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The World's Most Instagram-Worthy Ice Cream Cones

Shinya Suzuki/flickr We all clearly scream for ice cream, but it's the cone that doesn't get the shouts of praise it deserves. Whether...

'LIVE' Soft Shell Crab at St. Lawrence Market!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 5 days ago

Popped into St. Lawrence market to get some smoked Salmon and Gravlax from Mike's and Seafront. Saw some FRESH soft shell crab on sale. Bought a couple to try. When I unpacked them at home... OMG, ...

GTA takeout/delivery in the era of COVID-19

Dr. John
by Dr. John 2 months ago

Inspired by prima's recent updates to her sandwich threads, I thought I could start a thread focusing on everyone's recs for takeout/delivery options as we move forward over the next few months. S...

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ISO: Southern Grits in Toronto

by biggreenmatt 8 days ago

Hey all, the title speaks for itself. Where can a gentleman find quality, coarse-ground Southern grits in Toronto? TIA!

ISO: Sake Experts/Enthusiasts

by Sadistick 8 days ago

Good Morning - Though we drink very little lately (you would think under circumstances it would be the polar opposite...) and when we do, it is typically wine from the cellar; I have a new foun...

Where to purchase Irish moss in Toronto?

by charxchar 11 years ago

I've checked at Noah's and at The Big Carrot - no luck there. I have no other leads. Please help!

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

by Indianguy 6 years ago

Yes? Hi! We were having the talking about if there was the old restaurant in the Toronto that did the closing which would be the one that you would want to do the reopening again.

In Memory: Yung Sing Pastry Shop

by syoung 6 months ago

On about Nov 29, 2009, Yung Sing put up a note on the window saying they were closed for renovations, but alas they never did reopen. Today the remnants of the store is still there, shuttered up wi...

Where to buy uncommon spirits in the GTA

by highlyunlikely 18 days ago

I have never been much of a cocktail drinker, apart from the occasional Manhattan, but I have started becoming more interested in cocktails during this pandemic. Unfortunately the LCBO doesn't see...

Where to find Skotidakis 9% Plain Yogurt

by Flexitarian 6 years ago

This is the only yogurt I ever buy but The Big Carrot stopped selling it, then Costco started but then stopped selling it and the only 2 places I can find it are The Summerhill Market (way too expe...

Where can you buy Bombay duck in GTA?

by ericdunn 8 years ago

Has anyone seen Bombay duck being sold anywhere in GTA? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombay_duck According to this article, it's available fresh in Toronto where there is a large Indian popu...

Covid19 Casualty - 'Dragon Boat Fusion,' Richmond Hill closed permanently!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 19 days ago

Together with its other two brethren restaurants - 'The One Fusion' and 'Skyview Fusion,' Dragon Boat Fusion. the eldest statesman, has formed a formidable trio with them in providing some of the b...

M & M Food Market- which foods do they do best?

by prima 21 days ago

An acquaintance opened an M&M Food Market (formerly known as M & M Meat Shop) franchise, and I stopped by to give her some business. The business was sold a few years ago. They seem to be offeri...

Your top 3 in Toronto

by prima 3 years ago

What are your top 3 foods/restaurants /places to shop in Toronto lately? My top 3 places to eat: Saturday Dinette, for brunch and for dinner. Love their mac & cheese and their fried chicken. D...

"Ming's Fried Garlic Chili Oil" - Kitchen M, Markham has them!!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 23 days ago

Canada's food supply chain could be in danger??!... So, just in case!! This is my way of stocking up!! Ming's uber-delicious, great value ($5.99), 'Fried Garlic Chili-Oil'... now available at 'K...

"Fu Kee Bao Dim," 21 Milliken Blvd, Scarborough - May be GTA's BEST 'restaurant quality' frozen Dim Sum outlet?!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 25 days ago

" Fu Kee Bao Dim, 21 Milliken Blvd, Scarborough " - May be GTA's BEST 'restaurant quality' frozen Dim Sum outlet?! I was hesitant as to whether I should keep this hidden gem to myself or post it...

What has happened to Prego pasta sauces?

by shpToronto 5 months ago

Prego is our favourite pasta sauce and is increasingly hard to find where we live. Loblaws doesn't carry it anymore. Very limited availability at Sobeys and Longos. None at Walmart. Does anyone kno...

GTA CSA subscriptions

by burkie 2 months ago

Hi Toronto food friends - As I'm not able to support local farmers and producers at the market right now, does anyone have a good CSA recommendation? I know farmers won't really have much in terms ...