Traveling to Orlando? Find out from our members where to eat--and tell us which places you think are overrated or under the radar.

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Dinner on the beach

by allylee 4 years ago

Hello everyone, HELP!!! I've never done the whole dinner on the beach thing, but I would like to give it a try. My son, his father, and I, are going on a mini vaction for a week or so... and I wou...

Foodie spots near convention center

by kirkaw 5 years ago

Hi, I need 2 or 3 recommendations for good dinners for foodies in Orlando. I am attending a conference at the Orange county convention center and staying at the Crowne Plaza Universal. I am not int...

Where can I find purple sweet potatoes near Orlando?

by Hollandaise 4 years ago

By Longwood or Lake Mary? They're also called Okinawan or Hawaiian, they're purple on the inside and whitish on the outside.

Patty Crawl!

by Shrinkrap 4 years ago

We are in Orlando, PRETENDING to visit my son, but it doesn't take long before the real purpose is revealed! Husband is on a Jamaican Patty Crawl!

Dinner options that are not Disney

by jamieb444 4 years ago

I am traveling to Orlando for a conference and will be staying onsite at Disney. I am not interested in dining on site and would love some great local places where I can have great food that is a...

Orlando convention area - Dinner options March 2016?

by pombetom 5 years ago

Will be at a meeting in early March in Orlando. Staying near the convention center, no car, but know about i-drive trolley. Looking for two kinds of dinner options: casual-quick and fancy. All cuis...

Orlando - Have Car Will Hunt For Great Meal

by girdev 4 years ago

Have car will travel . Coming down this week to conference. Evenings free and want to explore food in the region. Please recommend non-touristy, non-upscale (cost not an issue just don't want a fan...

Looking for truly local/cheap eats in Orlando

by acewex 4 years ago

Hi-Coming for a conference next week. Will be staying somewhere near downtown although the conference is that the FL Conference Center next to the mall. We live in Philadelphia where there's an a...

Kosher table service food in Disney World

by momrn 4 years ago

Hi, what experience have you had with the kosher table service food in Disney World? Which choices were good, how large were the portions?Thanks in advance.

Disney & Orlando

by swfood 5 years ago

We will be going to WDW in a few weeks (with a 4.5 & 6yo). Staying at the Polynesian. I have a bunch of hard to procure reservations at the signature restaurants but not really looking forward to ...

Ramen in Orlando

by btberry16 5 years ago

Going back to Orlando and had some great Ramen in NYC. Can anyone recommend a good place? If it has great sushi too, all the better. Thanks!

Orlando love

by thimes 5 years ago

My love goes out to my Sisters in Orlando and Florida. I raise my glass to you all.

Orlando - Lake Mary area

by Msample 5 years ago

Looking for suggestions on the NE side of Orlando - am staying in the Lake Mary area. Would rather not drive all way into Orlando. Online searches don't turn up much. Interested in seafood and / or...

Orlando: How bad is Boston Lobster Feast? What would you suggest instead?

by Miss E 10 years ago

I am meeting friends in Orlando, they saw an ad for Boston Lobster Feast and would like to try it. I am afraid of it. But the purpose of this visit is to visit, and so I don't care all that much if...

Orlando - private dining, something special for business events

by SaraBC_ 5 years ago

Starting to look into private dining in Orlando (close to convention center area?) and want it something more special than your average steakhouse. Have to look into planning a few events and not s...

Restaurant review - BBQ at Pig Floyd's made family happy, twice

by Ineverwrit 5 years ago

So good we had to go back. Though we are doomed to vacations in Orlando with family members with very different needs/tastes, every now and then we find a place that everyone is happy with. Pig Flo...

Skeeter's Big Biscuits

by cindycat 17 years ago

Forgive me if this is slightly off-topic. I'm looking for info on a restaurant that probably isn't there anymore. I'm working on a museum research project and would like to find out about Skeeter's...

Chuan Lu Garden - new authentic Sichuan style Chinese place in Orlando's Mills 50 District

by TastyChomps 8 years ago

Hellow Fellow Chowhounders! Just wanted to share with you this great new place that just opened in the Mills 50 district. It serves up real authentic Chinese flavors and has some really interest...