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Table Talk with Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo

by The Chowhound Team 8 days ago

We’re excited to host Michelle Tam in this edition of Table Talk. New York Times bestselling cookbook author Miche...


renismom commented 1 day ago

Entertaining a diet-challenging group

by bblonde 14 days ago

I am probably overly frustrated but I was just informed that of my mahjong group of 4, two are on nearly polar opposi...


masha commented 11 days ago

The Single Best Reduced Carb/Lower-Fat Cookbook for Die-Hard Foodies

by tangolaw 10 months ago

I am at an elevated risk of diabetes and need to reduce my carb intake. That said, I'm an inveterate foodie and will...


sandylc commented 10 months ago

Paleo Principles - worth raving over?

by HariGhotra 2 years ago

Morning Chowhound, I have an interesting question to pose to you all, why is everyone raving about the Paleo diet...

mcf commented 12 months ago

Planning Easter Brunch for Multiple Picky Adult Eaters

by DeaconBlues 1 year ago

My wife's family is coming over for Easter next week. We have a large entertaining space so we end up hosting some ...


julesrules commented 1 year ago

Help! My salmon cakes are soooo dry!

by ndesilva 1 year ago

I made salmon cakes for the first time yesterday and, while I followed the recipe exactly, they are very very dry. Th...

Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago


by dkennedy 2 years ago

I am a mom, culinary school grad, and active COTM participant. I have been riding the Paleo train for some time (with...


beevod commented 2 years ago

For Evolving Brains, a ‘Paleo’ Diet Full of Carbs

by babette feasts 2 years ago

Carbs FTW? I'm surprised they can't determine how long ago people started using fire. A lot can change in plus or...


beevod commented 2 years ago

Group camping dinner

by Calitina 2 years ago

I'm camping with five other families, adults and kids age 8-12, some of the kids are picky eaters, and among the adul...

ted commented 2 years ago

Unprocessed Vegan Vanilla Frosting-clean, maybe paleo?

by Jessipes 2 years ago

Hey all, what is your favorite clean paleo style vegan vanilla frosting? I'm all set with chocolate, but all the van...

Jessipes commented 2 years ago

Grass fed meats, pastured eggs * PLACES TO EAT*

by DavyLeo 2 years ago

Hey Los Angeleno's... Was curious if anyone knew of places around Los Angeles, maybe even out of the city for a nice ...

ipsedixit commented 2 years ago

Paleo diet - any experience?

by Bean Counter 5 years ago

I'm reading a book on the benefits but haven't taken the plunge. I'm having a hard time seeing how I can make some of...

ninrn commented 2 years ago

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