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Alley 41 in Flushing

by chefdekoven 6 days ago

I found my way to Alley 41 in Flushing tonight. I was by myself so I was not able to eat much, but I wanted to try it...


chefdekoven commented 1 day ago

Looking for a restaurant that is appropriate for a large group with a bunch of kids-preferably Queens

by Saxy 6 days ago

Hello, every year, a group of friends gets together and it’s a large group — usually about 12 or more adults and 5-7...


Saxy commented 2 days ago

Best Peking Duck in Flushing

by newhavener 3 days ago

Kid is graduating and wants a Peking Duck dinner. Small group - 12 people at most - any recommendations? Although m...


gargupie commented 2 days ago

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Where within walking of the William Vale?

by willowan 3 days ago

Hi there I have four nights in Brooklyn coming up. All recs for breakfast and dinner within walking distance of...

Things I wish Trader Joe's would bring back (or begin)

by brooklynista 7 days ago

The green tahini sauce was amazing, but was tragicaly discontinued a couple of years ago. I can't find it anywhere el...


Njchicaa commented 6 days ago

8 days in New York - any recommendations?

by chrisofkent 12 days ago

We will be visiting New York from England for 8 days in September. We’ve been in New York a couple of times before, b...


Ttrockwood commented 11 days ago

Does Anyone Know Anything about Xing Shun Da in Flushing?

by chefdekoven 9 months ago

Hey I was meandering around Kissena Boulevard looking for a place to eat. As soon as I saw Xing Shun Da it caught my ...


erica commented 11 days ago

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Spending 3 Days in Brooklyn

by shoefro1 13 days ago

Hi, my wife and I are going to a wedding in Brooklyn this weekend. The wedding is Saturday night. Want great recs for...

What is your go to NYC Malaysian?

by chefdekoven 1 year ago

Hey I was just curious where people think the go to Malaysian place is in NYC right now. I have tried Sentosa, PappaR...


rrems commented 15 days ago

Long Gone But Not Forgotten! Outer Borough Memories

by bobjbkln 4 years ago

A similar post on the Manhattan Board has so far generated 450 responses, so I thought a NYC-non Manhattan post could...


Rmis32 commented 15 days ago

Old time Bronx spinach borekas (boyos)

by Elliot Piperno 19 years ago

Does anyone have the recipe for the spinach borekas that were sold on Arthur Ave. in the 1950's ? Published recipes i...


lovemonkee commented 16 days ago

Indonesian Food Bazaar - Sunday, April 3

by geckoFeet 2 years ago

Hey, everybody. Excellent news: Perhaps a little over-optimistically, the Indonesian Mosque people have decided th...


cgreco commented 16 days ago

Only in New York... neighborhood restaurants you would head to first

by kayreed 1 month ago

DH and I will be visiting Manhattan (staying in the Upper West Side) and Brooklyn over Memorial Day weekend. We like ...


thegforceny commented 22 days ago

Recent Closings

by mea2144 26 days ago

Anyone know what happened to Madiba in Ft. Green and Alice's Arbor in Clinton Hill? I just found out they both closed...


Amy Mintzer commented 23 days ago

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Jewish Bakery in Brooklyn - Williamsburg area open Early (7am)

by staceywatanabe 23 days ago

I have a limited time on my last morning of a NY trip before we have to drive to JFK airport, and I want to find a Je...

Where to for Cinco de Mayo, May 5th?

by gutreactions 1 month ago

We may go the day before or the day after to avoid the crowds, but who does the job well these days in greater Westch...


gutreactions commented 23 days ago

Green (unripe, not heirloom) tomatoes?

by sgordon 2 months ago

Looking for a good source for unripe tomatoes... The only place I've seen them regularly is at Essex Market, where th...


small h commented 27 days ago

Norgaard's Bakery in Astoria

by wincountrygirl 6 years ago

Is there anyone out there who remembers this wonderful bakery in Astoria? I think they must have closed in the 70's. ...


wincountrygirl commented 27 days ago