What Is the Difference Between Clams, Mussels, Oysters & Scallops?

If you're new to eating seafood, you might be wondering about the differences between clams, mussels, oysters, and scallops. Worry not, we've got the skinny on all of these satisfying shellfish. When...

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Jack's Oyster Bar & Fish House-Jack London [Oakland]

by shanghaikid 6 years ago

Jack's Oyster ... is next to Forge. eatery has nice setup: patio, bar seating, inside room dining. no happy hour anything. eats: "reach" oyster, washington. 1.5@oyster of the day. 3 usual pr...


by Snarf 5 years ago

It's not new, but in my greedy quest for an oyster binge with oldest daughter, it came up as one of the few places that have Malpeque's on the regular menu for the slim price of $1.35 per. I am gen...

Oysters in Rhode Island

by JPR 5 years ago

Heading to Newport next week. My wife and I would love to find some good oysters in the area. Any suggestions? Happy hours with oysters?

Oysters, chew or swallow?

by Eric Eto 14 years ago

I just finished an interesting article in the April 10, 2006 issue of The New Yorker called "On the Bay: Building a Better Oyster" by Bill Buford, where he follows the life of an oysterman in Long ...

pesticide oked for oysters

by divadmas 5 years ago


How long will my freshly shucked oysters stay good in fridge?

by TroyTempest 5 years ago

So, last week i went down to the coast and bought a quart of shucked gulf oysters. They were shucked on 3/11 (today is 3/19). Usually when i buy them i go through them in about a week. the day a...

Bodega Bay Oyster Company [Petaluma]

by Andrew H 6 years ago

The sign is up but the place is not open yet. Located in the same building as the old New Amsterdam place on Valley Ford Road just east of route 1. Not sure if it's going to be a restaurant or ju...

Food bucket list - 1 day in SF

by linc82 5 years ago

Hello all - I will be in SF for one night and a day. I've been to the city several times so primarily am interested in eating my way around... places less than $75/pp for dinner and midrange for ...

Dollar oysters at Sotto Mare [San Francisco]

little big al
by little big al 13 years ago

Last night on my way to class I saw this joint had opened in half of New Pisa's old space on Green St. (off Grant,by the way did you know that Green St. was named after a guy who wasn't really name...

How do you pronounce "OYSTER"?

by alkapal 9 years ago

Watching the adorable John Besh, who was born in Meridian, Mississippi, and raised in south Louisiana, I heard him pronouncing "oyster" as "oyshter." (He was making this fried oyster salad: http:/...

choice oysters GTA

by lobsterlover63 5 years ago

Hi folks, where do you guys buy oysters? any price estimates? Im talking about beautiful stuff, the fresher the better. Thanks in advance! Happy shucking!

taylor sells oyster seeds

by divadmas 5 years ago

http://www.taylorshellfishfarms.com/seed-sales-dates.aspx I though there was a problem in the sound of young oyster die offs because of pH change but have not heard anything lately.

Totally subjective: Little Jewel vs. Orleans and York Po-Boys

by Moomin 6 years ago

So, I make NO claims to authority on matters concerning the cuisine of the Mississippi Delta... but I had meetings downtown and in in Inglewood within a few hours of each other this week... so... I...

Char Grilled Oysters Over Real Wood?

by RhonelyInsanediego 5 years ago

A question to hopefully not stump the NO Hounds . . . Any place in the New Orleans area char grill their oysters over real wood? It's the best version of this by far IMO! Gas is just not the same ...

Eating Raw Oysters, Is it safe?

by cheuimay 8 years ago

I hear raw oysters are really good for us and I'd like to start eating them, but am hesitant because of all the fear propaganda out there about bacterial infections. I would like to know if anyone...

Need help with my menu..

by AshleyCas 5 years ago

I'm making a nice dinner for my Husband for Valentines day. We're HUGE raw oyster fans, so I've ordered a bunch from Island Creek Oysters. I know my husband will most likely get pretty full off t...

Pea crabs?

by Boston_Otter 5 years ago

I recently picked up some Wellfleet oysters for a party, and on opening them, was horrified to see tiny little translucent crabs -- wiggling around, alive -- in nearly every one. I was about to th...

Appeals court deals blow to Drakes Bay Oyster Co.

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 years ago

". . . In a 2-1 decision, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco rejected arguments by Drakes Bay Oyster Co. that the Interior Department had relied on distorted scientific eviden...

Grand Central Oyster Bar- Park Slope

by foodwhisperer 5 years ago

Many years ago , I liked the GC Oyster Bar in Manhattan. I particularly liked their oyster stew. Driving thru Park Slope, seeing several Manhattan names such as Luke's Lobster Roll, Pain a quoti...

When does the oyster die?

by Cinnamon 11 years ago

In a recently-viewed episode of Good Eats, Alton Brown mentioned that properly stored in a refrigerator with a damp towel over the container, oysters could live as long as a week. Then he showed ho...

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