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Help with onion jam - too much butter in finished product

by sa_sam 13 days ago

Need help with onion jam/marmalade that ends up with visible chunks of butter/oil in it once jarred and refrigerated....


meatn3 commented 12 days ago

Is this a valid onion chopping technique?

by betsy_VA 2 months ago

Hi all -- Please forgive what is likely a silly question, but I watched "Julie & Julia" recently and one scene in par...


W8lkinUSA commented 2 months ago

What Is the Most Onion-Heavy Cuisine?

by Perilagu Khan 4 years ago

It recently dawned on me that onions must be one of the very most widely used and beloved of all vegetables. (Yes, I ...

Perilagu Khan

Perilagu Khan commented 4 months ago

Bicks Zesty Onion Relish

by Jaz Cooks 6 years ago

Hi guys - when I was in Canada last time, I picked up a jar of Bicks Zesty Onion Relish. It didn't last a week at hom...


BrendaIrving commented 4 months ago

Onion Fun. Not?

by munchkin1 1 year ago

Due to illness, I have a helper that shops for me and prepares very basic meals. I was always told onions should be N...


BigG commented 7 months ago

Ad and Sign Says Vidalia, But Onion Stickers Don't

by therealdoctorlew 8 months ago

I look forward to new crop Vidalia onions. Years ago, I had to order by mail, getting too many and paying a lot. but...


NonnieMuss commented 7 months ago

Are yellow onions blander than they used to be?

by TracyPark 9 months ago

In the U.S., it has been at least a decade since a yellow onion purchased at any one of my five grocery stores, no ma...


seefoo commented 8 months ago

What to use instead of cumin *seeds* in pickled onions?

by babymole_bob123 9 months ago

I’m making pulled pork tacos served with pickled onions ( thank you Tom Kerridge) but I have no cumin seeds which the...


babymole_bob123 commented 9 months ago

Where can I buy frozen peeled pearl onions?

by Judy 12 years ago

The Barefoot Contessa often mentions using whole frozen pearl onions to save time and effort. I hate pealing fresh on...


youdonut commented 10 months ago

Browning onions, why?

by Siouxchef 1 year ago

Why do some recipes require browned (a/k/a caramelized) onions and other times we're warned to just soften, not brow...


Siouxchef commented 1 year ago

Onion in Indian curries: to brown or not?

by SuchTaste 5 years ago

Many recipes say to "brown" the onions for that deep sweet flavor, but many others (Kris Dhillon for example) say jus...


foodyjack commented 1 year ago

Par-boiled onions with sour cream and celery seed

by nosey 1 year ago

Growing up, mom made a dish where I think she par-boiled the onions and mixed in sour cream and celery seed. I can't ...


nosey commented 1 year ago

Can you freeze chopped onions?

by CookforFun 11 years ago

Hi, I bought a big bag of onions for $2. There are six onions, and I live alone, so I cook for one. I know they st...


alyrianne commented 1 year ago

Where are all the white onions?

by supersimmons 8 years ago

I am an avid home chef in Central NJ. I have been unable to find white onions for over 3 weeks now. I have searched s...


medlar commented 1 year ago

French Onion Soup -- best alcohol to use?

by arielleeve 8 years ago

I am making French onion soup tonight and have been looking at a bunch of different recipes from which to work. They ...


minega commented 1 year ago

Strawberry Onion

by TampaAurora 10 years ago

Has anyone ever heard of and/or used them before? I found them at a local produce stand and bought it not without th...


roma489 commented 2 years ago

Slicing onions for French onion soup

by CindyJ 2 years ago

Do you slice them into rings, or do you slice pole-to-pole? I usually slice pole-to-pole because I think they hold u...


BethNH commented 2 years ago

Seeking Onion Ideas

by BigGuy 2 years ago

My local Key Food sold me 2 10 pound bags of onions for just $5. I have a lot of onions in my kitchen. They are all...


DuffyH commented 2 years ago

frozen pearl onions--yyc

by javelina 7 years ago

Does anyone know where to buy pre-peeled frozen pearl onions in Calgary? (I have a great recipe for beef burgundy tha...


LJB47 commented 2 years ago

Help: Onions tasting of soap that ruin my dish!

by tarteaucitron 8 years ago

Yesterday was the second time in recent memory where I made a dish consisting of onions, only to find out when eating...


CG4evah commented 2 years ago

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