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Von's Express Halal Korean Fried Chicken | Sunnyvale - Silicon Valley

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

Who wouldn't be curious about Korean fried chicken prepared by a Bengali chef? I could not resist. This outpost of Von's located inside Taj Mahal market is a franchise of the well-known Korean frie...

Chicken Karahi Recipe?

by LookingBusy 1 year ago

I had chicken karahi at a Pakistani restaurant last night for the first time and HOLY COW it is delicious. Does anyone have any trusted recipes for it they can share? I don't know much about the ...

Pakistani / Indian Outside of Hicksville - Lazzat, North Bellmore

by Gastronomos 7 years ago

Got some take away from Lazzat in North Bellmore recently and have been thinking about ordering again soon. It's good. It's in an odd location on Bellmore Ave. in North Bellmore and situated ...

Pakistani style Haleem

by railer 4 years ago

Hi Folks, New poster on chowhound, but have been a long time browser of the site. Have been craving for a good pot of Haleem, strong enough to make me create a post :) as all past recos are w...

Dewan-E-Khass Pakistani-Indian Cuisine

by YVRChow 6 years ago

This spot at 5750 Fraser has turned over again and the new restaurant is called Dewan-E-Khass. They have put up new signage and made the interior quite welcoming. It feels less hole-in-the-wall th...

Cool discoveries in Indian/Pakistani food stores? Tell us

by emu48 7 years ago

Let's see if this becomes a thread. Must be a lot of people like me, non-Indians who have been enjoying Indian food and shopping in Indian food stores for a long time. Ever make some amazin...

Indian and Pakistani Cuisine: What Are the Salient Differences?

Perilagu Khan
by Perilagu Khan 12 years ago

Just read a thread on the Texas Chowhound forum about Indian restaurants, and there were several mentions of restaurants that were a combination of Indian and Pakistani. Now I'm a bit of an Indian ...

Arabian Nights + Pakistani Rec (SF)

by Fine 10 years ago

Last time I checked--quite recently--no mention of this highly advertised newcomer. Anyone been? Also, is there a single Pakistani place in the city that doesn't serve steam table stuff? Thanks.

South Asian (Indian, Pakistani) Food Recommendations

by dndicicco 7 years ago

Inspired by another thread, what are everyone's go-to South Asian restaurants? I have had mixed experiences in Philadelphia, but in my domestic travels that's about the case in point across the ...

Pakistani Breakfasts

by klyeoh 7 years ago

Pakistani breakfast options have never failed to fascinate me: from "Halwa Poori", sweetened semolina studded with raisins and eaten with airy, chewy poori; to delicious "Niharis", either beef or c...

Pakistani Sweets - What are they called?

by klyeoh 7 years ago

I'm hoping fellow Hounds can help me identify these Pakistani sweets which I got from United Bakery (a 66-year-old bakery in Islamabad). I have difficulty understanding the server who told me what ...

Bhurban, Pakistan - Pakistani-style Chinese fare at Tai Pan, Pearl-Continental

by klyeoh 7 years ago

Overlooking the Kashmir Valley, the lush Pearl-Continental Hotel at Bhurban in the hills of Punjab, Pakistan, is the ultimate hill resort. Dining choices there included Tai Pan Chinese restaurant: ...

Chatkhara Pakistani Inidan Bangladeshi Cuisine (new owner new name) aka Lahor Chilli

by jonkyo 7 years ago

This is located on Coney Island Ave, just south of 18th Ave, and just north of Newkirk. It is at 964 Coney Island Ave, and is open for your pleasures of great food 7 days a week, and 24 hours a ...

Pakistani restaurants: any regional specialties?

Robert Lauriston
by Robert Lauriston 15 years ago

Picking up from topic 323905 where we've hit the nesting limit: Almost all of the Indian places that have opened in recent years are Pakistani: Shalimar, Naan 'n' Curry, Indus Village, Pakwan, D...

Amazing and Cheap Middle Eastern/Pakistani Food at Gulzaar Halal Restaurant in San Jose: For the Best Biryani Ever Don’t Order the Biryani

by katya 13 years ago

This is the best South Bay restaurant I've tried in about the last two years of living here. And it's good and cheap. Score! (Or however you say "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAALLL!" in Arabic.) Gulzaar...

Kuala Lumpur - Pakistani dinner at Restoran Sahara, Chow Kit

by klyeoh 8 years ago

This former "Nasi Kandar" (an Indian-Muslim cuisine originating from Penang) restaurant along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman has been turned into a Pakistani eatery. Located a couple of minutes from Cho...

Thousand Kabobs - new Pakistani kabobs and more at 218 N. Liberty in Baltimore

by crackers 10 years ago

As I was walking to lunch at Mekong Delta today I noticed this new take-out place had recently opened around the corner, and I ducked in to check it out. Two friendly Pakistani women were manning ...

Best iftar/Pakistani food (buffet or a la carte) during Ramadan?

by caliking 10 years ago

Hello 'Hounds. I'm looking for recs for iftar or Pakistani food during the month of Ramadan. I am planning on going to my usual favs (Savoy, BBQ Tonite) but was wondering if anyone has been to S...