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Toronto Desi/Indian groceries

by tex.s.toast 1 month ago

Looking for suggestions on where to shop for an upcoming visit - will be in town for Family Day and, inspired by a recent family trip, I'm looking to shop for a chaat party. If anyone had useful i...

Sunday dinner before Hugh's Room. Where to?

by Googs 5 days ago

Café Polonez, Barque Smokehouse, or somewhere else? We eat everything and love our wine. The tough part is open for Sunday dinner.

Carisma - the new Il Mulino

by dubchild 8 years ago

We loved going to Il Mulino, but then the nice couple sold the place and disappeared. They've recently opened Carisma. The menu is the way I remembered it. Our server told us it's pretty much th...

Labora review

Dr. John
by Dr. John 23 days ago

Got to try this relatively new tapas place on Friday night. The space features a long bar with seating, a few high top tables, and more regular restaurant seating in the back half where the open k...

Nakamori! Outstanding!

by Googs 3 days ago

Tonight i dined alone.  Never did I feel uncomfortable. I felt like I was downtown watching all the diners enjoy spectacular dinners. From the first course of octopus salad. I love this dish becaus...

Breakfast sandwiches in Toronto

by prima 3 years ago

Adding some sandwiches I've enjoyed recently to make a running list. The breakfast sandwich with pesto and sundried tomato at B Espresso Bar in the Royal Conservatory. So much better than the ch...

Your top 3 in Toronto

by prima 2 years ago

What are your top 3 foods/restaurants /places to shop in Toronto lately? My top 3 places to eat: Saturday Dinette, for brunch and for dinner. Love their mac & cheese and their fried chicken. D...

"Terroni, Adelaide" update - Still ho-hum to good Italian fare. Hits and misses balancing each other out!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 9 days ago

After accompanying my son downtown to run some personal errands, our party of four decided to stay behind in the core and grab something decent to eat. Being a Saturday evening, finding a place wit...

Aragvi update - great Georgian food

Dr. John
by Dr. John 7 days ago

Informed by older posts by prima and others, we finally capitalized on an opportunity to visit this place up on Highway 7 near Keele. We have only had Georgian food once before in a restaurant in ...

Where to get unusual varieties of fresh mushrooms?

by air621 9 days ago

I know that mushrooms in Ontario are seasonal, but I'm interested in finding some fresh Chicken of the Woods, Miatakes and Lion's Mane. Does anyone know where I could find some?

" LABORA " - Spanish 'food' civil war downtown King Street. W.

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 3 months ago

This relatively new comer to the downtown culinary scene was ranked #6 in Toronto Life 2018 Best New Restaurant list. Offering Spanish Tapas and Pintxos similar to its popular and highly rated comp...

Butchers who will grind meat for you?

by BJorg 17 days ago

I like to make pate. I am looking for a butcher who will grind pork liver and pork fat together for me for my favourite pate. I live in the west end. I have been turned down by Nations at the St...

Maple Yip closing in six months

by mintchoco 19 days ago

I don't usually post but thought I would make a public service announcement. Apparently, the owners of 陸羽 / Maple Yip confirmed that the restaurant is going to close after the lease expires in a...

Fixing wire jar clamps?

by freshnwild 19 days ago

Is it possible to fix wire jar clamps (the cheap dollar store kind) when they become too loose to stay shut? How? They didn't cost much, but I prefer fixing to throwing out!

The Golden Age of Breakfast and Brunch in TO

by prima 10 months ago

This is a shout out to my favourites over the last year. Feel free to share yours. Daily breakfast and brunch The Stockyards: amazing breakfast sandwich Emma's Country Kitchen Bar Buca Zel...

Friendly 18, 8750 Jane Street, Concord - Treated to some of the most awesome tasting and may be even the most authentic, Vietnamese food in the GTA!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 20 days ago

When one is greeted by friendly staffs who speak only Vietnamese to each other and communicate with the patrons in barely passable English, then chances are, the food will be quite authentic and on...

Really LCBO? Norman Hardie on your shelves?!?!?

by Googs 24 days ago

I'm astounded that this crown corporation built on the foundation that average citizens can't control their own urges nor trusted to retail liquor independently  has made a mockery of their entire ...