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Fresh Yeast converted to instant dry

by CMoya13 24 days ago

Hello, I want to make a recipe that calls for 10g of fresh yeast but would like to sub instant. After fruitlessly researching online, I am still kind of confused what the conversion would be. I'v...

Sweetmeat Empanadas with New Mexico influence

by Bourgeois 9 years ago

Please help me find a recipe for sweetmeat empanadas. My grandma, Teresina, used to make these at Christmas. She used a hand-grinder to grind pork roast. I think there were raisins and it was pr...

Can we talk rugelach?

by Blumie 2 years ago

This topic -- where to find good rugelach -- comes up periodically, but it's been awhile, so perhaps we could revisit it. The rugelach I grew up on is what was sold at Lederman's Bakery in Newto...

Grace Pastries on Jefferson Blvd Crenshaw District L.A.

mochi mochi
by mochi mochi 12 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe for the Teacakes from Grace Pastries on Jefferson Blvd. in Crenshaw-Los Angeles? The bakery is long gone... The cakes were square with a butter frosting and very greasy. I...

Paris report during gilet jaunes

by Giannis 3 months ago

That was my sixth time in Paris. It was more of a gastronomical trip so we got lots of food. We lost one day due to the gilet jaunes . We had lunch at L'Astrance, Guy Savoy and dinner at Auberge Br...

Authentically Italian: Italian Brothers Bakery in SJ

by droolingdoggie 3 months ago

Finally, an Italian bakery + gelato shop + cafe + snack bar owned and run by Italians from Italy!!!! This place is a real gem on the corner of Meridian and San Carlos. Very close to the Meridian ex...

DUO's Rum Baba - May be the BEST TASTING store bought dessert this year?

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 4 months ago

This high-tech looking, sophisticately constructed, amazingly tasting and super-moist " Passion fruit, Pineapple Rum Baba with a coconut 'syringe' " from DUO, Richmond Hill just became my most favo...

Kouign Amann in Vancouver?

by selena03 8 months ago

I know this isn't a Vancouver thread (I'm going to SF and stumbled on this) but I love KA too and used to get them at Beyond Bread but they don't make them anymore:(. Bread Affairs is more like a d...

Christian Constant, the pastry guy, is now on the rue des Ecoles

John Talbott
by John Talbott 6 months ago

“Christian Constant, the pastry guy, is now on the rue des Ecoles” my and our old friend Julot, for those chowhounders old enough to remember, wanted me to post. He’s alive and kicking and teachin...

ISO savory breakfast pastries in Montreal

by zerodosage 7 months ago

Sugar early morning no longer agrees with me, but I love a good breakfast pastry. Are there any good stuff in Montreal you can recommend? Recently in Toronto I had these amazing brioche type pastri...

Kouign Aman ---- somebody must be baking them in Toronto

Island Girl
by Island Girl 6 years ago

I searched the Chowhound threads and I've done all sorts of Google searches but nothing is jumping out to say that a bakery in Toronto is making Kouign Amann pastries. David Leibovitz has good a r...

Gouter Patisserie Kouign Amann

by petek 2 years ago

I decided to check out this bakery on Bathurst based on a few recommendations from a FB culinary group Some asked about kougin amann, and where the best version in T.O was. I specifically wanted t...

Coming Home

by 3MTA3 8 months ago

Flying in to Detroit then Jackson for two days. Looking for a Pasty and Fried Pork Tenderloin Sandwich. And, what should I check out...Thanx

Mon K Patisserie - Coxwell - Sorry! This review might upset some of its fans?!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 9 months ago

Based on their reputation worldwide, the mentioning of French Pastries made by the hands of Japanese pastry chefs almost always bring huge interest and high expectation in me. After hearing some...

French Pastries

by iateit 9 months ago

Just had a friend return from France, and we're looking for authentic french pastry shops, cafes, etc. for a trip next week. We're definitely more interested in sweet rather than savory, but bo...

Toronto: Best Coffee & Beer

by rushbikes 1 year ago

In-the-know Torontonians: Visiting Toronto at the end of the week and looking for caffeine and alcohol recommendations. What are your favorite cafes & craft breweries? Separately, bonus points f...

Some personal highlights from Piacenza, Pavia & Genoa

by Michaelspont 3 years ago

Piacenza, Pavia, Genoa I recently did a quick jog through these three very lovely, highly atmospheric Italian cities and had wonderful cultural and food experiences -- although perhaps ones not...

Any place one can buy Kouign Amann in SF?

by cyssf 8 years ago

Tom fell in love with kouign amann while on our home exchange in Brittany, I have been searching for a bakery in San Francisco that sells this. I tried using David Leibovitz's version which was to...

January 2012 COTM: Essential Pepin: Puddings, Sweet Souffles and Crepes; Cakes, Cookies and Candies; Tarts, Pies and Pastries

by LulusMom 7 years ago

Please use this thread to discuss and review recipes from the chapters about puddings, sweet soufflés, and crepes; cakes, cookies and candies; and tarts, pies, and pastries. The Chowhound Team ...