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Thanksgiving Weekend in Toronto

by JinkyB 4 hours ago

So I've taken advantage of the Columbus Day long weekend (here in the lower 48) to book a flight from Friday night to...

Jinhua Ham in Downtown Toronto

by UniversalSolvent 7 days ago

Trying to find Jinhua ham in downtown Toronto. I thought I'd just ask in shops on Spadina, but was met with shrugs wh...


StevietheFish commented 2 days ago

WTF Scaramouche...!?

by Sadistick 1 month ago

You are now charging for bread and butter?! Your rationalization is even more absurd 'reducing food waste' - simpl...


StevietheFish commented 2 days ago

ISO reliable bison steak vendor that's noooooooooot Whitehouse

by Googs 3 days ago

The jerks at Whitehouse have been rude to me for the last time. That and their butchering is sloppy at best these da...


MapleTart commented 2 days ago


by rstuart 5 months ago

Has anyone been yet? I have yet to make it to Alo, but wanted to try their sister restaurant. A friend is coming in f...


juno commented 3 days ago

Where/What to buy Foie Gras?

by sbug206 10 years ago

I've got a friend who loves foie gras and I'd like to get them some for Xmas. However I am clueless about it. Can so...

Charles Yu

Charles Yu commented 4 days ago

Propane & Charcoal BBQ's in need of deep Cleaning - Who's good these days?

by Googs 18 days ago

I generally do it myself, but it's time for the 5,000 km oil change so to speak. I used to use the BBQ Guys, but the...


summ3r commented 5 days ago

Inatei, a question of value vs. Zen

by shekamoo 8 years ago

Had the $70 Omakase menu at Inatei, arranged before hand to be Sushi&Sashimi only. The quality and variety of fish wa...


Sadistick commented 6 days ago

Have Farmer's Market apple pies gone downhill??

by Moimoi 3 years ago

While some may disagree with me for thinking that Farmer's Market brand Apple Pie is a great grocery store apple pie,...


auntlolo commented 7 days ago

Black cod/sable fish

by Soupy1 12 days ago

Where should I buy black cod downtown or in the east end - TTC accessible?


1moreround commented 8 days ago

Sumilicious, Scarborough - Best Montreal Smoked Meat in town!

by Charles Yu 14 days ago

Lover of Montreal smoked meat rejoice!! There's a new sheriff in town! 'Center Street Deli' be afraid, be very afraid...


1moreround commented 8 days ago

Pub Style Restaurant with Parking for 30

by Femmefz6 11 days ago

We are holding a farewell get together for a co-worker and we would like to do it at a pub style restaurant that is c...


Googs commented 9 days ago

Best Loose Leaf Green Tea

by BeeRich 2 months ago

Hi folks. Had some excellent Chinese green tea at Wok & Roast and realized the type I'm purchasing is sub-standard. ...

Charles Yu

Charles Yu commented 9 days ago

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

by Indianguy 4 years ago

Yes? Hi! We were having the talking about if there was the old restaurant in the Toronto that did the closing whic...


NSMooMa commented 11 days ago

Where to buy cheap bulk charcoal

by downtownfoodie 8 years ago

I'm bbq'ing 40 lbs of assorted meats this weekend and obviously that requires a lot of fuel. Anyone have a good sourc...


FlamousBBQ commented 11 days ago

Don Alfonso 1890 - sweet Jesus let it be true

by Googs 12 days ago

Is it true that Toronto has landed a 2 Michelin star Italian chef straight from their successful Naples restaurant to...

Charles Yu

Charles Yu commented 11 days ago