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Chili chicken like Yueh Tung used to make

by Barbara Morris 1 day ago

Where can we get chili chicken in Toronto like Yueh Tung used to make? We had chili chicken yesterday at Yueh Tung an...

kwass commented 13 hours ago

New Top Chef Canada Panel

by happycamper 17 hours ago

https://twitter.com/FoodNetworkCA/status/834825724263534592 This should be interesting.


Blueicus commented 15 hours ago

Loose leaf tea

by Sadistick 1 month ago

Wanting to delve deeper into the world of loose leaf tea, however not wanting to commit to ordering large amounts onl...


PrincessStress commented 16 hours ago

Scarborough Gems 2016

by Googs 11 months ago

Connoisseur had a great idea that led to eight years of contributions. It also led to four years of promises from me...

Googs commented 17 hours ago

ISO Hamilton Steak House

by romanruin 9 years ago

I'm looking for a good old-fashioned steak house within walking distance of Copps Colliseum. Need great steaks and c...


Esquandolas commented 23 hours ago

Where can I buy Pimientos de Padron (spainish peppers) in Toronto?

by LoveTapas 6 years ago

I absolutely love these spanish peppers but i cant seem to find them anywhere. Does anyone know where i can find them?


bytepusher commented 1 day ago

Hot infusion siphon

by ChefWill2 2 days ago

Hi there. Wondering if anyone happens to know where I can buy a hot infusion siphon *downtown.* Nella's never heard o...


ferret commented 1 day ago

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Restaurant for a group in Milton

by Vern Ryerse 2 days ago

Hi Any recommendations for a restaurant in Milton to host a group of 15 or so adults with a few seniors also throw...

Cider at LCBO

by estufarian 1 month ago

Among the limited selection the LCBO now has a superb Cider from Normandy - which is hardly moving despite it being h...

estufarian commented 3 days ago

'Crown Jewel' - Quality Dim Sum worthy of re-visits!

by Charles Yu 4 days ago

Taking advantage of everyone in the family getting up early, we decided to head over to 'Crown Jewel' for a Dim S...

Charles Yu commented 3 days ago

Leslieville 2017

by milhuas3 5 days ago

Have just moved into the neighborhood, and am wondering about recommendations for go to restaurants in the area, as w...

Dr. John commented 4 days ago

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Bagel World on Major Mack will be missed

by toronto guy 4 days ago

Out of biz A bailiff's letter now adorns the front door Sad to see TG

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Rosedale's Finest Specialty Foods

by sumdumgoy 4 days ago

This very elegant grocery store with carefully curated food selection will make most 'hounds hearts beat faster. H...

ChowFind (?) - BKK EATS - Authentic Thai Food - UpTown!!

by Sadistick 2 months ago

Though I rarely post here anymore (per; the 'makeover' exodus) - I felt motivated to do so after meeting the lovely o...


Sadistick commented 4 days ago

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Labneh in Toronto

by Lemon Tart 5 days ago

Just thought I'd share having been delighted to find some so close to home: Bakara Halal Foods 2192 Dundas West at Ro...

Alo Questions

by blueklifford 10 days ago

I'm really excite about finally trying this restaurant. It'll be my first experience with this level of service/quali...

estufarian commented 6 days ago

Where to buy ajvar in Toronto?

by betsy 10 days ago

I recently bought a jar of hot ajvar, Mama's brand -- I think it was at Adonis or Al Premium in Scarborough. It disap...

happycamper commented 6 days ago

hot tables....

by prima 6 years ago

which hot tables do you like the most? I like Centro Trattoria & Formaggio on St Clair W & Honey Bear (for Hungaria...

happycamper commented 7 days ago