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Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Find the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream, and more in the province of Ontario. We also have tags for many of the individual cities in the region, which you can browse here.

"Bombay Touch, Vaughan" - Decent Indian Fare in a Culinary Wasteland

by Charles Yu 4 days ago

Apart from Center Street Deli and the surprisingly good, hole-in-the-wall Chinese place - " Anne's Congee ", the area...


estufarian commented 3 hours ago

Weekend Bistro Lunch

by Apprentice 2 days ago

SO and I will be midtown Saturday and are in the mood to dine at a bistro for lunch. Currently looking at: Chabrol, A...

Dr. John

Dr. John commented 17 hours ago

I'm Sick and Tired of Tipping!

by ChefMikeinBurlington 11 days ago

You walk into a pub and order a $7.00 Guinness, add tax and it becomes $8.00, but you're expected to add another 15% ...

The Chowhound Team

The Chowhound Team commented 19 hours ago

King's Noodle 296 Spadina - Still Solid

by StevietheFish 17 days ago

I was doing a stir fry dinner for a friend and his two boys (8 and 10) last week, so bought a barbecued duck to that ...


Calam1ty commented 1 day ago

Debu Saha - Where'd he go?

by Googs 3 days ago

I may have the incredible Lageez moments from my home and work, but every once in a while I girl needs to leave the f...


elvisahmed commented 1 day ago

Creole/Cajun Ingredients

by Sukaneya 3 days ago

I am looking for some specific Cajun ingredients in an effort to make authentic gumbo. I am having trouble finding th...


BeeRich commented 1 day ago

Double 00 Flour

by corin 2 days ago

Does anyone know of a place where I can buy Double 00 Flour. I have bought a small amount (2kg) from Loblaws. I'm loo...


All clad and nowhere to go commented 1 day ago

One night in Toronto: Where to Eat?

by CatherineMartin88 4 days ago

My husband and I will be in Toronto for just one night on a layover. Where should we eat to really get the local flav...


prima commented 1 day ago

Niagara Falls: good breakfast place?

by ciaociao1 2 years ago

Stay in the Falls this weekend at Sheraton on the Falls. Looking for a good breakfast place on Sunday- opened at 8am...


fryerlover commented 2 days ago

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Organic Herbs

red dragon
by red dragon 2 days ago

I found this topic but it was 7 years old. I'm looking for organic herbs in bulk that are fresh. I used to shop at ...

Toronto: Best Coffee & Beer

by rushbikes 2 months ago

In-the-know Torontonians: Visiting Toronto at the end of the week and looking for caffeine and alcohol recommendat...

food for life

food for life commented 3 days ago

Scarborough Food Tour?

by milhuas3 9 days ago

Planning a day of eating in strip malls and cuisines of various ethnicities, preferably of good quality on Saturday, ...


plug commented 3 days ago

Where to buy cheap bulk charcoal

by downtownfoodie 8 years ago

I'm bbq'ing 40 lbs of assorted meats this weekend and obviously that requires a lot of fuel. Anyone have a good sourc...


alexkap commented 5 days ago

Restaurants near E. Gerrard & Yonge

by sherriew 6 days ago

I'm looking for good, moderately priced restaurants near The St. James Hotel on E. Gerrard St., Toronto


sherriew commented 5 days ago

toronto trip, what delicacies should i bring back?

by violet 11 years ago

so far we have ice wine and maple syrup on our list. but what else? i cant believe i cant think of anything else.


yamtrans commented 8 days ago

Florentine Steak

by sbrown1972 10 days ago

I had the best steak of my life in Florence. Probably 2 inches thick, bone in, prepared simply. I have been looking...


prima commented 9 days ago