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Gluten-Free Rehearsal Dinner in Toronto

by mallomarmom 2 days ago

Looking for a restaurant or venue where we can have a rehearsal dinner for 50-60 people that must be gluten-free (cel...


lschipano commented 2 hours ago

ISO Fresh milled flour in Toronto

by andmyr30 3 hours ago

I am looking for freshly milled flour around Toronto,packaged is also ok,but it has to be from Ontario, preferably wi...

Pastry apprentice sponsors

by jam000021 2 months ago

Hey guys! Can anyone suggest a pastry shop who sponsor apprentices? Thanks!


andmyr30 commented 3 hours ago

HST on a $4 coffee?

by jmk60 1 month ago

My local coffee shop charges 13 percent HST on a $4 coffee. I called Revenue Canada and the advised me that on a foo...


jmk60 commented 11 hours ago

Favourite Restaurants in Ottawa?

by fryerlover 2 days ago

Hello everyone, What are you favourite restaurants in Ottawa for any/all meals? We will be travelling there for a fe...


fryerlover commented 12 hours ago

Can dry aged beef be frozen?

by dmartins123 7 years ago

I cannot seem to find a consistent answer online, so I figured what better place to ask than on CH. Question is ...


legboo4u commented 1 day ago

Cake Master closed?

by magic 11 years ago

I heard through a friend who passed by that Cake Master on Cumberland St., in Yorkville, looked closed up. This frigh...


magic commented 2 days ago

Where to get Modified Corn Starch?

by Pum 13 years ago

Hi all. A pie recipe I have calls for Modified Corn Starch. I did some research on the web and it seems like it's ...


Foodzzy commented 2 days ago

It's Suppertime! on Viceland TV...

by gutreactions 21 days ago

What a trip this cable food/cooking show is! We happened upon it accidentally while switching channels. Bad boy Toron...

KhaoSanRoad commented 2 days ago

Nakamori does it again

by Googs 3 days ago

I just love trying the new dishes that Nobu Nakamori creates. On a recent visit I tried the (let's see if I can get ...

estufarian commented 2 days ago

Best Toronto Restaurants of 2017

by Dr. John 4 days ago

I know last year people had mixed degrees of enthusiasm for these kinds of lists, but I thought I would see what resp...

happycamper commented 3 days ago

Juan Cheng Pixian paste?

by David M 17 days ago

Is there a Chinese supermarket in Toronto area that sells Juan Cheng brand pixian doubanjiang broad-bean and chile pa...


David M commented 3 days ago

Ruby Watch Co.

by millygirl 8 years ago

Apparently Lynn Crawford's new place on Queen East is now open. Just wondering if this is on anyone's radar. Pe...


StevietheFish commented 5 days ago

What kind of mango is this?

by Nyleve 2 years ago

The other day I was at Blue Sky Supermarket in Pickering, Ontario and came across a type of mango I've never seen be...


1moreround commented 5 days ago

'Konjiki Ramen, North York' - A detailed Review with Photos

by Charles Yu 1 month ago

I decided to start a new stand-alone post of this new Ramen place since attempt to tag on to existing post by Notorio...


Tatai commented 5 days ago

Cake flour (NOT "cake & pastry" flour) in the GTA!

by olynyk 4 years ago

Back when my wife and I lived in the U.S. (Boston) we used King Arthur unbleached cake flour for cakes (http://www.ki...


kit_T_kat commented 7 days ago

Decent dosa and appam in Markham, Richmond Hill?

by 4.184kj 6 years ago

Hi I just returned from a trip to India and really liked the dosa and appam. Where can I find them in Markham and...

Charles Yu commented 7 days ago