Everything You Need to Know About Cooking Oxtail

If you've ever tried this amazing cut of meat, you likely love it, but if it's new to you, here's how to cook oxtail (and why you should). There’s a flip that switches in our brains when the weather...

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Review: Sweet Fingers, San Leandro - Good Oxtail and Ginger Beer w/ PICS

by hhc 6 years ago

First time to Sweet Fingers in San Leandro for dinner Sat 6/27/15. Got there before 5pm and there was one other person there. It always pays to eat early, service is always better and you get the...

Why did my braised oxtails come out tough?

by goodeatsgal 12 years ago

I love braised oxtails that are tender and falling off the bone. I usually braise them on the stove, but last weekend, I decided to cook them in a crock pot. I used a recipe from Epicurious.com -...

Beef shank vs. oxtail?

by mtyf 15 years ago

I love oxtail for the gelatinous goodness and little bits of tasty meat when it's been properly cooked, but it is always a little disappointing that there isn't very much meat in general. I noti...

Oxtail Dishes? preferably organic/natural/etc

by Simon 6 years ago

hi...any suggestions on restaurants that serve great oxtail dishes? (Manhattan esp, but open to all Boroughs)...and, as we usually prefer to stick to beef that's raised organically/hormone-free/gra...

oxtail stew

by starving 16 years ago

i recently discovered sophie's in the financial district. according to menupages they used to serve oxtail stew, but sadly no longer do. i'd love to try an oxtail stew of some sort (doesn't have ...

My Ode to the Oxtail

by archestratus 6 years ago

Here is a hint – use oxtail. Yes, it looks like a giant denuded penis and yes, it is actually the tail which is a little gross. But, do you need a rich brown stock? A meaty soup base? A rich and ...

Are oxtails really ox?

by JCap 9 years ago

Or is it cow? It just doesn't make sense to me that the only part of the ox that is commonly cooked is the tail...if it is what is the rest of the animal typically used for? Just curious, thanks.

where to buy oxtail cheap?

by Zengarden 14 years ago

Trying to make oxtail stew. I've seen it for $3.99/lb in Chinatown. Is there a better option elsewhere? That seems to be a lot of money for such a boney part of the cow.

Oxtail Pho at Phorage

Ciao Bob
by Ciao Bob 8 years ago

I had the OTP at the new Phorage today - and I loved it. Great stuff - two big hunks of well cooked, meaty oxtail, and plenty of gelatinous fat, slowly melting into the fragrant broth with fine ...

In search of great Oxtail - what is the secret of boosting flavour

by Mistral 11 years ago

Come on you specialists show me how to make really flavorful great oxtail. I am so frustrated. I have tried using a 2 day red wine marinade and followed half a dozen recipes. It is very nice - b...

La Restaurants with Oxtail

by wannabechef 14 years ago

I am looking for restaurants that use Oxtail. Fantastic ingredient. Also I do want to know who you think has the best dish using it?

Salumi Oxtail

by Brunhilde 7 years ago

*OF COURSE* I have an off-site lunch meeting today so I can't go, but according to their twitter account, today is oxtail sandwich day: https://twitter.com/SalumiSeattle/status/476512607705133056

Braised oxtail with Red Wine and Port - A re-vamped Daniel Boulud's recipe

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 7 years ago

Instead of using '3' bottles of red wine for braising Beef Short - Ribs. I replaced the main ingredient using oxtail instead. As well, I used a bottle of 2000 Scavino Barolo and a bottle of Graham ...

Salt & Pepper Oxtail at Tai Wu/Mr Fong BBQ Noodle House Daly City

by RWCFoodie 7 years ago

A week or 2 ago I heard about & saw pictures of a dish that was new to me: Salt & Pepper Oxtail. The pictures I saw looked so good & the descriptions I read just about drove me crazy! The more I...

Beef oxtail

by Allenkii 7 years ago

I have a whole beef oxtail in my freezer from pasture raised beef. Please share the recipes as I am not sure how to approach this beast...Thank you!

Oxtail's at Biagio's - Really??

by Foodjunkiez 7 years ago

I have to admit I read posts way more than I write them but shame on me if I didn't post this one. I've have some outstanding meals at Biagio's Osteria in Stratford and some barely mediocre meals. ...

Thawing frozen oxtails before cooking?

by wenmink 7 years ago

Do I need to thaw frozen oxtails before cooking? I want to make a simple Korean soup and forgot to thaw the day before.

Chanterelle quenelles in Oxtail Consomme?

by Willa 8 years ago

I'm thinking of a consomme as a light Thanksgiving first course (Ochsenschwanzsuppe). Beautiful Chanterelles are available and I think they would be lovely if made into quenelles and floated on th...

Bourdain in Detroit: Coneys at Duley’s. Oxtail at Full Belly’s. BBQ at Vickies.

dearborn barkis
by dearborn barkis 8 years ago

He tweeted "Two Coneys for Bkfst at Duley’s. oxtail at Full Belly’s. BBQ at Vickies." Any thoughts on his choices?

Need 2 recipe recommendations: side for braised oxtails and savory fall appetizer

by bblonde 8 years ago

I have two autumn dinner parties coming up that I need to bring food for. The first is a cocktail party but as suspected many people are bringing desserts. I want to take something "fallish" that...