This Spiced Mulled Cider Will Get You Fired Up for Fall

You might think it’s too early to discuss the holidays, but we’re in the large majority of people who’d beg to differ. After all, the temperatures are already dropping, dusty slippers are being yanked...

Where to get great citrus fruit in Minneapolis?

by soccermom13 21 days ago

I read an article on mail-ordering great citrus from California and Florida. I was tempted to order, but the shipping charges were steep and I hate to add more carbon to the environment. Wha...

Anyone order Florida Honeybells this year?

by fasttimes 3 years ago

The navel oranges we’ve been getting the past two years have been absolute crap. No flavor to them whatsoever. Two years ago they were amazing, large bombs full of meaty, juicy flesh. I’m about ...

Cayucos Summer Oranges

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 years ago

Last month Mom and I stayed in Cambria for 10 days while work was being done on her house. On one of our excursions to Morro Bay, I stopped at the Spencer's Fresh Market off of Hwy 1. In the bins...

Cosmos without Triple Sec?

by Telandraa1 2 years ago

I am on Chemo and going on a cruise in a few weeks. I am told not to have anything made with Seville Oranges & that leaves out Triple Sec and Cointreau. I love Cosmos, what can I substitute?

Those tasteless, juiceless navel oranges

by julesrules 13 years ago

Okay, I'm in Canada. So my local/seasonal fruit options are limited most of the year (I eat plenty of local apples year-round, and hit the farmer's markets in season). But in the dead of winter...

Does bitter orange = sour orange?

by Bekay 3 years ago

Is bitter orange marinade the same thing as sour orange marinade? Or are they different?

Orange juice: where to get oranges?

by fasttimes 3 years ago

It’s Valencia season. I’m looking for a good place to get a,case of oranges. Can you recommend an orchard that ships to the east coast? Or should I look to Costco or Restaurant Depot?

Salting Orange Slices

by Fickle_Fautress 3 years ago

I am wanting to use thin navel orange slices as a pizza topping but am concerned about the water content. Thought about grilling them on the bbq, but what about a quick salting (like you would with...

Fat Angel Farm | Mentone - San Bernardino County

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

A couple months ago I had a chance to visit Fat Angel Farm in San Bernardino County on my way out of Palm Springs. It's an old citrus and avocado grove owned and farmed by a Bay Area chowhound alum...

T.H. Wilson Oranges

by chipi 4 years ago

With the sale of Andronico's to Safeway, I no longer know where to find these wonderful oranges. Does anyone know what markets in the SF bay area are carrying T.H. Wilson oranges? Thanks.

Seeking Seville / bitter oranges

by eel 4 years ago

I'm seeking a source for Seville oranges to make bitter marmalade. South bay preferred.

Organic Citrus Grown by Ken's Top Notch Produce | Marina & San Mateo

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Only two food farmers at the Sunday farmers market in Marina this morning vending in the rain and wind. I'm glad I showed up because the organic citrus grown by Ken's Top Notch Produce in Reedley w...

What's going on with juice oranges?

by Deborah R. 4 years ago

Does anybody know why juice oranges have seemingly disappeared from supermarkets? At least where I live -- Washington, DC -- they've been unavailable for at least a couple years. Is there a crop pr...

Best Oranges for Juice at this season

by Frank1492 4 years ago

What readily available oranges (in stores in Northeast at this season) will produce good juice at this season? Obviously Navels are NG, and the recent Valencias I've gotten have been sour, and you...

Sumo citrus 2017

by garnetmemory 4 years ago

Sumos are back for their oh-so-short season. I picked up a box at Wegman's earlier this week. They are just as delicious as they were last year. Get them while you can! You can find out where...

Where to get Honeyball oranges?

by VAfoodie 4 years ago

I'm not sure that I shouldn't just try to find these at my local Fresh Market or Whole Foods, but if I were to order Honeybell oranges, is there a particular source that anyone likes? I see I can ...

Soft Peppermint Sticks and Oranges

by paprkutr 13 years ago

I have heard over the years about putting a soft peppermint stick in an orange and sipping the juice. I bought several cans of King Leo soft peppermint sticks to give for gifts with oranges. I de...

What Makes for Great Citrus? [Split from Dish of the Month voting thread]

by polishjeweatswonderbread 4 years ago

Be aware that there is a tremendous range of quality of the citrus depending, intera alia, on variety, rootstock, "terroir", and when it was picked in its ready for sale range of perhaps four or fi...

Florida Oroblancos in Manhattan Chinatown now

by john959 4 years ago

I found unlabelled, large citrus fruit that appear to be Florida oroblancos at the sidewalk fruit stand at 51 East Broadway in Chinatown. They are also at another fruit stand about a block away. Th...