Everything You Need to Know About Cooking Oxtail

If you've ever tried this amazing cut of meat, you likely love it, but if it's new to you, here's how to cook oxtail (and why you should). There’s a flip that switches in our brains when the weather...

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Best oxtail soup

by dimsumgirl 14 years ago

I have heard there is some delicious oxtail soup to be had in Las Vegas but can't remember what the place is called.

Chinese curry oxtail (tendon?) soup noodles?

by empowah 14 years ago

Hi all, I'm in the Eagle Rock/Pasadena area for college, and I'm having a craving for noodles. I remember having these amazing curry-flavored noodles (in beefy broth) with some sort of braised meat...

Where to buy oxtails in SGV?

by Michelle 14 years ago

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew where to buy oxtails, preferably in the San Gabriel Valley? I would like to cook some, but I do not know where to get them! Thanks for any pointers!

Best oxtail stew in TTC accessible areas in TO?

by perrinist 16 years ago

I live centrally in Toronto, so I'm hoping to find a good rec for tasty caribbean or indian style oxtail stew in TO. Any ideas? I don't have a car, so if it's on a subway or streetcar line it would...


by wannabechef 14 years ago

I am looking for restaurants that use Oxtail. Fantastic ingredient. Also I do want to know who you think has the best dish using it?

oxtail soup in austin!

by ripresa 14 years ago

i'm in the search for oxtail soup in austin. i cooked some for myself a few days ago.. it was delicious, but an improvised recipe. know any restaurant in austin whether chinese or mexican that serv...

Best-tasting type of oxtail soup? Malay, Korean, American w/barley?

by Cinnamon 14 years ago

I've made a crockpot oxtail soup/stew that I love using herbs and veggies, a little tomato paste and barley. But I went looking for recipes tonight and found a Malay recipe, a Korean recipe, a Hawa...

Oxtail Soup Question

by Frank_Santa_Monica 14 years ago

I'm going to attempt making oxtail soup. In Filipino cuisine, it is called "nilaga", although I'm unsure of the spelling. My question is, after bringing the oxtails to a boil the first time, am...

Where should I eat my first oxtail

by mcsmcs 15 years ago

So I'm waiting for my food at Chef Marylinn's in Crenshaw when I realized: despite being a fairly adventurous eater, I've never eaten an oxtail. I want my first time to be gentle, but intense. Wher...

Oxtails and short ribs at Market Basket, Somerville

by yumyum 15 years ago

If any of you are participating in the Home Cooking Board's All About Braising cook-together project, I thought I'd alert you to the oxtails and short ribs at Market Basket in Somerville. They alw...

Oxtails and beef shanks/your favorite recipes please

by toodie jane 15 years ago

Just discovered a new market in my neck of the woods, and they always have oxtails and beef shank slices. Never been part of my repertoire; actually I've never eaten either one. Can you folks hel...

oxtail ?

by beaumont 15 years ago

i just bought some for the first time and would like some suggestions on how to prepare them. possible in a slow cooker? thanks!

oxtails braised in red wine - in search of...

by furryabdul 16 years ago

anyone have a recipe for this? it's cold here now and i want to make a big pot of these this weekend...thanx! abdul in nyc

Craving Oxtails

by Morton the Mousse 15 years ago

In the past few weeks I've had three excellent oxtail dishes - oxtail stew at Back A Yard in Menlo Park. fried oxtail at Pizzaiolo and braised oxtail with pasta at Oliveto. Any other recs for resta...

Oxtail soup

by Cowee 16 years ago

Anywhere we can find oxtail soup like the one at a bowling alley in Honolulu, the kind with parsley in the soup and nice big chunks of tender cooked oxtail :) Thanks!!

kosher oxtails?

by Urijah Kaplan 16 years ago

Does anyone know where to get kosher oxtails in the New York area (preferably Manhattan or Long Island)? My butcher doesn't carry it (presumably because it's part of the hind quarters--but the sc...

Oxtail in Houston

by Texme 16 years ago

Any place that serves oxtail in Houston?

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