Good Israeli Kosher Ouzo and also Champagne sourcing in NYC

by iris 5 years ago

2 questions: A family member is going to Israel and I'm looking for a recommendation for a good Kosher ouzo for cooking and drinking? Also looking for availability of decent Kosher champagne ...

Please discuss the nuances between Pernod/Arak/Ouzo

by meatn3 6 years ago

I am seldom on this board, so apologies if my search was unsuccessful. I was at a Chow-gathering recently and we were discussing the COTM results for Jerusalem. One recipe, chicken with clementi...

Ouzo Bay - Baltimore

by BRI328 7 years ago

Anyone know when this place will open? Will be visiting the area the end of September.

Pastis, Ouzo...what next, minus the anise?

by concordjeff 12 years ago

A couple of years ago while traveling in Provence I discovered pastis, and though hard to find here in the States, it's the perfect late summer afternoon drink. I then discovered that Ouzo is very...

Kefi's Ouzo bar Calgary closure

by dmlarsen 7 years ago

We went to go there a few nights ago...closed due to non payment of lease...was the sign on the door. I really hoped this place would make it. We loved it. It was one of the only places you could g...

Kefi Greekhouse & Ouzo Bar ... closed??

by talon8 7 years ago

Does anyone know what happened to this place? They had a sign on their door saying they were due to re-open from renovations mid January. They haven't yet and it seems their phone number was discon...

Where to drink ouzo/arak/raki with meze?

by jman1 8 years ago

Got a taste to enjoy some meze and drink some ouzo. Run into a problem that a hard liquor license is needed (not just a beer/wine/soju license). Many of the Greek/Turkish/Lebanese places don't ha...

How do you drink Ouzo?

by jenluxy 11 years ago

My Greek neighbor gave us a bottle of Ouzo for the holidays and in his very thick accent told me to only have a little and have it with water...Do I add water to the drink? How much? He also menti...

Has anyone tried OUZO?

by Just Visiting 8 years ago

Has anyone tried Ouzo on Applegarth Road near Rte 33 in Monroe Twp (Middlesex County, I think)? It is the umpteenth restaurant to occupy this building. I think the previous place was called Euro...

Prawns flambeed in Ouzo

by cookin_mama 8 years ago

We go to a Greek restaurant in Banff Alberta that serves a dish they call " Prawns Ouzaki". From what i can tell it's just prawns flambeed in Ouzo, although I'm sure there is more ingredients . I'v...

Kefi Greekhouse & Ouzo Bar Calgary

by truthserum 9 years ago

Looks like the reno work at the old Sante Fe Grill location on Macleod Trail has been completed, with the space now reborn as Kefi Greekhouse & Ouzo Bar. There is a blog posting from earlier tod...

Best place for ouzo and Greek mezedes

Yaqo Homo
by Yaqo Homo 12 years ago

Where's the best spot for small Greek plates and ouzo? Bar dining is okay.

Raki, Arrack, Ouzo...

by The Rogue 15 years ago

Raki, Arrack, Ouzo... What are some of the better types of these clear annisette liqours? I really enjoy an inch or two poured over ice in a tall glass and then filled with cold water. Also the whi...

Ouzo, Raki Quetion...

by The Rogue 15 years ago

Why does ouzo/raki, etc. turn cloudy white when you add ice and water. Some brands turn very white and others have almost a blue/white color. I swear someone once told me why, but I can't remember ...


by wb 18 years ago

OH MY GOD my poor stomach and head. I did an ouzo tasting on Sunday night. I do remember that the food was delicious, but the OUZO? I don't remember a thing. If you know what I mean.

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