Located Northeast of downtown L.A., Pasadena has its own incredible food and drink culture to explore. To browse additional Location tags for the area, click here."

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Burger Continental in Pasadena

by nubi 19 years ago

Anybody care to offer their experience and wisdom here? The menu is big ... any favorites? Link: http://www.burgercontinental.com

Pasadenans--Don't let my favorite Middle Eastern joint go out of biz!

by Jean 19 years ago

We already lost Jack's Casbah a few years back, so please patronize the yummy Caesar's Grill on Allen before it too dies and there's no middle eastern takeout to be had anywhere in Pasadena. Caesa...

Pasadena Playhouse eats?

by Jean 19 years ago

Suggestions on where to eat within walking distance? One of my companions disdains any sort of heavy food, so I know El Portal is out. I've got my fingers crossed on Tarantino's. Anywhere else?

Pasadena-Looking for fun, good restaurant

by Samantha 19 years ago

Hi Chowhounds! I need your help. I am planning a bachelorette party for my sister on Saturday August 17 and am looking for a place in Pasadena to have it. There will be about 20 people and Pasad...

Kingston Cafe in Pasadena - any reviews?

Colorado Street Bridge Fest this weekend in Pasadena

by tokyoastrogirl 19 years ago

Hey all, The annual Bridge fest is going on ON the Colorado Street Bridge this Saturday Went last year for the first time- we'd just bought a house nearby- it isn't cheap ($12 to get in) but it go...

madre's in pasadena

by jess 19 years ago

I saw the Shabby Chic episode about Jennifer Lopez's restaurant Madre's, in Pasadena, I think. I cannot find any info on the web. Anyone know anything about it? Any good? Any menu recommendatio...

Any cozy places, reasonably priced, Pasadena, Highland Park?

by tokyoastrogirl 19 years ago

Looking for somewhere to go tonight. Italian, French, non-Asian (I'm kind of Thai-d and Sushi-d out today) just plain orginial that won't empty my piggy bank but is cozy and good for two people who...

Have you eaten at The Raymond Restaurant in Pasadena?

by Lotus 19 years ago

I hear the ambience at the Raymond is nice but how's the food?! If you've been, what did you have and would you order it again? I'll be making reservations this week. I'm trying to maximize my dini...

Pasadena restaurants?

by PeggyW 19 years ago

Hi there. I'm looking for a decent but moderately-priced restaurant in Pasadena. My sister suggested Holly St., Cafe Bijou, or Maison Akira. Any comments on these choices or other recommendations? ...

Shiro in Pasadena

by jkao 19 years ago

I am planning on going to dinner at Shiro in a couple of weeks. Has anyone been there? Does anybody have any recommendations for to what to get or what not to get? Thanks

marston's in pasadena

by david 21 years ago

i was able to go to marston's in pasadena for the first time this weekend. i had heard about the great french toast at this breakfast/lunch place, and since i absolutely love great breakfasts, i h...

Questions about Cameron's Seafood and The Fishery in Pasadena

by Shadow 19 years ago

My husband will be in Pasadena soon and loves seafood. I have these two restaurant names (and addresses) but do not know anything about them. Can you give me your inputs on them? Do you know of o...

Madre's in Pasadena

by ai 19 years ago

I just heard about this Cuban place tonight, so I got curious (my mommy saw something about it in the news [J. Lo's new undertaking]). Anybody been there yet?

Barney's LTD in Old Town Pasadena

by Shadow 19 years ago

I am attending a "night before high school reunion" get-together at Barney's LTD in Old Town Pasadena soon. Since I live a few hours away I don't know this restaurant. Actually, is it a restaurant...

Madre's in Pasadena-Anyone been there?

by Samantha 20 years ago

Just curious if anyone has tried the new restaurant Madre's in Pasadena, owned by Jennifer Lopez. I have seen it hyped up so much this past week on tv, I was just wondering if the food is any good...

Great Little Cali-Mex Spot in Pasadena

by Ted Luymes 20 years ago

It's new, upstart, and already needs a bigger dining area. Yahira's is on the South side of Colorado blvd. just east of El Molino, accross the street from the Leammle's Playhouse Theater and near ...

Arirang-Korean in Pasadena

by Sonia 20 years ago

One of the posts on Korean restaurants below refers to this place. Ate there last weekend. I've been there about 5-6 times. Pretty authentic, nicer atmosphere than most Korean restaurants. It...

Baby shower location in SFV-Pasadena area?

by Natalie 20 years ago

I'm looking for a location in the SF Valley or even out to Pasadena to have a baby shower. About 30 women on a Saturday in May. I'm looking for something reasonably priced ($20pp), and hopefully wi...

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