A well-made pastry is a beautiful thing. Discuss these desserts-as-breakfast here, from croissants to tarts: Get baking advice, pastry shop suggestions, and info on pastry terms and techniques.

These Chocolate Rugelach Are the Bite-Sized Desserts of Your Dreams

If you’ve ever had the chocolate-Nutella babka from Breads Bakery in New York City or Tel Aviv, you’re well aware of the craze surrounding the pastry. The wonderfully flaky, densely chocolate babka...

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Cakes & pastries--Peninsula

by Pia R 20 years ago

I'm getting a bit tired of buying cakes and pastries at Draeger's, and many of the supermarket cake shops seem to make their products with vegetable shortening and a long list of strange chemicals....

Where can I find good low-fat muffins/pastries?

by Sara 20 years ago

Where can I find good low-fat muffins and/or pastries. So far all i've found are some decent ones at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, though I know there must be more in the L.A. or San Fernando Valley area...

Anyone Familar with Mrs. London's pastries?

by John T 20 years ago

I was surfing around looking for history of brioche, croissant, craquelin, other french pastries, anyway, I found this bakery called "Mrs. London's" based in Saratoga Springs. http://www.mrslon...

pastries at La Flor

by james g. 20 years ago

What kind of Mexican pastries does La Flor serve? and what exactly are these pastries?

greek pastries

by jen kalb 22 years ago

I have to thank recent NYTimes exposure for getting me back to Poseidon Bakery (9th in the 40s), for the first time in many, many years. The dessert pastries were rich, luscious and varied; we onl...

Great Lebanese Pastries in Detroit!

by Jim Leff 23 years ago

A friend recently tried what he described as some of the best Lebanese pastries he's ever tasted. They were specially sent from a bakery in Detroit called something like Shatila (Chatila? Shatilla?...

Ukrainian pastries in Midwood

by Adam Stephanides 21 years ago

A couple Saturdays ago, I had an early dinner at DiFara Pizzeria. After my slice, I went looking for something sweet to finish off my meal. This was not as easy as I had at first thought, because ...

Chinese pastries outside the city?

by Josh Mittleman 22 years ago

I recently went searching for a Chinese bakery in Westchester: no such thing, as far as I could tell, anywhere north of Flushing. I talked to a very nice woman at a local restaurant who suggested ...

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