Traveling to Orlando? Find out from our members where to eat--and tell us which places you think are overrated or under the radar.

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Kosher Dining Options in Orlando

by moonlightgraham 5 years ago

What are the current strictly kosher dining/takeout options in Orlando?

Near Orlando International Airport

by MsChi 5 years ago

Hello! I love chow-hounders advice when I travel! I am yet again planning to do some traveling! I arrive in Orlando airport around noon. My uncle is flying in at 2:30 so in between I plan to go...

Best of Orlando 2015...what's new and exciting

by ELA 5 years ago

http://www.orlandomagazine.com/Orlando-Magazine/May-2015/2015-Dining-Awards/ Every year I head to Orlando for about a week or so and every year I surf the net looking for what's new and exciting...

Chefs Series at Dr. Phillips Center

by chammar 5 years ago

There's a Chefs Series at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts and it kicks off with Emeril Lagasse on December 1!

Which of these in downtown Orlando?

by starbucksbrew 5 years ago

I have an out-of-state friend visiting town in a few weeks for business, and we will have lunch one day. I live and work in the suburbs now so it's been a while since I've had lunch regularly downt...

Universal Area Good Eats

Becca Porter
by Becca Porter 5 years ago

My family is headed to Disney World and Universal Studios in December. We are staying onsite both places. We are driving. I am well versed in dining at WDW. We're even trying the Queen Victoria roo...

Healthy snacks for Disney?

by relentlesscook 5 years ago

Hi...doing a Disney vacation (just me & preteen DD) for a few days and would appreciate suggestions for snacks/quick meals for hotel fridge (assume no microwave). Will be eating out most of the tim...

Natural Chicken Grill vs. Chicken Kitchen

by Covert Ops 14 years ago

I just saw the great Bob Mervine mention a downtown Orlando location of Natural Chicken Grill, which I had never heard of -- I looked it up, and it seems like an exact copy of Chicken Kitchen, that...

Poutine in Florida

by ebennett79 13 years ago

Anyone know of a place that has poutine in Florida? I live in Orlando but travel often to Ft.lauderdale and Miami. I from 5 minutes outside of Canada and Im seriously missing the stuff! Its pretty...

Black Raspberries in Orlando area?

by jword2001 13 years ago

Is there any place to buy these in the Orlando area, I am in Apopka, and have never seen them in the stores, I love these things, and the wild berries are even better, I know fresh is out of the qu...

Looking for restaurant in Orlando that serves Chateau briand

by Smeggle 5 years ago

Does anyone know of a restaurant in Central Florida area that serves Chateau Briand??? Thank You for your input...

Sausage casing

by Judaea 5 years ago

I'm in the Orlando area....My family an I don't eat pork..we would like to eat sausages...does anyone know what brand of sausage that does not have pork casing and where I can purchase them ? Thanx...

Disney eats from NJ palates

by metsfan53 5 years ago

Hi all- I know this might get moved to a different board soon- but since I've come to trust the advice I've gotten from fellow Jersey residents, I was wondering if any hounds in the area had recomm...

Yummy House - Orlando (Altamonte Springs)

by ltlevy 5 years ago

My DW and I and another couple went to the new Yummy House in Altamonte Springs. Sad to say we won't be returning. We've been to the original Yummy House in Tampa, and loved it. We have gone t...

NEED foodie-approved Orlando restaurant near Sea World for business dinner

by bvb8569 5 years ago

Any suggestions for a good foodie restaurant within five miles of Sea World for a business dinner. Looking for a place that is NOT for kids, but not necessarily five star - just good food/atmosphere.

Kosher supermarket in Orlando area?

by 19cbb 13 years ago

Would like to know if there's a kosher mart in the Orlando metro area. Read somewhere that Kosher Kats isn't in business anymore. Any information on any Publix carrying a good supply of kosher ...

Orlando - Patio for entertaining clients

by Cityplace 5 years ago

Hello - any recommendations for a great patio/place with a vibe for entertaining about 10 clients (maybe 15 people total)? We will all be at a conference at the Rosen Shingle. The place would ha...

Orlando Recommendations

by chefboyardee 5 years ago

Couldn't find any new top 10 lists from Orlando CH's, so hoping for some suggestions. Not a chain please, new amercan or good ethnic, farm to table, etc. Based on some magainze i have seen, raven...

Orlando/Kissimee ~ Farm to table/Mediterranean/Winebars/FavLunch spots

by Angelina 5 years ago

I have not been here in 20 years. YES we are going to a Magic Kingdom and ANimal Kingdom and possibly another park...just have not decided. Can you suggest any of the above? MY 4 year old will...

Orlando- Memorial Day Weekend

by tomatoe 5 years ago

Our family is taking a 4 day trip to Orlando. Can anyone recommend some great, inexpensive restaurants? We will mainly be spending our days at the Disney Parks but are staying offsite and will ha...