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Table Talk w/ Tara Jensen: Quarantine Baking Edition

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 9 months ago

With the country on lockdown these past few months, baking has seen a major boom in quarantine kitchens. From comforting loaves of sourdough to fluffy cakes, cookies, and whole lot in between, baki...

Bread with Pancake Mix... Can't get flour...

by BluebirdHavenFarm 10 months ago

I am craving bread, store shelves are emptied of flour...I have 10 lbs of Pancake mix and a bread machine I have not used in years (still works). Any recipes? Thanks.

Upping the ante on boxed pancake mix

by randyjl 8 years ago

How do you "kick up" commercial pancake mix? I add some sour cream and a tad of sugar. For variety: Brown sugar instead Cinnammon Chocolate chips Fresh corn kernels (omit sugar) ???

Desperately Seeking Aunt Jemima Buckwheat Pancake Mix

by MikeR 13 years ago

Sigh . . . Once again, Giant, the last place I could consistently buy it, has discontinued it. They did this before around 2000, but brought it back again a couple of years later. Call me low class...

Desperate to Improve Gluten-Free Pancake Mix!!

by Barry Foy 12 years ago

I have a nephew with a gluten problem, so his parents have begun feeding him pancakes made with Trader Joe's Gluten Free Pancake and Waffle Mix. However, I tasted some myself, and they were about t...

Kodiak Power Cakes mix at Costco

by jsdav 4 years ago

I bought a box of Kodiak Power Cakes mix from Costco via Google Express so it would seem it's available at some Costco store in the SF Bay Area. However my G Express trial ran out and I'm not sure...

PLEASE! A decent pancake mix?? [Moved from Home Cooking board]

by NAtiveNewYorker 13 years ago

Aunt Jemima Instant Buttermilk Mix is awful. Any suggestions? I think I have the cooking technique down. But the batter is lousy.

The definitive gluten free "BEST OF" list! Please add your favorite retail GF stuff.

by danbandman 8 years ago

So far, the best things I've tried have been: Pamela's GF Pancake Mix Udi's White Bread (needs to be toasted) Arepas (south American corn/cheese cakes) Estrella Daura (beer) Gluten Free Girl...

shelf life for pancake mix?

by mom2 14 years ago

Going through my pantry I came across some pancake mix that has probably been in there for a year or so. It is in an airtight container. Is it still good???

Pancake mix to make cake with?

by mushroomaffairs 7 years ago

I was given an entire box, four large bags, of pancake mix. Can I use this to make a cake? I want to make a birthday cake this weekend and am wondering if I can use this in place of regular flour...

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