Oyster Knife

How to Shuck an Oyster without Injuring Yourself

There's no day like National Oyster Day (August 5) to learn how to shuck an oyster. Oysters can be challenging, not only in terms of taste and texture, but in the effort it takes to open them up for...

Oyster Knife

by Candy 6 years ago

I bought this oyster knife for my husbands birthday. Oh wow! What a great tool to own https://www.hoppinjohns.com/. It not only beautiful but it feels great in your hand and has a unusual feature, ...

Oyster knife and glove issue

by Bada Bing 6 years ago

My 15-year-old son expressed interest in trying oysters. I think he had them when much younger, and maybe the prudent thing is to take him somewhere to try a few first. But we're in Indiana, wi...

Oyster Knives

by hobbess 11 years ago

I know that Dexter Russel oyster knives are fish-house favorites, but does that also mean that they're the best oyster knife for the non-professional at home? Are there any other brands out there t...

Oyster knife?

by Richard_S 12 years ago

Can anyone suggest where in Toronto (or South Etobicoke) I can find an oyster knife? I've tried WalMart, Linen's & Things and Caynes with no luck.

Dexter oyster knives, and prices of oysters at fish stores...

by giantmouth 10 years ago

Having given up on finding reasonable priced oysters at local restaurants, I finally got around to getting myself a good oyster knife so I can open my own. Knife I chose was a Dexter New Haven (...

Really Good Oyster/Clam Knives at China Fair

by StriperGuy 11 years ago

A ways back there was a discussion of oyster knives, where to buy good ones, and what exactly a good one looks like here: http://www.chow.com/stories/10360 I have a very particular oyster/clam kn...

Help please - Where to buy Oyster knife in Midtown?

by davismcp 12 years ago

Have a sack of fresh oysters being shipped in, need a shucking knife ASAP. Any ideas where to buy one in midtown? Any help is appreciated.

Need oyster knife asap

by cvhound 12 years ago

Help!!! I ordered two oyster knives several weeks ago that were to arrive today. I just received an e-mail from the company today saying the knives were out of stock and won't arrive until after ...

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