While nothing beats biting into a fresh peach or cooking up an easy peach cobbler recipe, Chowhound’s peach recipes use the versatile fruit for everything from peach and hazelnut mascarpone bruschetta to white peach sangria.

Peak Season Produce at Your Labor Day Barbecue Is a Perfect Way to Bid Goodbye to Summer

Labor Day is almost upon us, and it's the perfect occasion to showcase the last of summer produce (*sob*). While Labor Day was created as a tribute to the American laborer, it has since also become...

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Modern Farmer: A Bitter Harvest

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

"...It’s impossible to separate the past from the peaches and nectarines and raisins that I grow today. People don’t just buy my produce; with each peach, they consume a little of my family’s past....

Looking for the perfect cobbler crust

by cstout 6 years ago

Peaches are everywhere & so are a dozen other wonderful berries & fruits. I am going nuts searching for that special crust. Let me see if I can describe it to you. First of all, it is NOT cakey...

Fruit Pie

by Sheryljkt 6 years ago

I have frozen blueberries and fresh peaches. My goal is to make a blueberry-peach pie. What's the best way to go about this? I'm not sure about working with fresh and frozen together.

Fresh Peach Ice Cream

by dfrostnh 6 years ago

Am I too late? Are there any ice cream places in NH or southern Maine that have fresh peach ice cream?

Soft Fruit in Paris

by Fuffy 6 years ago

We used to think that fruit and veg. are tastier in Europe than in the U.S. but this year I am having bad luck with peaches in Paris. I have tried regular peaches, white peaches and flat peaches in...

ISO Ontario White Peaches

by earthygoat 6 years ago

Just wondering if baskets of Ontario white peaches are showing up in grocery stores yet? I'm near Peterborough, and other than the farmer's market, which I can't make it to, I rarely see them in s...

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

by StriperGuy 6 years ago

Okay for you hounds who don't regularly hit farmers markets / farm stands, and like summer fruit GO TODAY. Over the last two weeks I have been eating MA donut peaches, white peaches, yellow peaches...

Looking for a special peach pie recipe

by nosey 6 years ago

Mom used to make a peach pie with fresh peaches and a store bought shell. I think the filling was just eggs, sugar, maybe cinnamon or nutmeg and a dash of salt. I can't find the recipe. Does anyone...

What to do with loads of peaches?

by dimsumgirl 13 years ago

My neighbor just dropped by with a large flat of fresh picked peaches. What would you do if you had a bumper crop of peaches? I want to use them while they are still fresh. Would you freeze? Pi...

Where do *you* buy good fruit in Manhattan?

by tanno 6 years ago

I'm so tired of eating mediocre plums, disappointing cherries, bland peaches, and blasé nectarines. Where do you buy your fruit from? (Sigh. From where do you buy your fruit?) I live in Chels...

sour peaches??... and do I smell GAS??

by kseiverd 6 years ago

So bought 2 HUGE peaches at supermarket a few days ago. That's unusual cuz it's almost August here in NJ and I RARELY buy fruit at supermarket. I'll by lemons/limes/oranges but that's about it. ...

Got Any Peach Ripening Secrets?

by niki rothman 15 years ago

I'm sick and tired of (expensive) peaches and nectarines that refuse to ever get ripe and juicy on a sunny window sill - it's infuriating. All too often mine turn into soft potatoes - mealy, if you...

Which Brandy for Brandied Peaches?

by ladymadrian 9 years ago

So I'm getting ready to go out to the farmers' market to pick up some peaches to preserve for Christmas gift giving. I am thinking of using Lynne Rossetto Kasper's recipe for Brandied Fruit (http...

What to do with a ton of peach jam?

by magnoliasouth 6 years ago

This is the first year I'm harvesting peaches from my dwarf peach tree. It has already put out tons of peaches (well not tons, obviously, but a lot). The first 7 lbs harvested I canned into jam. My...

Blackberry Peach Crisp - Too Many Seeds!

by sivyaleah 14 years ago

I was at my local greenmarket yesterday and they had blackberries, so I bought a pint. Surprisingly, they were pretty sweet - sometimes they aren't. So. last night, I attempted to replicate a bla...

Should I refrigerate peaches?

by sparkareno 9 years ago

I bought some really nice peaches & nectarines at the farmers market & I am not going to serve them for a few days. I am afraid they will rot sitting out on the counter but I am also afraid they wi...

Fresh Peaches - Cups to Pounds

by bk 16 years ago

I'd like to try the recently posted Fresh Peach Pie recipe. The recipe calls for 5 cups of fresh-peeled and sliced Can anyone give me an idea of how many pounds of whole peaches that might be?...

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