Jamaican-Style Rice and Peas Are the Perfect Side Dish

Ayesha Curry, cookbook author, TV personality, and entrepreneur, certainly can wear a lot of hats. She launched the quarterly lifestyle magazine “Sweet July” this summer, founded the nonprofit Eat Learn...

where can I buy grey peas?

by Tom 18 years ago

I was wondering if anyone knows where to find Latvian grey peas? I have tried looking in google with no results. I spent some time in Latvia in August and want to eat these peas here. I know that t...

Where to find Burmese tofu in Orange County CA?

by theschles 2 years ago

I have to gluten digestive intolerance and have to avoid soy and sesame due to allergies. I recently stumbled across Burmese tofu while googling; apparently it is made with chickpeas and yellow pea...

Boston's Doug Williams, Seizi Imura on Iron Chef America

by BostonBestEats 3 years ago

Did anyone see the latest Iron Chef America broadcast with Doug Williams of Boston's Mida? His Sous Chef was also Seizi Imura of Cafe Sushi in Cambridge. The only mention of their restaurants w...

Help! I put too much water in my homemade split pea soup!

by marymac 9 years ago

And now the peas are done but the soup is too thin. If I thickened it with flour and water would that ruin it? Thank You!

ISO fresh (or frozen) field peas/beans

by bagler 9 years ago

I'm having a hard time finding any info about fresh field peas in Vancouver, or the NW in general. I don't mean green sweet peas, but rather fresh cream peas or crowders, black eyed peas, pink eyes...

Conch Peas--what do I do with them?

by Coyote 18 years ago

Have been presented with some conch peas. They are shelled, pale green, kind of firm. Googled recipes and what turned up was suggestions for dishes using rice, peas and conch, but I did not find ...

Tangy salad recipe lost

by Fuffy 4 years ago

I saw a salad recipe with crushed wasabi peas somewhere this week - probably in the NYTimes. Anyone seen it? Thanks.

Pea soup

by ronojo 5 years ago

I make a pea soup using frozen peas but currently have an abundance of fresh peas. Do you think I can use them instead of the frozen ones?

Pea soup

by ronojo 6 years ago

I have a recipe for a great pea soup--basically frozen peas, butter lettuce, water and seasonings. Sounds odd, but it's great. My question is this--Is there any reason why I should not be able to...

pea soup (fresh peas)

by THewat 6 years ago

I had a better than average pea soup at a restaurant last night. It tasted like spring. And like the essence of peas. Anyone have a suggestion about where I start in order to try to recreate it? Th...

Is there still hope for these seedlings?

by sasha1 6 years ago

In 2 weeks, I went from excitement to anxiety. I'm a new gardener, and have always relied on starts from the nursery. We bought a few seed packets last year for direct sow in the garden (peas, ca...

ChocWasabi @ retail brick and mortar location?

by ipsedixit 6 years ago

Yes, I know I can order these online, but does anyone have a lead on an actual retail store that sells ChocWasabi? For those that are uninitiated on all things chocolate covered wasabi peas ... ...

What am I doing wrong? Dried beans / garbanzo / chick peas / lentils

by MyKitchen 9 years ago

I have been trying to switch from canned to dry beans, but have yet to be successful re-hydrating any of them, specifically: lentil, azuki, garbanzo. No matter whether I put them in a slow cooker...

Cooking Dried Black Eyed Peas

by arielleeve 11 years ago

So last night I attempted cooking dried black eyed peas. Based on the directions on the bag and everything I found on the internet, black eyed peas don't need to be pre-soaked like other legumes. I...

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