Paso Robles

15 Destinations to Get Your Wine Fix on the Central Coast of California

It’s been nearly two decades since “Sideways” put the Central Coast wine scene on the map, but like a fine pinot noir, the area has only improved over the years. There are dozens of spots between chic...

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La Cosecha - Paso Robles

by goldangl95 7 years ago

Really enjoyed our dinner here. Innovative cocktails, the food is tasty, seafood and produce taste fresh, and there's some interesting choices (we had a Brazillian coconut seafood stew with a side ...

Indulge Restaurant, Paso Robles

The Librarian
by The Librarian 7 years ago

We're thinking of staying at the Oaks Hotel in Paso Robles over the holidays. They have a restaurant called Indulge which seems to get pretty good reviews. Anyone been there? Thanks!

Paso Robles help please

by xoxohh 8 years ago

Next week, we are traveling to Paso Robles on a continued eating week. First night we are dining at Il Cortile. Second night is where I need guidance. Doesn't have to be "upscale", just good foo...

2012 vintage in Paso Robles?

by olasek 7 years ago

Was this a good year? I have opportunity to buy some reds from the allocation list and wonder about this particular vintage. For example how does it fare comparing to 2009/2010 with which I am mor...

Another Paso Robles Winery Question (with specifics)

by bennyscuba 9 years ago

Hello All, Next weekend the wife and I are going to swing by Paso Robles on the way home from a Big Sur weekend. We have only been down there once 2 years ago (live in the SF Bay Area). We pl...

Good takeout food in Paso Robles or Templeton?

by dieziege 7 years ago

Hi folks, I'm going to be spending Labor Day weekend outside of Templeton and because we'll be arriving in the late afternoon with another couple joining us even later, I'm looking for solid takeou...

Dining - Wine trip dining near SLO and Paso

by zinfanatic 7 years ago

Could my fellow Cjhowhounders comment on the quality of the food and wine lists at the following restaurants? Artisan Bistro- Paso Black Cat Bistro in Cambria Granada Bistro- in SLO La Cuesch...

Paso Robles Dinner

by jwexler 7 years ago

Hey chowhounds!, My parents will be passing through Paso Robles May 7 en route to Big Sur. They will be spending the night. Its my moms 60th that weekend and my dad asked me for help with a rest...

Food Truck Catering in Paso Robles

by aminata1 9 years ago

I am looking for a Taco Truck to cater a pre-wedding party I am having at a local Paso Robles park but have been having trouble finding anything on line. If you know of one that has a solid reputat...

Paso Robles Wedding Help

by ptocruz 8 years ago

Hi, I am trying to do a wedding for 25 people in Paso Robles on a 10k budget. Any suggestions? Thanks

Paso Robles- Zinfandel Festival- live music?

by ZenZIn 8 years ago

Can you recommend any good music venues of acoustic, folk, celtic, classical while sipping wine in paso? Prefer a winery with nice vibe, a good zin, & music.Thanks.:)

Paso Robles Wine Tasting

by foodiefine 8 years ago

In a couple of weeks i will be going to paso robles for the weekend. I have never been and am looking forward to experiencing all the food and wine that i can while i am there. I also am not ve...


by daniellestone 8 years ago

Hi all - I wanted to get an updated list of recommended wineries in Paso Robles. It is my 30th birthday and I've gone to Santa Ynez area for the last 4 years. Wanted to change it up this year. W...

Kid-Friendly Paso Wineries?

by aloha925 8 years ago

A bit of an oxymoron, I know, but do they exist? My husband and I have an opportunity to be in Paso Robles in early November. We'd like to visit some wineries, but will have our (truly well-behav...

Paso Robles AVA producers apply to form 11 separate sub-appellations

by zin1953 8 years ago


The restaurant at Justin Paso Robles

by hannah 8 years ago

Considering having lunch at the restaurant at the beginning of October. Any thoughts are recent reviews would be kindly appreciated.

Near Paso Robles: Hearst Castle Hacienda Hunting Lodge Overnight - (Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation)

by glbtrtr 8 years ago

Planning an overnight stay at the former Heast Castle huning lodge - the Hacienda that allows civilian stays on the Hunter-Liggett military reservation near the remote but exquisite San Antonio del...

Eating in Cambria/Paso Robles

by 1foodie1 8 years ago

Going to wine country for a few days... Anyone have some fabulous recommendations for dinners in the area?

New: Paso Robles Bakery, from owner of Berkeley's Bread Garden

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 9 years ago

Just opened the week before Christmas by David Morris, who owned the Bread Garden in Berkeley, which closed last summer after 38 years. I don't think he's even got a website up yet. Locals or those...

Finely aged 50ish Women Heading to Paso Robles Wine Country

by SharAnn1 8 years ago

We are spending Friday evening at Concert in the Park. Saturday will be, wine tasting. Saturday evening a nice leisurely dinner. Sunday breakfast in Templeton at Hoovers Beef Palace. Any reco...