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[SEA] Good eats (and parking!) near Neptune Theatre?

by David in Olympia 15 years ago

I'm looking for a good place to have lunch somewhere close to the Neptune Theatre. Also, how is parking in the area? I want to park, see a movie, and then a decent lunch. Any tips? Thanks in a...

Seattle recommedations...and how about the parking?

by Eric 15 years ago

First off, I apologize for this long post. And now... The girlfriend and I are going to Seattle for a week the first week of May. We're looking at some potential places to eat at. One place we've...

Need help - reasonable, with street parking???

by Sylvia G 15 years ago

We would like to find an inexpensive/moderate French bistro or Italian trattoria (or American) for an early dinner (5:30)on Saturday night after the opera. Here's the tough part: we will be drivi...

drinks and parking before dinner at sage

by dauber 15 years ago

going to sage for birthday dinner friday, have an 8pm res. was hoping someone could recommend a place to get drinks (there will be 5 of us total) in the vicinity in the hour or so beforehand. i'm n...

Lunch for eight with parking

by curiousbaker 16 years ago

I am trying to arrange the holiday lunch for my work group. In the past we have gone to Brasserie Jo - which was fine, but they want something new. That's the sort of price range we can work with....

Outdoor dining or a view, with accessible parking?

by Patterson 16 years ago

Other requirements: good food, relatively inexpensive, preferably uses local organic produce. Is there any place within San Francisco that fits the bill? Thanks.

SF Picnic Parking Advisory....

by Joan Kureczka 16 years ago

I just noted in today's paper that the big 3 day free bluegrass and other music festival in Golden Gate Park is the same weekend as the 100 Hound Picnic. Parking will be tight at best on October 4....

The best parking spot in/near SF Chinatown?

by Hiko Ikeda 17 years ago

I have never seen this topic here. As of July 2002, not Jan. 2002, where is the best spot to park there? Different depending on time/day??

Portland Area Restaurants With Parking? Handicap Accessible?

by Vacationland 16 years ago

I go out to eat often (at least once a week) with my Dad. We both appreciate good food and dislike bland chain restaurants, but our choices are limited to those places that have some kind of parki...

Valet Parking - Seattle

by ElizabethC 16 years ago

I'm trying to think of good restaurants in downtown Seattle that have valet parking. I know that 727 Pine and Andalucia do - any other suggestions? Thanks! ElizabethC

Victors Cafe and parking around 52nd street

by Richard 16 years ago

Hello, I will be dining at Victor's cafe on 52nd and Broadway saturday night and we are all driving in from CT. Where can I find cheap cheap garage parking. I don't mind a walk either. We are als...

parking or public transportation to One Market?

by Wendy Lai 16 years ago

Is there an affordable parking garage near One Market? OR, which bus line goes to One Marketing? thanks!

mother's day brunch with ample parking?

by god of cookery 16 years ago

hi all, i've searched this site and found many suggestions on mother's day brunch but nothing that looked like a place where mom doesn't have to walk 10 blocks i.e. universal cafe. any ideas? ...

Ferry Building Farmers Market--Parking!

by derek 16 years ago

Earlier on this board, there was some concern about parking availability for the Ferry Building Marketplace, when it relocates later in the month. They have a brochure indicating the following are...

Restaurant with Parking in South Philly

by VinnyC 16 years ago

Going to a Flyers game this week. Would like to know if anyone could recommend a restaurant in South Philly that is likely to have parking despite the snow. It doesn't need to be high end. Thanks.

SF restaurants with ample parking?

by Bay Gelldawg 16 years ago

I am choosing a restaurant in San Francisco for a celebration, and a friend asks that I pick one with easy parking. Putting aside places with valet parking, I can only think of IHOP and 42 Degrees...

FINE Lunch w/ Parking in downtown D.C.?

by Flaurent 16 years ago

Hi, I enjoy eating lunch at Seasons in D.C. because parking is included. However, I'm not a huge fan of the food (it's a little like really good restaurant food. Surprise Surprise!) I know a ...

help! for 12/14! Need comfy goodfood lunch idea near Fairfield and Beacon with easy parking...

by chompie 17 years ago

is that impossible????i do not like coming into the city-but am picking up a relative at the above location TOMMORROW!! and need a quick idea for a mellow comfy place, preferably booths, where we ...

Chinatown parking on Saturdays

by pugluvr 17 years ago

I'm sorry, I know I've found a thread regarding this in the past, but all my searches have failed to find it again. I know there are a couple of parking lots in the North Beach/Chinatown area that...

Mercer Island / parking - breakfast, etc

by Fritz 17 years ago

Hi. I am planning to take my kids out to Mercer Island *early* tomorrow in order to get a good parking spot for the 11:30 Blue Angels show. The last couple years we leave late and spend forever t...

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