfast/early lunch on way to Pittsburgh from New Jersey

by shesallthat 3 months ago

We will be traveling Christmas Eve from Central New Jersey to Pittsburgh. We are looking for a place to stop and eat...


shesallthat commented 3 months ago


by terasec 5 months ago

Looking for charcoal grill/smoker preferably grill with side box for smoking, no eggs charcoal only, and prefer t...

Cheez62 commented 3 months ago

Thanksgiving & Capon questions

by JunieB 4 months ago

First question - Has anyone seen a list of restaurants that will be serving a Thanksgiving meal this year? I can't fi...

JunieB commented 3 months ago

Red Hot 1 Sichuan in Bethlehem PA

by Guy 1 year ago

I am by no means an expert but I have been to a few Sichuan places and love the hyper-flavorful, spicy, oily, salty g...

KWagle commented 3 months ago

looking for a store in amish country in PA

by chet 4 months ago

was talking to a friend who was telling me about a big store where they sell everything from shoes to nuts in the ami...


BrianYarvin commented 3 months ago

Is there anything worth eating on I-80 in PA?

by Nelle 9 years ago

Will be traveling from Colorado to Ny on I 80. Any suggestions of places to stop midway through PA?


dagored154 commented 3 months ago

Thanksgiving Buffet in Allentown/Bethlehem area

by Bill 15 years ago

Our family is planning a sort of reunion on Thanksgiving Day 2001. There will be about 35-40 people. Does anyone out ...

cwdonald commented 4 months ago

Ma(i)son in Lancaster

by CindyJ 4 months ago

I used to dine Lancaster quite regularly and Ma(i)son was one of my favorite places. We were considering meeting som...

CindyJ commented 4 months ago

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Great Hoagies and Sandwiches near Phoenixville

by Marc Listokin 4 months ago

On Route 29 a few miles down the road from the Collegville exit on 422 sits a little sandwich shop that makes great i...