Padron Pepper

A Red Hot Guide to Our Favorite Chile Peppers

This is a partial field guide to peppers. With upwards of 2,000 kinds of chile peppers in the world, it's hard to catch 'em all, but we delved in and picked a peck: 19 of our favorite peppers, from...

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Spots to Buy Padron Peppers?

by lalagirl 12 years ago

I'm trying to make Pimientos de Padron this weekend with some friends--any recommendations for where I can find the green peppers?

Padron Peppers

by cprendergast 9 years ago

Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy spanish Padron Peppers in the Las Vegas area? Cheers, Claire =)

Pimientos de padrón

by fruti 9 years ago

Finally got my fill. Was at Monterey Market in Berkeley Monday and bought a nice sized bag of them at 3.98/# and they were organic. Then saw another box, also organic, from happy boy farms. They lo...

Padrón me.

by wolfe 10 years ago

Spanish Table newsletter announces opening of the season: ¼ lb bags Happy Quail pimientos de Padrón - $6.99 ----- Spanish Table 800 Redwood Hwy 123, Mill Valley, CA

pimientos de Padrón

by lyn 9 years ago

I am looking for Padron chili peppers. Does anyone know of any markets that have them? Are they called something else locally?I have not seen them at Northgate or North Park produce.

I Beg Your Padrón

by wolfe 9 years ago

Organic Padróns from Mexico at Monterey Market at $3.98 a pound. Have not had a chance to prepare them yet.

Padron Peppers

by bluedog67 10 years ago

Does anyone know where one can get Padron peppers? I have seen lots of beautiful varieties of peppers at the farmers markets, but none marked as padron. ideas?

padron peppers?

by chez cherie 10 years ago

would love to have some for a tapas class tomorrow. hoped to find some at cookbook in echo park today (they had some last week), but the season is nearly over, and they don't have any. ideas?

Padron Peppers AKA Pimientos de Padrón

by MrsWheatie 10 years ago

http://www.happyquailfarms.com/padrones.html Brought a couple of bags home from San Fransisco and yearning for more of these tasty morsels. Anyone selling them or serving them in the Metro DC ...

Pimentos del Padron

by kare_raisu 10 years ago

Has anyone seen these for sale here? I know I can order from La Tienda but I was hoping for a local source.

Peppers to make Pimientos de Padrone?

by ad69iuu 10 years ago

Does anyone know where to get padrone peppers or even shishito peppers to make a pimientos de padron dish? I have checked at Central market (2), whole foods, and a couple of latina grocery stores ...

Padron peppers in DC or MoCo?

by atarah 11 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find Spanish padron peppers in the area, or of any specialty store that sells Spanish cheeses and groceries? Thanks!

Padrón peppers - what to do?

by rworange 11 years ago

I bought a small basket at a farm, about a large mayonaise jar full. What do I do with them? These sites say to fry them (they look exactly like those) http://www.mariquita.com/recipes/peppers...

padron peppers in ann arbor/southeast michigan area-- anyone know where I can buy some?

by stephiez 11 years ago

Before I take the plunge and order these from La Tienda.com, I just thought I'd ask around to see if anybody knows of any in the area? I have read that Shishito Peppers cook up in a similar fashio...

Padron Peppers in Toronto?

by lilly257 11 years ago

Does anyone know where to find Padron Peppers in Toronto?

Padron peppers in Seattle

by karen2006 11 years ago

Hello, Craving flame roasted padron peppers and was wondering if there's a market in Seattle that carries them? Thanks! karen

what to do with my too hot pimientos de padron

by missmasala 12 years ago

We grow pimientos de padron in our brooklyn backyard. these peppers have to be picked small in order to be sauteed in olive oil and eaten whole. called out of town unexpectedly, we came back to ...

Padrón peppers at Portland Farmers Market (PSU)

by waddleidoer 11 years ago

I'm currently visiting Portland (for the first time!) and am planning to go to the Portland Farmers Market at PSU before I leave on Saturday afternoon. My coworker has been raving about the Padrón ...

Source for padron peppers at this time of year?

by zoogrrrl 11 years ago

Anyone have any leads on where a person could find these? I suppose it's not hot enough anywhere!

Alternative to Pimientos de Padrón?

by michc 11 years ago

I want to serve tetilla stuffed pimientos de Padrón, but the peppers are only in season for a short duration in mid to late summer. So I'm looking for a suitable alternative. The pimientos de Padró...