Sweet, Hot, and Smoked: Paprika Is So Much More Than a Deviled Egg Garnish

If your familiarity with paprika is limited to its use as a garnish for deviled eggs, then it’s time you got to know this versatile spice and its many varieties, including hot, Hungarian, sweet, and...


by dsal 11 months ago

My mother used to make Chicken Paprikas when I was a little girl, using by Hungarian grandmother's recipe. My mom would buy her paprika at the neighborhood grocery store-- I think it was made by Du...

How to mix herbs into salads?

by josemartinlopez 1 year ago

My comfort food fix during the lockdown, funny enough, is a simple kale salad with cherry tomatos and a few walnuts. I've been trying to experiment by adding dried herbs and some combination of: ba...

Confused about cayenne pepper, chili powder and paprika

by hungryann 15 years ago

They seem pretty similar; I guess thay are made from different types of chilies but are their differences so significant? Are they interchangeable in recipes? Will it be a big difference if I subst...

Does Paprika add anything more than color?

by soypower 13 years ago

I've tried Paprika in different dishes so many times, but have never been able to discern a difference in the same dishes when I left it out besides color...Could you please school me on what I'm ...

Source for spanish paprika in San Jose?

by hoodsmom 5 years ago

Anyone know a brick and mortar source for spanish paprika in the San Jose area? (or Fremont or Las Gatos)

Achiote - substitute?

by dhchait 15 years ago

It seems this is used primarily for color, therefore I'd think I could sub either paprika or saffron, or leave it out completely. Am I right? Or does it in fact impart significant flavor?

Iron Curtain dinner party ideas!

by prima 6 years ago

Anyone have some recipes they would like to share? If there's a story that comes with the recipe you're sharing, please share the story. I am expecially interested in 1970s recipes from Ea...

Where's the Hungarian Paprika?

by howardl 9 years ago

I shopped yesterday for Hungarian Paprika (in the familiar red can, in the fine print I see that it appears to be "Pride of Szeged" (from memory, so spelling may be off)). No stores in my neigh...

Reusing old spice containers

by lamb_da_calculus 7 years ago

I had a little tin of pimenton I really liked and by the time I got to the end of it all that was left was a fine coating of red dust and a real strong pimenton aroma. So I poured some kosher salt ...

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