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NYC Restaurant Week, Jan. 22-Feb. 9. Where to go?

by gutreactions 8 days ago

Reservations are open for New York City Restaurant Week 2018. Restaurants will be offering 3-course lunch: $29, and 3...


rrems commented 15 hours ago

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Fat Tuesday, Valentine's Day & Lunar New Year...

by gutreactions 1 day ago

February is loaded with food-centric celebrations. Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras takes place on Feb. 13th. Get ready to puc...

Bay Ridge: Best Restaurants/Takeout In and Around Bay Ridge

by tsbbklyn 17 days ago

Hi all, We moved to the area not too long ago, but haven't yet found any real gems. Karam is good, but all of...

Rmis32 commented 3 days ago

Lunar New Year Recommendations

by chefdekoven 1 month ago

Hey all. I have an annual big group dinner for the Lunar New Year. In the past it has always been Cantonese, and tha...

Peter Cuce commented 3 days ago

Guan Fu

by swannee 5 months ago

I went with a group of 8 other Chow hounders to Guan Fu, the new upscale Sichuan in Flushing, which just received an ...


gargupie commented 11 days ago

The Best Sichuan I've Ever Found in NYC

by Jim Leff 1 year ago

Legend of Taste 2002 Utopia Pkwy, Whitestone, Queens 718-423-4888 http://legendoftasteny.com Good photos on Yel...


therealdoctorlew commented 13 days ago

Pet Peeves - The Elixir of LIfe

by sophocles 6 months ago

There hasn't been a post with pet peeves in title for maybe 9 years, so here goes. All the pet peeves on my mind invo...


therealdoctorlew commented 14 days ago

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Ocean Jewels dim sum restaurant

by Thebest12345 15 days ago

Last week I went to cosmopolitan flushing queens to have some dim sum. The place I went to is called Ocean Jewels. Wh...

Arthur Avenue: best Italian sandwiches?

by tubman 28 days ago

Headed to the zoo and need recs for the best subs/heros/hoagies/grinders (call it what you will) to bring in for lunc...


ptrend commented 15 days ago

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Best food in and around Great Neck/Little Neck

by jarool 15 days ago

Moved to Great Neck about 10 years back and started a discussion about the best food here (most people told me it was...

What is your go to NYC Malaysian?

by chefdekoven 9 months ago

Hey I was just curious where people think the go to Malaysian place is in NYC right now. I have tried Sentosa, PappaR...

Rmis32 commented 18 days ago

Spicy & Tasty Group Dinner 2017

by chefdekoven 1 month ago

I had a group dinner with fifteen people at Spicy & Tasty last week in Flushing. They gave us a nice table on the top...

Rmis32 commented 18 days ago

"Comfort" Type Food in Brooklyn

by biggerthenjen 1 year ago

I know it's late in the game but we're looking for a restaurant for Christmas Eve that has comfort food but is slight...


biggerthenjen commented 19 days ago

Does Anyone Know Anything about Xing Shun Da in Flushing?

by chefdekoven 5 months ago

Hey I was meandering around Kissena Boulevard looking for a place to eat. As soon as I saw Xing Shun Da it caught my ...


fourunder commented 19 days ago

'The Best of 2017' Food: The New York Times...

by gutreactions 1 month ago

Nearly everyone has a year-end list of favorites. The New York Times weighed in today in the Food Section. What do yo...


justin_g1809 commented 20 days ago

Shank House Restaurant Dubai Cuisine

by EattheWorldNYC 21 days ago

I found some very old discussions of Emirati cuisine, but figured it would better to create a new discussion. A new p...

Steve R commented 21 days ago

Italian Cookies in Brooklyn

by jen kalb 1 month ago

I need to put together a tray of Italian cookies for a party in Brooklyn. Wondering if anyone has an opinion on the ...

Steve R commented 21 days ago

What's your favorite Holiday dining venue...

by gutreactions 2 years ago

It might be for personal reasons, a dose of nostalgia, or just a good time, would like to hear about your favorite Ho...


gutreactions commented 26 days ago

Any German Bakeries left in NYC or Long Island?

by tractarian 6 years ago

After reminiscing with family over Ebinger's (blackout cake, mocha cake, Othellos, etc.), we were wondering if anyone...

erica commented 27 days ago