The Ultimate Guide to Pasta Types

In honor of National Pasta Day, we're serving up a visual guide to pasta types, plus recipe ideas for each one! The dried pasta options at the store can be bewildering. Do you want corkscrews, stovepipes...

Ottolenghi Orzo with Baked Eggplant Help Please

by angelsmom 7 years ago

Just bought the ingredients and now see he says hard mozzarella. Is this the hard type that you shred for pizza or fresh mozzarella that is firm? Thanks

orzo pasta

larry ziegler
by larry ziegler 7 years ago

in cooking with orzo pasta, what would provide a good amount for 8 people who are fairly large eaters?

Orzo with Everything - What are your Modifications?

by janniecooks 8 years ago

This salad is an Epicurious recipe - I discovered it in a past home cooking thread, here are a few which reference the dish: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/905049#8128127 http://chowhound.cho...

How to prepare orzo. Can I make in rice cooker?

by Birmingham 12 years ago

I joined Chowhound recently so I could ask questions about rice cookers. Well now I've got my new Zojirushi NS-ZCC18, and I'm wondering if I can make orzo in it. Nothing in the "Ultimate rice cooke...

Orzo pasta

by Will_Cardy 9 years ago

I got some orzo today and i've never used it before. Any recipes or ideas or suggestions please? Thanks

Orzo Moka- Where to buy retail?

by noodlelife 9 years ago

I love drinking a cup of orzo moka daily, but am quickly running out! Anyone know where I can buy this locally (East Bay or SF) instead of having to buy online? I prefer this one: http://www.ca...

How to dress up Trader Joe's rice orzo pilaf?

by CurlieGlamourGirlie 9 years ago

I have a box of Trader Joes rice orzo pilaf which looks suspiciously like Rice A Roni. Is there anything I can do to jazz it up? Or should I just make the barley I have on hand that is always delic...

Sherry vinegar & Orzo salad question

by ceekskat 10 years ago

Making an Orzo salad for brunch this Sunday for a big group and realized I will not have much time in the morning to make it. Can I make it night before with ingredients that include feta, olives,...

Will this Ina recipe keep for two days - shrimp and orzo?

by casey30 10 years ago

Hi I'm going to be making Ina's shrimp and orzo pasta salad with dill. The shrimp are grilled and then added to the orzo with a lemon based dressing. I made it before with chicken, due to alle...

Amazing Orzo Risotto Recipe with Crayfish (or large shrimp or lobster)

by eviemichael 11 years ago

I really felt the need to share this recipe, I love it so much. Last summer I ate this dish at Lefteris Lazarou's restaurant in Athens, Greece (Varoulko) and still dream about it. I found it offere...

Barley isn't orzo, is it??????

c oliver
by c oliver 12 years ago

In another thread about risotto, some people posted that they use barley in risotto-type dishes. Rice is a grain and I THINK barley is grain. Made sense but then someone posted that barley is orz...

Orzo question -- cooling after cooking?

by TorontoJo 11 years ago

I'm planning on making some variant of this orzo salad recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/tri-colore-orzo-recipe/index.html The recipe calls for the orzo to be coo...

Where Has the Orzo Gone?

by brownie 12 years ago

Ok, maybe it's a Princeton-specific problem... So, I've been to McCaffrey's, Whole Foods, and Whole Earth and I cannot find Orzo anywhere! Not in the bulk bins, not in a package. I did see some ...

Canadian House & Home Mediteranean Orzo Salad Recipe

by Davedigger 12 years ago

One of the summer issues (June/July?) had a fabulous recipe that contained orzo, goat cheese and sundried tomatoes among other ingredients. I clipped the recipe and have now misplaced it. Does an...

Orzo salad for seventy five

by Shrinkrap 12 years ago

So after a search for "pasta salad", I decided to go with orzo, something like this one by Giadia De Laurentis http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/everyday-italian/orzo-salad-recipe/reviews/page-6....

Soupy Greek Restaurant-style Orzo

Miss Clare
by Miss Clare 12 years ago

I'm looking for suggestions on how to achieve that soupy, almost creamy Greek restaurant-style orzo. You know, the unctuous, ubiquitous side dish flavored with lots of onion and the occasional who...

Trader Joe's not carrying orzo

by runningforfood 13 years ago

Last week I was looking for orzo at Trader Joe's and when not found asked the manager when I could expect to see it again. He indicated that nationwide it was not a good selling item and so they d...


by mrjohnnyzone 14 years ago

I tried making orzo for the first time, and man I fell in love with it, now I have plenty left over, any recomendations for different variations of this loveable pasta?