Fire Up the Grill for a Paella Feast This Labor Day

Here's how to throw a perfect grilled paella feast for the end of summer—even a socially distant one. When you think of Labor Day, paella isn't the first thing that comes to mind. That's why we love...

Paella Friday at Stone Creek Kitchen in Monterey

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 years ago

Last Friday with sunny skies and temperatures pushing 80 degrees in Monterey, Mom and I lunched al fresco at Stone Creek Kitchen. This was our first time here. I was drawn by the promise of paella,...

Adding lobster tail meat to paella

by normalmode 10 months ago

So my contribution to the Christmas Eve dinner is lobster tail meat to add to my mom's paella. I see many recipes saying that the seafood should be cooked ahead of time before added to the paella. ...

Dec 5, Paella Pickup Fundraiser for Redwood Empire Food Bank by Castaneda's Marketplace in Windsor

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

"Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving with your Covid pod and hope your table flows with all your favorite foods. Many however will not have that luxury seeking Thanksgiving dinner at the food ...

Calrose rice for Paella? [moved from Ontario board]

by icey 10 years ago

Hopefully this is not totally off topic. I found a package of Calrose rice at No Frills and it says on the bag that it can be used for Paella. Will that work?

PAELLA - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, August 2019

by herby 2 years ago

Welcome to August, 2019 Dish of the Month reporting thread! This month we will be making PAELLA, long time bridesmaid and finally a bride! Use this thread to report on the paella dishes you ma...

Barceloneta in Santa Cruz opening

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

At long last, the much anticipated Barceloneta is opening on Wednesday, October 16. Barceloneta 1541-B Pacific Avenue Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (831) 900-5222 Reservations https://resy.com/cities...

Rice for paella

by corin 2 years ago

Any idea where I can find rice for paella like Bomba rice. I'm in the Markham area but would be willing to travel into Toronto.

Grilled Paella Recipe on "The Splendid Table"

by Tehama 2 years ago

I loved hearing this segment over the weekend about Grilled Paellea on NPR's The Splendid Table! My question is wondering if you could use one of those large aluminum / disposable roasting plans ...

paella: wetness/dryness

by jayes 14 years ago

We've made paella a couple of times in the past two months and the flavour turns out excellent. For me, though, there's a little problem with the "wetness" of the paella: that is, there seems to...

Good Paella - Newark

by jhk4 11 years ago

looking for good Paella and thinking of heading to the Ironbound in Newark, but where? We are coming from southeast Morris County, so open to other locations within reasonable distance if Paella i...

Paella Festival & Cookoff, Sun Oct 7, Santa Rosa (Sonoma VITA)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

WHAT: Gerard’s Paella Festival and Cook-Off (as part of Sonoma Vita) DATE and TIME: Sunday, October 7th, 2018 | 11am – 3pm (Paella will be served at noon) PASSES: Tasting Pass: $20 per person...

MF Tasty food truck | Boise - NE Portland

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

From Sunday morning's Cup & Bar https://www.chowhound.com/post/cup-bar-artisan-quarter-central-eastside-portland-1076154 , we headed out for some electronic shopping. A to-go order from MF Tasty pa...

Searching for Mike Isabella Arroz’s Morrocan Paella Recipe!

by MSK 3 years ago

I read an article on the plane about Mike Isabella’s newest DC venture....Arroz. Here he is creating a fusion of Spanish and Moroccan cuisines, Two of my very favorites!!!! The article describe...

Paella Pan Question

by mdzehnder 8 years ago

I recently was at TJ Maxx and impulsively bought a paella pan, as it was inexpensive and I've been wanting one for some time. The label lists, variously, "La Ideal, Garcima"; I'm not certain which ...

Spanish Chorizo substitute for Paella

by chuttney1 9 years ago

My mom says Spanish Chorizo is made with pig brains. She fears the diseases pig brains have and knows you can't kill the bacteria/virus even with cooking. I'm like "the USDA would've already notifi...

Is paella necessarily prepared and served in a paella pan, with a tasty toasty layer of soccarat?

by tangoking 3 years ago

Tonight I dined in the Ironbound district of Newark, NJ, which is locally famous for its Portuguese food. I ordered "Paella Valenciana" off the menu. USD 26.95. It arrived in a largish metal bow...

Paella for 12 - 14?

by Seattle Rose 19 years ago

I need some advice on preparing paella for 12 - 14 people. I have made it many times for 2, 4, or 6, but never for this many. Are there any words of wisdom to help me do this? I'll appreciate any c...

Cast iron pan as substitute for paella pan, on the Barbeque?

by sarosenthall 4 years ago

Want to try grilled paella on the barbecue soon. I don't have a paella pan. Do you think a cast iron skillet would work as a one-time substitute?

Paella rice

by swcoop 4 years ago

I'm serving paella to 15 people in a couple of days and I just discovered I don't have nearly enough official Paella (i.e. Bomba) rice. I've read the many posts by folks that have used other short/...

Acceptable rice varieties for paella?

by renz 13 years ago

So getting the so-called "paella" rice is not an option for me, with time constraints/transport, etc. When I went to the fancy food store, I bought carnaroli rice, remembering that one of my boo...