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The World's Most Instagram-Worthy Ice Cream Cones

Shinya Suzuki/flickr We all clearly scream for ice cream, but it's the cone that doesn't get the shouts of praiseĀ it deserves. Whether...

Your current wishlist in Toronto

by prima 1 month ago

Thanks for the encouragement, Googs. Which restaurants are on your current wishlist? What will you order?

Sushi Kaji Moving To Markham??!!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 14 days ago

For me... this could be one of the BIGGEST FOODIE NEWS in a long, long time!! HEARD SUSHI KAJI MIGHT BE MOVING TO MARKHAM (Leslie south of Major Mac.!!) BUT DELAYED DUE TO COVID?!! Man! If th...

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Best chicken sandwich

by elvisahmed 4 days ago

So I got to try the Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich yesterday. I tend to eat fried chicken every 6 months or so but this might change that frequency. Anyways being in close proximity to chik fil-a I...

Bibiche Bistro

by mordylishus 12 months ago

They closed. What happened? Where are Hugh and Harry? I had been a customer at their original location on Danforth since about 1987. Their move to the Beaches made them just too far away and I lost...


Restaurant For Upscale Lunch Near Toronto Western Hospital

by linniephil 5 days ago

I am getting minor surgery this Wednesday at Toronto Western. A friend is picking me up and I would like to treat her to an upscale lunch, preferably heading North as opposed to South of Bathurst/...

Don Alfonso 1890 - sweet Jesus let it be true

by Googs 2 years ago

Is it true that Toronto has landed a 2 Michelin star Italian chef straight from their successful Naples restaurant to here? What horrifying things will Liberty Group do to it? If anybody wants me...


Where to find torpedo melons in Toronto?

by ilinda 6 days ago

I am wondering if anyone has found where to buy Torpedo melons in Toronto. They look like rugby footballs, large, long and oval, but with a yellow-green skin similar to a cantaloupe. They have ligh...


Wedding Celebration and Food... Covid-19 era style!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 5 days ago

My son and fiancee put their 'wedding plan wheel' in motion as early as late last year. A significant down payment deposit was placed with a wedding planner with a view of having a formal wedding c...

Toronto Life, how could you?

by Googs 15 days ago

How can you cover Prince Edward County road food/takeout food without mentioning TaberSnack? They are the epitome of Quebec roadside-stand food. They have, bar none, the best onion rings you'll e...

2020 NEWLY OPENED food places and restos in Toronto

by magic 9 months ago

I noticed that Cafe Landwer will be opening a location on Avenue Road, between Lawrence and the 401. I really enjoy their University location. I also notice Me Va Me will be opening on Avenue ...

Gone fishing in Kensington Market

by StevietheFish 6 days ago

Actually, will be going fishing. When are the fish deliveries in Kensington? Early Thursday?

Nathan's Hot Dogs or Hebrew Nationals in T.O or Markham Ontario??

by callitasicit 13 years ago

I am tired of hot dogs that have all those fillers and crap in it! Does anyone know where I can buy a Nathan's Hot Dog or Hebrew National in Toronto or surrounding area. I live in Markham Ontario b...

Takeout plus home cook Japanese meal with Game 7!!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 8 days ago

TOTALLY SATISFIED AND SO FULLLLL :D......Now, all I need is for the Raptors to win Game 7 to make the night complete!! With the kids coming to watch the game, for tonight's dinner, I decided to ...

Seeking luncheon recommendations - Weekday, downtown Toronto

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 29 days ago

Heading downtown next Friday. Need recommendation for lunch for a group of 5. Willing to drive anywhere as long as food is great. Problem is.... too many choices but unsure which ones are open for ...

'FU KEE, Bao and Dim Sum, Scarborough'... GONE DOWN HILL!!... in both quality and value for money!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 11 days ago

BUYERS BEWARE! 'FU KEE, Bao and Dim Sum, Scarborough'.......GONE DOWN HILL!!......in both quality and value for money! Sigh! It was great whilst it lasted! :( A few months ago, at the heig...

What's happened to red (AKA "Hamburger") Relish in the GTA?

by rsvp7777 3 years ago

Remember Hamburger Relish? That red stuff similar to the ubiquitous green relish usually called Hot Dog Relish? It's been vanishing over the past few years and a recent search of Loblaw's, No Fril...

Best Ice Cream in City?

by aanguyenn 2 months ago

Covid-19 has gotten me exploring the city for ice cream. I used to think Haagen Daz was already the best, but now that i've gotten to try some of Toronto's Local ice cream, its completely changed m...

Some interesting offerings and finds close to my hood... Richmond Hill/Markham

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 13 days ago

Taking advantage of Diana's Oyster Bar ( Markham branch ), ' Buck-a-shuck ' special. Had a mineral and protein rich lunch of a couple dozen oysters plus Cherry stone clams. Followed by ' Curb-side ...