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The French Patisserie - Pacifica

by pamf 11 years ago

http://www.frenchpatisserie.com This place has been in Pacifica for 13 years. I've been living here lots longer than that I never knew it existed until last week. I was browsing through the loca...

Barolo in Pacifica

by PacificaMel 15 years ago

We went on Sunday night to a new restaurant in Pacifica. This is a huge deal for those of us in Pacifica as we are shy on truly Chowie places. Barolo has been open about a month and we found it ...

Gorilla Barbecue in Pacifica

by LIVES2EAT 14 years ago

Gorilla Barbecue finely opened up on saturday on Cabrillo Hwy. Heard it is the best barbecue in Pacifica. Have any hounds tried it yet?

Good breakfast in/near Pacifica?

by Anne 13 years ago

My husband, his parents and I will be staying in Pacifica next month. Have most of our lunches & dinners covered, but need a good place for breakfast. Doesn't need to be fancy, just want good foo...

Pizza in Pacifica

by Jack 14 years ago

Is there any place in or near Pacifica that has good pizza, preferably thin-crust? I've gotten adequate pizza from Viva Italiano on Aura Vista, but the crust is quite thick unless you order thin-c...

Nick's in Pacifica---report

by Anne 14 years ago

I recently hijacked this thread: [BROKEN LINK REMOVED] and promised to report back about our experience(s) at Nick's. DH and I were staying at the nearby Holiday Inn Express, as were his senior pa...

Nona's in Pacifica?

by Sitka 14 years ago

Has anyone eaten here recently? The most recent review seems to be from 1/06 - we're going to Pacifica and thought we'd try this restaurant. Thanks.

Tranquilitea in Pacifica

by Cynsa 15 years ago

Take your Mum to tea...a pot of the wild blackberry is my fave...to enjoy with the $15.95 3-tier set of scone/salad/3 tea sandwiches. Tranquilitea 1630 Francisco Blvd. Pacifica 650.355.8327 ...

Barolo in Pacifica report...

by Fog City Kid 15 years ago

Four of us went Saturday evening at 6:30. The food, prices and service were great (ask for Julie). When we first got there was about 10 diners. By the time we finished our meal the place was pac...

Nonna's Kitchen, Pacifica--Downhill Alert

Steve Green
by Steve Green 15 years ago

After a hot, all-day drive to get to the Bay Area, we decided to hit Nonna’s Kitchen for some comfort food. Having been there before on numerous occasions (but not recently), we had a pretty good ...

Fish in Pacifica?

by Sarah 15 years ago

Any good spots in Pacifica for my fish craving? Sand dabs w/b nice, but anything fresh and well-cooked will do. Thanks!

good food in pacifica

by N 16 years ago

where can i find some good food in pacifica? I love going to the beach there but was curious where i could enjoy a good lunch

trad. chinese food near Burlingame/Pacifica

by regalgato 16 years ago

We're in town for the holiday weekend and are looking for a good, sit-down chinese food place...especially one with fantastic fried rice. No dim sum. Thanks for any help!

Mazzetti's Bakery in Pacifica--Worth the Drive

by Marshmallow 17 years ago

An old fashioned Italian bakery that is a refreshing step back in time...I love their cakes (especially the lemon coconut and chocolate buttercream) and make the trek to Pacifica at least once ever...

Brunch suggestions from Pacifica to Monterey

by Grace Nahm 16 years ago

I'm looking for some suggestions on where to go to breakfast or brunch along highway 1 between Pacifica and Monterey. We're planning a trip down to Monterey and thought a nice good breakfast/brunc...

Breakfast spots in Pacifica

by edkar 16 years ago

Anyone know of any breakfast spots in Pacifica. We're about 10-12 people, someplace to have a leisurely meal. Thanks in advance!

breakfast places (with kids) in half moon bay/pacifica?

by Karen S 16 years ago

I'd love to find a good place to take the kids for breakfast on summer beach outings. Anyone know a casual place that's relaxed enough for kids but good breakfast? Good coffee would be an added bon...

Pacifica Recommendations Please

by Mudgeo 16 years ago

I recently moved to this area and am looking for recommendations in or around Pacifica. The most recent relevant postings date back to last summer. My wife and I are open to any cuisine. Thanks.

El Toro Loco's Huevos Rancheros (Pacifica)

by Bryan Harrell 17 years ago

Had a Sunday breakfast at El Toro Loco in Pacifica. They bill themselves as a Mexican-Peruvian restaurant. I had huevos rancheros, which were unlike any others I have had in California or Mexico...